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  1. My daughters are now 7 and almost 9. Both of them can appreciate goa in the background, even with the volume up a notch. The oldest one sometimes nods her head up and down to goa and psy, but the youngest doesn't care yet. She doesn't like high volumes contrary to her sister. :-) But interesting topic. I wonder how their taste will develop. Probably I will not understand the music they listen to, but secretely I hope at least one of them will become an audiophile with a special place in her heart for goa.
  2. I just saw that party! Man, it's such a shame. On that date I'm going to A state of trance in holland with some friends. Can't back out of that one anymore. If the tickets for Asot were not that expensive, I would have cancelled it and come to Dreamwave. Hope to see you at another one in the near future man. Keep it up!!!
  3. I'd say 9/10 because it's been a year of quality and not quantity. Hypnoxock , JaraLuca, K.O.B., Terraformer, Jikooha, 604 Syndroms, Morphic Resonance's Trip To The Stars. Damn, that's enough for me!!
  4. Artist : JaraLuca Album: Fata Morgana Label: Goa Madness Records Release date: October 12, 2017 Tracks: 01 Artha - Mahabharta (JaraLuca Remix) 02 JaraLuca - Solar Spectrum 03 JaraLuca - 604 Caliber 04 JaraLuca - Acidic Goacamole 05 JaraLuca - Just A Little Madness 06 JaraLuca - Fata Morgana 07 JaraLuca - Equilibrium 08 Lectro Spektral Daze - Quite A Trip (JaraLuca Remix) 09 JaraLuca - One Day In Cosmos If you count the number of reviews in this 2017 section, it is scarce if you compare it to earlier years. Some say it hasn't been a good year for goa, but I think a lot of quality albums and releases have seen the light of day this year. We had the unexpected and amazing Hypnoxock album (still have to comment there) that came out of nowhere and many others. Next in line, but certainly not least, hell no!, is JaraLuca from Poland. Fata Morgana is JaraLuca's 2nd artist album, released on Goa Madness records, which is catching up big time. His first album was Perpetuum Mobile of which I remember star tracks such as Existence, Minds Circus and Insomnia. The rest I have forgotten, sorry to say. But here we have Fata Morgana. With beautiful artwork. Every track oozes goa from start to finish. The opening track is easy, nothing too phrenetic. An easy start, but no peak timer. Second up we have Solar Spectrum which gradually takes it up a notch but doesn't quite explode. Goa is there, but it's not immersive. Anyway, we are warmed up. These two tracks are solid! Brace yourselves, because play time is over and JaraLuca unleashes all his devils from now on. 604 caliber, Acidic Goacamole (haha, what a title man!), Just a little madness and Fata Morgana are crafted near perfection. I find myself in a whole different universe while listening to these goa monsters. Always changing, acidic, energetic,... just the way you expect them to go. This is the real deal here. Beautiful sounds, very clear but most importantly a story to go crazy on! Equilibrium could have been a bit crazier and daring, but it's still solid goa. A remix is supposed to take a track to a whole new level or to use a different approach. Exactly what JaraLuca does to Lektro Spectral Daze's "Quite A Trip". A remix so good it already ended up on LSD's latest album in 2016. Better than the original if you ask me. Wider, spacier, better. The, almost obligatory, downtempo closing track fulfils my satisfaction as my mind can come to ease in a decent yet hypnotic way. What an outstanding job by JaraLuca! He has grown so much in production and story telling. This album makes me smile all the way because it is such crazy good smashing goa trance. How do you make this stellar music? It remains a mystery to me! I'm having so much fun listening to it and that's what it's all about. I can't wait to see him live one day in Belgium. Amazing music. What an effort! I salute you, Mr. JaraLuca. Buy links: Goa Madness Records bandcamp Psyshop
  5. When this one dragged my attention I didn't really care much for a sort of "best of" E-Mantra. Why should I, I have all of his tracks and know them very well. Then just for the sheer fun and for the sake of nostalgia (already?) I pumped this one into my car. From the very first note I got goosebumps all over again! E-Mantra was back. The tracks are known, but he's polished them so well that the joy is complete. Thank you for sharing these with us, King Emanuel.
  6. For fucks sake, no!! But this one by astral is a worthless effort. That last remix album was way better.
  7. Trance2MoveU said it all in his review. I can only agree with him. Fantastic album by Jikooha, whom I find to get better through the years. This album is a bless for acid lovers. It doesn't screech with harsh sounds, but instead it makes bubbles of acid up and down. And nothing too fast, it keeps a chunky and steady pace. I really like the uplifting warm sound of this album. Hypnotically lush, as T2MU said. Bought it and keeping it safe. Extremely well done guys!!
