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  1. A while ago I wrote some words here about GS records and Median Project spitting out goa that has lots of sounds, but don't really go anywhere. Sort of the same rhythm for 8 minutes without climaxes or surprises. Great sound design, but poor story telling. I had that feeling even more when I listened to the samples of "In The Depths Of Space". Now, this is a good example that samples not always reflect what's truly inside. I listened to this album now a few times and it's time to set things straight. The first 3 tracks are exactly what I wrote as critics before. Great sounds, but I'm still very hungry when the last second of each track ends. I feel that nothing really has grabbed me or surprised me. But... From "In The Dark" on (track 4) , the album is a bliss of melodic, pumping, climactic goa trance. Listening to the rest of the album is sheer joy and pleasure. The writing is really good, the engineering spot on and the basses deep and rolling. Immersion in total fantasy. The remix of Life Support System is indeed a killer! So I'm sorry of not believing in you from the first, but you are a master. Well done, Median. Well done.
  2. Thanks for the results! Congrats to Hypnoxock and CBL!
  3. What a great appearance on The Call Of Goa 3!! I'm at work now, but I can't wait to get home and listen to the samples. Yeaaaahjj!
  4. I'm hearing different stuff too when I listen to it over and over again. When it seems like just another goa comp, it really isn't! There are more layers and intellect to it. Hot stuff here.
  5. Title: The Call Of Goa Vol. 3 - New Horizons Label: Timewarp Release date: February 2018 DISC 1 01. Nova Fractal & Median Project - Gravitational Field 02. Omneon - Deep Space 03. Median Project - Unearthly Winds 04. Consept Lightwork - Between Dimensions 05. Innerself - A New Breed Of Reality 06. Jaraluca - Yin And Yang 07. Siam, Ion Vader, Cactus Arising - 1000 Waves 08. Event Horizon - Shiganshigana 09. Sykespico - Disparsion 10. Persia Vibe - No Limit In Galaxy DISC 2 01. Zopmanika & Innerself - The Origin Of The Universe 02. Consept Lightwork - Constant Channeling 03. Clementz - A Dream About Saturn 04. Omnivox - Stellar Collapse 05. Clementz - Pernille 06. Alantis & Median Project - Supernova 07. Sky Technology - A Ray Of Light 08. Hypnoxock - The Choice Is Yours 09. GoaD - Planet Overdrive 10. The Maniac - Uploaded Astronaut 2018 already counts 4 months now and we've had a few excellent goa releases and albums so far. But this one takes the crown! And honestly, I have never come across a goa compilation, ever, that is so varied, fresh and full of wonderful energetic monsters. Timewarp is a sublabel of Ovnimoon, a parent label that is less and less shy of incorporating goa elements or even full flash goa tracks in their comps and albums. The Timewarp sublabel focuses on goa, with da master Nova Fractal in charge. Together with DJ Lurfilur, Nova Fractal has compiled a two-discer full of new school goa trance. I never heard of DJ Lurfilur before, but he's Swedish, seems to know his game and he's wearing a Suntrip t-shirt on his discogs photo.. Can't go wrong there. :-) When it comes to goa compilations, there always tends to be some filler tracks on there that you skip anyways. Just to get to the good stuff. But The Call Of Goa Vol. 3 is none of that. It's a Tyrannosaurus Rex of a compilation! This compilation is filled with class act, addictive, perfectly made GOA trance. The mastering is ace, nothing sounds bland or harsh. It's all energy from start to finish. All new school heroes are present here: Nova himself, Hypnoxock, Median Project, Clementz, Omnivox, Omneon, Cactus Arising, ... you can see the tracklist. It's amazing. But the music behind the tracklist is even more amazing. All artists showcase their talent and the best they've got. The tracks tell a story and actually go somewhere. High. Including some newer names such as Consept Lightwork and Persia Vibe. All good. And ending with a 160 BPM crazy twister from The Maniac just tops it off. Even though it's ridiculously fast, it works!! I can't go and detail every single track here, since it's impossible and it has no use. Goa trance compilations have a new standard now, and Timewarp has set it right here, right now. Get this one if you even remotely like goa trance. It's just perfect and will make you smile for more than two hours! Psyshop link
