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  1. Sick tune.I love it. I've been listening to the new The Delta album today which is sweet as.
  2. It was pure joy being on acid seeing him playing some of these tracks live,they work really well on the dancefloor as well as your psychefloor.
  3. It sounds as Ka-Swiiiing as i expected it to sound.Good job.Ka-SoL album on Schlab is finally sorted.Thank the Forest.
  4. The world could have been a much better place as well but it isn't. I listened to this album without expecting anything and i really fancy it.
  5. There is a couple of tunes on their myspace page,it's actually pretty good techno.
  6. http://www.discogs.com/release/1244327
  7. It will happen,people are very friendly to strangers since Greece in the summer is full of tourists,especially in August. And that's not the ocean,it's the Mediterranean sea so it warmer with no biggy waves,perfect for an afternoon swim.
  8. Yeah he can tell us whether this festival will make mega dollah or not.
  9. Yeah man. The sound of the wind breaking the forest's dead silence and running wild into it brings a feeling that is pretty unique. Brings shivers every time,especially when i'm on delics.
  10. Most albums are ripped using EAC and LAME with -V 2 --vbr-new settings. Hydrogenic Audio Forum states: Welcome to reality. I might be flamed for this post,but i think you should know.
  11. Trippy AND a dancefllor killer like Logic Bomb - Earth of Orbit and many other Logic tunes.
  12. Agree.Early Psykovksy,Parasense,CPC,In R Voice,Fungus Funk etc was pretty fuckin mental and very unique. Now its just dg dg dg dg dg dg dg iiiiuuuu dg dg dg dg
  13. That "All Around Us" track is amazing,this world needs more tracks like that. Overall highly enjoyable album.
  14. Psykovsky used to make way more unreal music before he started releasing.
  15. Gnome


    I agree.Even if there are a few seconds during the album that you don't think its sounds fuckin amazing,its not a 10/10. edit: the only 10/10 for me is Gridlock's Formless,not psy though.
  16. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?s=...st&p=866551 Look at his face.He thinks he is doing something special."yeah ill just throw this sample after one my typical Hallu® melodies and then throw a sample saying 'where is your god now'".
  17. It is actually very slow,like old black metal in slow motion or something ... well mostly drone metal with a black metal feeling,you get the point.
  18. http://www.discogs.com/release/535757 If you think you might like it,you probably will. If you like any black/death/doom metal,you'll love it.It's dark as fuck.
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