  8. That's right, MdK, that's how you create a timeless record. Some things don't age well, but this one does. Last week was the first time I heard this EP (really). I'm having an urge to dive into the realms of classic and early goa trance. You know, just to see where all this neogoa originates from. Wizard is a beast. Going from trippy lush goa to more fiercely created sounds. All very organic and spontaneous. I love the sound. Pure trance. With Lunar Juice, Slinky Wizard shows how to effective use acid lines to get that dance floor hypnotism and mayhem going. From layer to layer, up to the stars!! What a trip! This is the track that made me do research on Slinky Wizard. So glad I found this music. It shows that it doesn't have to sound loud and modern to be timeless, but when you mix the right sounds and you create the right sounds, that's a talent.
  9. Already got the files, now waiting for the cd to arrive. Sounds fantastic already. Will post more in the review section one day.
  10. Oh this is truly a great release. I entered the goa field too late to call Pleiadians nostalgia, so I can't compare. I can only express my own feelings and experiences of this EP and they are great respect and adoration. Morphic Resonance blends warm sounds with thumping goa beats and hypnotic rhythms. It's a culmination of the new school sound of goa. Very well done MR, and congrats. I listen to every track and think of how one can even begin to create and shape such sounds. Truly a magic experience. One for the shelves. Peace out. :)
  11. Tried the costly Pioneer HDJ 2000 and while they are good, the Sennheiser HD25 beats them all in terms of sound. You really get all the details plus all da bass. As psytones says, the earshells get a little tired of them after long use run. They are pushing on the ears instead of surrounding them.
  12. My two daughters (6 and 8) and myself just finished a -before bedtime- crazy goa dancing moment on Celestial Intelligence - Infinity. It DOES appeal to all ages.
  13. Timeless, classic and cult. RIP Robert Miles. To eternity.
  14. That must have been the best track of the whole party! But seriously, it just IS a very good track!
  15. Very curious to see what they have crafted. Jikooha can blow minds for sure.
  16. Damn, I'm going to say it straight: I'm let down by the newest Suntrip I must confess. Ovnimoon - Invocation is a very good opener and I really like the flow. Great to see that Ovnimoon can create some good goa. Triquetra - Renkinjutsu is a great surprise by a -to me- unknown artist. Nicely acidic, groovy and aggressive goa. The track builds up nicely and creates a good vibe. Stomping! Jagoa - Perverse Polymorph cannot delight me. It's dark, evil, yes. But I feel it's going nowhere. Not my style. I expected something else from Jagoa. Morphic Resonance - Varese Dream. Oh he's made much better than this. I'm surprised it's only this. Again I feel it's stagnating and going nowhere. Triquetra - Destroying Dinosaur. Unlike the other track on this comp, this feels empty and without a climax or drive or story. Sorry. Celestial Intelligence - Distorted Visions are all sounds but without a destination or hypnotic vision. Mindsphere - Harmonic Garden has the same syndrome. More of the same but without climax or something interesting. Crossing Mind - Entropy (First Edition). I see some people writing this is uplifting trance and therefore not fitting. No it doesn't fit between the other tracks, but to me it's one of the best tracks on this compilation. It's not aggressive or acidic but it has a story to tell and a vision. Crossing Mind very well knew which direction to hit with this track. As a former fan of normal trance, I can only applaud this creation. Well done. Sykespico - Glimmers Of Sunrise finishes the compilation in a rather forgettable way. Nothing interesting happens in the track and it doesn't bring me into a trance. Well, it can't always be bulls eye with compilations, not even from Suntrip. I'm sure the compilation will have its audience, but this time it's not for me. With the exception of a few tracks. On the other hand and maybe contradictory, it's not bad to see Suntrip releasing compilations with different styles. It keeps it refreshing. But perhaps for a narrower audience. I really don't like giving negative reviews, especially to my favorite label. But you know, shit happens. Waiting for the next, always a surprise.
  17. I think you are talking about the typical psytrance bom-badabom-badabom-badabom basskick instead. Goa is the more melodic, spacey and fantasy variant without a specific kick. Then this topic's subject becomes very different.
  18. Those samples are way too cool. Buy material right here.
  19. Ra - Earthcall definitely until now. But Imba still has to drop his bomb.
  20. Wow, what a big step forward from the previous album. At least that's how I experience it. Proxeeus is all 303 you can get. Acid blips, acids screams, clear kicks.... all harmoniously blended together. The album is an energy boost from start to finish. Perhaps some more pads, or atmospheric breaks could make a next album more complete, but that's me. Proxeeus has his own style and so far it's just freakingly good!! Every track on this new album gives me a boost of energy, it's so addictive. Well done Proxeeus! You have a new big fan!
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