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  1. Since when going with the wave is open minded.
  2. Although im not really into proggy trance,that is a very nice listen. Really enjoyable with a lovely flow. The kind of music i'd love to hear at a festival around 11 in the morning after a wild trippy night. Black Arrow is the best here IMO,brilliant trance tune.
  3. Yeah more people should do the same.Well they are !! This electro/techno style is getting so popular,trendy and commercial there will be more releases than people listening to it in a few years.
  4. IYO. But in my opinion all goatrace fits perfectly with the fresh spring mornings and nights compared to must of the industrial/experimental music i listen to. There are other types of music as well you know unless you want your topics to be goatrance related only.
  5. I definitely don't feel euphoric after exhaustion from sports. Spring usually gets me in the mood of listening to more fluffy melodic electronica so yeah Goatrance fits like a glove to that.
  6. Haven't heard a downtempo album that good since epic Downhill. It slightly different though,more hypnotic and a bit oriental too.
  7. Gnome

    B P M

    The 'favorite' is something you like the most between other things,that you also like. favorite adjective 1. appealing to the general public; "a favorite tourist attraction" 2. preferred above all others and treated with partiality; "the favored child" [syn: favored] You open minded road fetishist legend.
  8. Gnome


    I prefer each tune's ending to be mixed with the next tune's beginning so it feels like one mix.I can only appreciate ambient when listening to the whole album,seeing it as long journey so who cares if the tunes inbetween are short or long. To be honest though i'm listening to ambient only just before bed and during so basically most of the ambient i've heard was in my sleep.With a few exceptions.
  9. Azymuth is fuckin amazing.
  10. That is very unlikely to happen.They thought they did it with Audiogalaxy but they got owned.The way p2p works nowdays makes it almost impossible to track and "punish" users that easily.At least in Europe.I'm not saying they can't do it,they just don't.Especially with torrents,things are way out of control.You just can't raid into millions of houses.There will be madness.I never get paranoid about the likelihood of something like that happening.I just know it wont. There are other ways to fight that but there are ways to fight countless of other social problems as well.I know it,you know it,we all know it.Things need to change. The music industry is not ready for such a big change,yet.Internet though is making huge leaps forward and they keep staying further and further back.I think now its too late. Unless,the capitalistic machine somehow manages to actually monitor the whole fuckin internet from their servers in the US.They've trying to do that for years (at least from what i know).Will they succed?If they do,we'r all fucked.You as well.So don't support this philosophy too much cause one day you are gonna cry for the good old days of free internet.
  11. DC++ is pretty secure,reliable and fast.And you get top quality rips on VBR mp3s (EAC & LAME). So ...
  12. Now that's a pity.. Will there be a different text appearing above you after that?

  13. Now when I see a guy with huge red arrow on him and the word ME! hovering on top of him I know I have met you.

  14. Oh its so groovy and sooo psychedelic.The production is top notch as well.10/10 for sure. The Second Room whhoaarhhh
  15. If i had to pick one ... i wouldn't. But if i had to pick two ... Fuck that.I'll add another one to complete the trinity.
  16. Was it Mr. Peculiar or Scatterbrain using a Simpson's sample saying "a little LSD is all i need".
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