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  1. What a journey that is. There is a truly amazing morning track by In R Voice released (or unreleased ...) around 2k - 2k1. Anyone remembers? edit:ok found it.Crying Universe and was released in'99.Give it a go.
  2. The original remix (Y2K) is of course THE psychedelic dance anthem,the tune is so full of energy and trippiness its almost impossible to top. Aes Dana and Nova remix is absolutely beautiful.Amazing tune as well. edit:weird poll,why did you include the original version as well,i thought you meant the original remix and voted for that as the track is actually released as Trip Tonite (Remix).
  3. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?s=...st&p=470090
  4. Ka SoL are defo oldschool,they've got tracks dating back to late 90's which sound pretty much like BotFB but more trippy and having this weird mystical fairytale theme in them,somehow. Parahalu are Hungarian. Other class Swedish acts from the good ol' days would be Hux Flux & Logic Bomb (obviously),old Miraculix (Motions Potions,Dr. Tripper etc),Little Blue Men,Weirdo Beardo,Procs,Steptime,Trashlods (yeah i used to like em),Kluster .... and many many others releasing trakcs mostly in compilations.But if you are looking for acts similar to Ka SoL and BoTFB ,you failed
  5. You obviously haven't been to any big festivals.
  6. It's cool. If you like that kind of thing you should check out Sime and Arthur Rackham too.

  7. Hey Gnome, is your avatar a Sidney Sime illustration?

  8. Well sorry then,i should have put it in a different way.
  9. Whatever.Either do yourself a favour and start listening to more music cause there's tons of interesting electronica out there or stop begging for attention with arguments you cant logically support.
  10. You obviously haven't realised that what i meant was that he is clearly doing it for the attention and i referred to the IQ example to prove that he cant actually mean what he is saying in his first post and thread title.Since english is not not our first language for both of us,you might wanna consider re-reading each post before making conclusions.
  11. Why are you the only person here you opening topics only for getting attention and seeing people replying to what you said,you little attention whore? I mean,you have to have to lowest IQ on the planet to think you are the only person here listening to goatrance without realising that most people listening to it for like 10 years now simply don't want to talk about it anymore.It gets way older if you talk about it aaaaall the time.
  12. That sketch must be one of their best,i've seen the version of it in And Now For Something Completely Different though.Which by the way is class. And here's a link to the sketch http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=jT3_UCm1A5I and here's a link to the website that delivered this video http://uk.youtube.com and here's a link to the website that delivers this website http://www.google.co.uk/
  13. You need to refresh your memory old man
  14. It's alright but i don't see the connection to IDM,that is pure ambient.
  15. Well,both.Black Arrow is more energetic though.
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