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  1. Boooom!!!! My new psychedelic trance mix with only fresh tracks all released in march - april 2014,60 minutes, 16 tracks, mp3 http://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/may-2014-psy-forest-mix-tales-of-the-cursed-tree-iv/ Tha tracklist: Freshsoil - 24th july (downloaded from soundcloud) Cthulhu - Deep Submiter (Dark Nex Rec) Hector Miller - Inhale Exhale (Sonic Tantra Rec) Treant & Diplodocus - Don't Fuck My Drop (Popol Vuh Rec) Medianbrains - Infuential Antecedents (Popol Vuh Rec) Psychederic - Birds Of Paradise (Popol Vuh Rec) Paganorium - Def Trap (Psymoon Rec)
  2. Hello psytrancers. I want share with you my last mini mix, 18 tracks, 40 minutes, m3p http://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/april-2014-psy-forest-mini-mix-tales-of-the-cursed-tree-part-iii/ The tracklist: Megalith - Vauxhalla (Real Vision Music) Gidra - Vegetative Process (Shaman Electro Rec) Saikozaurus - Eat Ur WeirdBurger (Turbulent Tentacles Rec) Magic Seeds - Extraterrestrial (Turbulent Tentacles Rec) Therange Freak - Twisting Oliver (Turbulent Tentacles Rec) Bodhisattva 1320 - PiceasAbies (Turbulent Tentacles Rec) Whrikk - Fosferatu (Real Vision Music) Over
  3. Yes my friend was released on Jan 2014 in V.A. Voices of the Forest from JellyFish Frequency Rec.
  4. Boom!!! Forest! Forest!! Forest!! Forest!!! Is great share with you a special selection of fresh tracks released in this 2014 of Forest Core, psychedelic trance with organic sound of Forest and trip of Psy - Core. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/march-2014-mini-mix-tales-of-the-cursed-tree-part-ii/ The tracklist: Tripko And Smokey Quartz - Phosphorus Blind Ox - The Last March of the Ents Aum Sync - Voices of the Forest Mr Hades - Twisted Trip Shamanuel - Recension Enjoy!!
  5. Forest Psychedelic Trance Music

  6. Hi. My new forest psychedelic trance mini mix with only fresh tracks all released in 2014. 100% power Forest psychedelic trance music. https://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/march-2014-mini-mix-tales-of-the-cursed-tree-part-i/ The tracklist: Overdream - Hello Eniko vs Energy Loop - Push Me Voodoo - Dreams Of Alucination Synthetic Forest - Sailing The Seas of Jii Amras - Talking Cows Enjoy!
  7. Hello Psytrancers. Is an honor and a pleasure share with all you my new Dark Psychedelic Trance Mix, are 12 tracks from classic and fresh Dark Psychedelic Trance and 1 Forest psychedelic trance track. Mix is made in pc intel core i7 + Linux Mint 16 Petra OS + Mixxx software (mixxx.org) https://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/march-2014-mix-the-dark-psy-of-the-trees/ The tracklist: Grim - Costa Rica (Fraktal Kaos Rec) The Dark Face - Tales of the Evil Farmer (Brain Collapse Rec) Parus - Luch (Moon Station Rec) Delic Project - Sjanjna Mesecina (Kesuene Rec) Cifroteca
  8. Hi Psy trancers. Is nice to me share with you a Mix made by me in early 2014. Is only 100% serious power Forest Psychedelic Trance Music: https://www.mixcloud.com/Psilocybio/new-year-2014-psy-forest-remix-the-freaky-trees-remix/ The tracklist: Meerkut - La Pampa (Badgers Records) 00:00 Cthulhu - Junkie Monkey (Badgers Records) 5:15 Noize Bug - Magical Super Trolls (Medulla Oblongata) 10:35 Scope - Voodoo Snack (Medulla Oblongata) 15:46 Kiriyama & M.W.S. - E.S.O.K. (Devil's Mind Rec) 23:12 Elowinz - Singing Sands (Medulla Oblongata) 27:19 Yangaramongara
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