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  1. Since getting married I haven't had much chance to listen to Goa on CD or through speakers in the house. I had to change to mobile listening and I don't think I did it very well for a while, then smartphones became a thing I ended up streaming music. It became mostly background. I recently bought a dedicated DAP, full sized headphones and a high quality cable to connect the two (this thing is a lot thicker than I was expecting, I don't think it's meant for headphones 😆) and I'm rediscovering all my old favourites.
  2. Just looking through some threads on here on my way home. Had to brush off some cobwebs. Shame this place has become so quiet, although I can't really speak as I've been absent a long time, I remember it being hard to keep up with all the chat back then 😂
  3. Genetic - Trancemission When the melody comes in, it's the moment that got me in to Psytrance.
  4. Flying Rhino Freestyle - Wabi This is almost completely beatless and psychedelic. Very very nice. A personal favourite.
  5. I don't think I've resonated with a post recently as much as this one. I've been trapped in this culture of quick fixes and listened properly to music less and less. I've been trying more and more to make the effort to stop everything and just listen to music like I used to do but I'm doing this by connecting with my past loves, so I've no idea about recent albums that can draw you in on a journey. I'd love to know them though.
  6. From the title, for some reason I thought this thread was going to be about people covering classic goa tunes.
  7. The First Flight cover always gave me special feels. But I was also always partial to the Dragonfly Covers
  8. Today I realised that Jikkenteki has three albums I didn't know about 😲😳😲 early stuff that wasn't released before. On bandcamp he has it all available with his three studio albums and a collection of compilation tracks. I bought it all again, even the ones I have already for easy streaming. https://jikkenteki.bandcamp.com/
  9. This is my first time back in a while. I used to be very very active here, but real life came and thwacked me on the behind. I made several reappearences and vowed to stay active and never did. The temptation to spend all my money on new expensive releases was/is always too strong and with a family to support it was hard to see all the amazing new music and parties in can't have or go to. I've spent a lot of the last few years streaming music I'm not really into, but recently bought a new dedicated music player (not my phone) and better gear to better reconnect with my roots and listen to more psy and psychill uninterrupted. I have a huge back catalogue of almost everything from the early years through to about ten years ago. I might not be able to buy new stuff but I'm really enjoying my renaissance of classic goa.
  10. Recently I have been listening to mostly other genres. New music addiction is a bitch and I always want something new to listen to, even though when I revist my old favourites (mostly Psy, Goa, Psychill) I much prefer them. They have a deep psychedelic edge that I miss from a lot of other genres. Ambient often has it but I can't always find other music that gives the same atmospheres. Does anyone know of artists or labels that mix psy with other genres like Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock etc. I'm curious to know if I'd like it or not
  11. Hi Ormion, I think I am kind of in the same boat. I've not been able to keep up with releases and as real life has taken its toll and I can't afford to buy that much. I started using bandcamp but Pystrance and Goa are often really expensive there. It's just too much to pay 10 Euros for a download. Because of this I started exploring other genres, there's a tonne of net labels on bandacamp that are selling their full discographies for next to nothing. I've now got thousands of albums to get through but it's mostly ambient, techno, chill hop, vaporwave. Does anyone know of Psytrance lables selling their discographies for not that much. Doesn't need to be super cheap but I have other priorities for where my money goes at the moment. Cheers Abasio
  12. I've been really liking this. So much content and it all ranges from good to excellent. Noting bad in here at all.
  13. Funny how coincidences happen like this
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