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  1. From what I have listened to so far, I eagerly appreciated Goasia, Astral Projection and Pleiadians; but most certainly I cannot decide on favourites yet, as I think every album deserves more than one listening (unless it is really bad on the first one). Not only that, but my backlog is still a little big. Many albums still to be checked out. Concerning Dark and Forest, I still could not give a thorough look at it, however, from a superficial glance, some musics are entertaining, but some seem "off". I think I still do not fully understand the genre. Will try it on a different setting and on a different mood next time. I am also still listening to some of what I mentioned in the opening post. Despite that, I am slowly getting away from most progressive and full on; they began sounding a little shallow and repetitive (with some exceptions, of course. And I still have to check Earwall's suggestions on some progressive albums and Delirious Noon mentioned by Ranback. I hope to get me back on track). Overall, this is being an extremely pleasant journey and I hope to never let go. When my opinion is fully formed about favourites and dislikes, I will let you guys know on the thread. I feel comfortable whilst listening to Trance. At ease. At home.
  2. Thank you for the amazing read, FatKidWitAJetPak. I will be sure to enjoy this journey I have started, it does indeed sound marvelous. I have already checked many albums recommended in this thread and loved most of them, there a certainly good times coming! After I finish my backlog, I will check Ektoplazm, seems to be a rich resource. Concerning the genres, I believe to have already some grasp of it, after watching Ormion's playlist. Once more, thank you for the welcoming.
  3. To know more about the trance subgenres, not only progressive, I recommend checking Ormion's playlist out: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF6FEA169E0E5EED6
  4. Indeed, that was a magnificent playlist, Ormion. I believe to have a much better grasp of what Trance is after watching it. Great work!
  5. Thank you everyone for the contributions, I will be sure to check them all. I guess I have a pretty good starting point now. See you around, naa
  6. Hello, psynews' members, I have entered the Trance scene quite recently and find myself overwhelmed by the amount of content and subgenres. Concerning Goa/Psy, I have acquired a taste for Filteria's Lost In The Wild, Mindsphere's Patience for Heaven and Etnoscope. I am an avid listener of the intense, fast, aggressive goa/psy. In summary, music to dance to at the top of your heart whilst travelling between its endless layers. In the Progressive side of things, Neelix as a whole was somewhat pleasurable. Regarding Full on, Indra in general, 1200 Microgram's 1200 Mic's (its latest album), Astrix's Artcore, as well as some The Misted Muppet have gathered my interest. Apropos of Dark/Forest, I am enjoying Kiriyama. However, this is the subgenre I have less experience with and feel the most lost. I do not even know if it is all right to categorize Dark and Forest together, but the differences go still unnoticed to me. All in all, I would be glad to receive some recommendations on albums/artists for each Trance subgenre I am getting into, as well as other genres I might be overlooking. As I have said, there is too much content around and I feel kind of astonished. There is no concern on my part in the sense of tracks' release dates: old, new; as long as it pleases my ears, I am fine with it. Just throw around some 3 albums/artists that you consider the best since the birth of Trance to this very day and I will be grateful. With kind regards, naa
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