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  1. Church Of The New Age Hippie Disco Shit
  2. + BOC - Geogaddi which is better to watch zoomed
  3. Oh yeah this is a killer ~ Pure madness ~ Is it legal to organise such a mindblowing event? ~ And all the performances are pretty rare to listen,how could you book these guys?
  4. Aphex Twin -> Grey Stripe FSOL -> Vertical Pig
  5. "A Binary Input To Flesh Antenna" is that thing that can fuck you up during a trip. It can be xtremely dangerous,beware.Not to be used with hard shrooms
  6. There was a Digital Talk live about 2 y ago on 156bpm,2 hours full energetic psychedelia
  7. Alright this is the most ancient line: "i have been blah~blah before you blah~blah and your mom blah~blah" the next one will say "i saw a troll once"
  8. Is this a psytrance forum?Do US people know shit about psytrance?Is there a God? US people know about "The Gathering" release?
  9. Just try Schlabbaduerst ReKkords http://listen.to/Schlab
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