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  1. How dare you insult my race.I shall report that to Mars the IV in haste. But no really,do you actually find that Hacker tune gay.Weird. And yeah techno people would laugh their asses off,the same people that refer to Extrawelt and tunes packed with melodies and groove as 'minimal'. How laughable.I wonder what radi has to say.BTW how do you expect a decent level of discussion about techno on a forum called 'psynews'. edit: allow me to call anything techno and electro the same way you called me a halfling,im not a halfling,learn your DnD
  2. Geomatic album is fooken amazing but it's not as industrial as i thought he meant although Empusae and Tzolk'in have turned a bit more downtempoish on their last albums.
  3. Nemo things have changed since the nineties,genres have been merged,no more vinyl old man.
  4. Oh well.In my books,thats electro http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6tjSg_fKVEg and if you cant see the difference then theres no point in comparing. But anyway,my point is there's as much trippy and melodic music in electro/techno but the genre is simply too wide to define,referring to Anoebis' post. And please with the stolen melodies,there must be like 467000 melodies written for all trance/techno/electro music,some of them have to sound very similar.
  5. A dimension of slowly building new-born universes.
  6. Yeah techno is so non-melodic http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=K4wFyFvF4Mc
  7. I like techno that puts you into a state of deep trance.
  8. Damn straight. Aphex Twin's works sound amateur compared to ae's.
  9. Never got tired of this one. Such an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole album,and Astromech Starport at the end,what a tune !
  10. Especially the Steptime album.Highly underrated.
  11. Isn't there already tons of such music from the 2000-2003 minimal era?Like Phony Orphants,kind of. Anyway,it's good stuff but i hate it when a tune starts like boring as fuck and then turns out to be a melodic beast without really building to it.Still pretty good and haunting.
  12. Typical example of absolutely beautiful Swedish morning psychedelic trance. Good job ps: Playtime Adventure is so tasty,party people will loooove it. ps v2: favourite is Somewhirl,mad mad tune. ps v3: hoping to see ya at the summer festies.
  13. Yes there are.There's a demo with 9 or 10 tunes if i remember well.Really hard to find.Had it and lost it after an HD crash I missed that live as well.They played as Quantasia.I later got to listen to a few unreleased Quantasia tunes and i was really impressed and gutted for having missed that set.
  14. http://www.discogs.com/release/35085
  15. I found a slow and deeply atmospheric remix of it on Audiogalaxy ages ago which i haven't got here.Can't find it on discogs.Any idea if it's ever been released?
  16. Zero Barrier is pretty trippy as well.
  17. It's funny how people always recommend the same kind of psy-ambient and then try to define ambient as well. http://www.discogs.com/release/61 actual ambient http://www.discogs.com/release/217604 mint highly emotional industrial ambient http://www.discogs.com/release/6141 more mint ambient,a bit dark and chaotic
  18. Proem's last album is more on the ambient side than the album before, which i prefer because of the additional glitchy sound.Plus,there's a second live set cd as well which is class.Socially Inept is also really good. Kattoo's first album is my favorite and there's loads of variety inside like.Thing is,there is loads of aggressive breakcore along with the sweet atmosphere so if you don't fancy the breaks that much then go for the other two albums.By the way,you can download the albums on mp3 from free going to his website and leave a small donation in case he saved you from buying them without at least knowing Stendeck has got two amazing releases and going for a 3rd one pretty soon.His last album Faces is beyond words really.The style is really close to some sort of atmoshperic neo-industrial mixed with IDMish breaks and a ton of melodies and it's so nicely done it actually sounds pretty psychedelic. You can find samples and free tunes of them on LastFM, Stendeck Kattoo Proem Good luck with the hunt.
  19. As good as you would expect it to be and maybe a bit better.
  20. Really nicely done,again.Quality of production is over the top.
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