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  1. "Its not commercial,its giving people what they want".What a clown.
  2. 1. Furious - Uncanny Beats (Insomnia Records) 2. Ocelot - Psymatix (Dropout Productions) 3. Penta - Horn Please (AuraQuake Records) 4. Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra (Solstice Music) 5. Xenomorph - Demagoguery Of The Obscurants (Gnostic Records)
  3. Dude i wont really go into that cause im in a period of my life where im trying not to thing too much about the things happened on salvia,all i have to say is from my point of view it had absolutely nothing to do with what i thought of psychedelia for the past 8 years on psychedelics.With entheogens you actually feel that you've been transported to a reality/dimension where you can actually communicate/connect either with alien entities or the alien part of your self and you have absolute loss of ego,i mean mind and soul?They are not even there.(alien not meaning the green dude with the big head but the actual meaning of the word).
  4. Dictionary says: Since spirit and soul are more or less abstract concepts IMO,i guess it is the mind indeed but,we are talking about feelings that you usually cannot control or explain/describe so maybe it is the parts of the brain/mind that we naturally haven't got any access at all ? Thoughts and emotions are two totally different things.The ones you create,the ones come from deep within.And thats what im tallking about.Is it the soul?Or the spirit?Who knows for sure. Well yeah we are just assuming here.Pure philosophical discussion,noone needs to be right or wrong
  5. Yeah but Ayahuasca is considered an entheogenic.Like salvia.The experiences i had on salvia are not even close to being described as psychedelic. I think the word psychedelic was created to describe that mystical feeling that comes from within the depths of your soul. Sure the mind can also play a huge part in the whole experience but maybe that doesn't have to do with the actual psychedelia,it is rather a different "feature" of the substance that takes you deep into a mind trip.It is quite possible that these two are the exact same thing though.Even if they aren't,they are directly connected to each other.
  6. Psykovsky - Lastbus Madrus cant touch that nah nah nahnah nah nahnahnah cant touch that
  7. Yeah exactly,"visualise" the journey through the music.But visualise in a much deeper meaning. The more psychedelic it gets the more it helps you stay on the track and focus on going further and deeper. That is why i honestly don't get full on with their constant cuts and 1 minute climaxes which end into a rather harsh melody.It never actually builds properly,how the funk is anyone supposed to actually trip on it i do not understand.I find various techno styles way more psychedelic than full on.But still,that is me and only me.Its completely personal. Anyway,it is a pretty complex concept that is much better described with smiles and body language than words. Although it actually means soul in modern greek it can indeed have various meaning in ancient greek,from where it was borrowed.I am not entirely sure about it and i might be completely wrong.When you go out in the forest or watch the sunrise on shrooms ,for example,that strong thing you feel doesn't come from your mind,it feels like coming from deep within. That magical bond with nature and its beauties is not something you thought of or you can explain,your mind cannot create it.Should we call it soul?I don't know.
  8. I hope that cover is supposed to be a joke of some sort.
  9. I have no idea why this explanation seems to have spread on the net. ψυχή (psyche) stands for soul,not mind.Which makes more sense.
  10. What is psychedelic?Everything and nothing. Psychedelia is a completely personal feeling.It is something that can relate you to the depths of your subconsciousness and make you feel like close to what you really are.A 3 dimensional being living in a geometrical world.That is why usually psychedelia seems to love symmetrical patterns of either images or sounds. So next time you think that psytrance is more psychedelic than other kinds of music,Penta isn't psychedelic and Pleiadians is more psychedelic than Xenomorph,think again.Yes psytrance can be way more intensely psychedelic than other kinds of music than can even more deeply psychedelic.Like Tool.Seriously,that is as close to musical psychedelia as you can get.
  11. I have to agree,his sound is pretty unique and trippy in a special way.I used to love to wonder why i love this album.
  12. I used to listen to them on cassette when they were a bunch of kids playing amateur pagan black metal.They were called Fiendish Nymph. They say that they are using traditional ancient Greek instruments made by this enthusiast. They've got some good tunes but most of them are too folkish for me. And they take the whole thing too seriously ...
  13. Gnome

    Kattoo - Places

    Simply check the discogs rating.It's 4.6 after 40 votes,sure ratings don't say much but,when Goa classic MFG's New Kind Of World gets a 4.1 you see where im going. Many moments of this album that might sound noisy and crap to you,which i totally understand since you obviously don't fancy this kind of music,are considered as class by followers of both Kattoo's previous works (Beefcake) and Hymen records. Anyhow,everyone deserves an opinion and since most people browsing this forum would agree with you on that noisy moments i see no reason fro removing it.
  14. Gnome

    Kattoo - Places

    Sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about.You take one of the best IDM albums,review it on a psytrance forum and call it names like "industrial" (?!?) and "crap". Please stay on reviewing only psytrance on this forum,please!
  15. It has its good and it also has its bad moments. There are moments where it sounds like VAC.Until now i only found VAC tunes to sound like Xenomorph. The next step is a project between the two,that would be the best thing ever to happen on this reality.
  16. Not really ... if you compare it with their previous works on Schlab records (Sly,Silver Surfer etc) and their unreleased works around that time,it sounds like it should. It wouldn't be fair to compare it with Twin Sharkfins,different times different sounds.
  17. Oh really.Sorry i haven't read each and every post.Most of them seemed mumbo jumbo tbh
  18. Then i will agree with you.Saying that women are less creative than men is completely wrong and shows no experience with women whatsoever. We might be more creative when it comes to music but in other things like,lets say,decoration.You cant beat them.
  19. Would you please get out of that psytrance scene bubble and realise that there aren't so many girls participating in making other music too. I'm into IDM/Industrial/Ambient for a few years now and the only decent piece of music i've heard from a girl is one tune and my top 100 in last.fm are all dudes (with 10 out of 100 being psytrance acts). One tune and it was a remix she did on her boyfriend's tune (Autoclav 1.1) which was amazing anyway.And i'm pretty sure he helped her too.
  20. There you go http://www.livescience.com/health/050120_brain_sex.html
  21. Instead of these 5 pages of pointless discussion between realists and pseudo-hippies,you could just google it and find that study about it. It actually proves that women are not that good with tasks like music architecture and science (with a lot of noticeable exceptions of course,no theory about the brain is even close to perfect) and also why they arent.Its all about the brain and how it works.
  22. Or not respecting someone's opinion.
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