  6. The first LSD track I heard was Gamma One, and I was instantly in love. A breath of fresh air through goa land. More EP's followed, an album followed, but I became less impressed as it didn't feel new or fresh anymore. Something was lacking. Now, talent always comes to the surface again. And what do you know?! YES! Danny aka LSD is back with a bang! On "Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope" he still uses his biggest trademark: the basswork. This is incredible. All tracks have a glooming, pumping bassline in the back that carries the track. And the kick. Wow, LSD doesn't make big loud drops, but when the break ends, the naked basskick sneaks in like a lizard and it screams UNDERGROUND! What sets this album apart form previous releases? In my opinion, overall track structure and soundscapes. Every track is a story, a beauty with so many delicate synth sounds. Never harsh, but so sweet. And always psychedelic. The slower bpm of some tracks is perfect to make the tracks breathe more. It's very difficult to select a favorite track. Maybe Wave After Wave because of its floating nature. But the whole album is so very beautiful. "Infinitely Intricate Unfolding Kaleidoscope" is LSD's stamp on goa and psychedelic trance. His best work to date. And I'm proud to have the cd on the shelf. And I'm sure we will be blessed with even better and other work from him in the future. But let us first enjoy the beauty of this music. Congrats Danny and Neogoa!
  7. Wow, I love this topic so much. What a great gateway to good music. I just looked up Dubsahara and the latest Shpongle. I'm in love.
  8. Yes, the poll! Uptempo: 01. Jikooha - Spacemen Underground 02. Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars 03. JaraLuca - Fata Morgana 04. V/A - Phases Of Madness 05. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia 06. KOB - Identity Mash 07. V/A - 604 Syndroms 08. V/A - Terraformer 09. E-Mantra - Compendium Downtempo: I wasn't in the mood this year
  9. Get a load of that Ion Vader track. It's fucking ridiculous! I'm buying this!
  10. It has been since Antares that a belgian based artist has made an album on Suntrip if I'm not mistaken. We had to wait a long time for a second belgian, but Triquetra's debut is finally here. I have recently reviewed their tracks on Inti as good and not so good. I wasn't really paying attention to these two brothers. Last november I went to OiG XXI in Antwerp, mainly to see Ra live. Ra was superb, but Triquetra live was frikking amazing!! Right there I fell in love with their enthusiasm, energy and music. Music that moved us all that night. But anyway, I digress. How is the album? Well, it's VERY GOOD dammit! I was afraid at first when I heard it was gonna have an old school feeling to it. And I always liked the complexity and heaviness of new school. My roots do not lie in the goa of the 90's. But I have been doing some research on artists and cd's from that era and I have found some true pearls there. At last I understand the beauty of what has been and where it all has started. I understand the beauty of simplicity too. Ecstatic Planet is not simplistic. Not by far. But it doesn't rely on very heavy basses or a plethora of dense sounds either. And it seems to be a very good compromise. It's astonishing how every track is a journey on its own. Each track has more than enough twists and changes to keep it pleasant to listen to. The music is very unpredictable and it's full of surprises. The loads of energy come from the many acid lines inside every track. Perhaps overkill for some, but perfectly placed for me. Garganthuan Tribes takes the cake for all of us because of the live didgeridoo. And when you have the honor to see them live you will see and hear the didgeridoo live as well!! What an experience. Starbirth is another track that brings me into total immersion of goa sounds. But the whole album is good. That's what I want to say. Fresh sounds from Triquetra. Job well done guys!
  11. I've only listened to half of the album on bandcamp and fuck .. it is very very good. I'll surely review this one day once it has sunk in. Very groovy, spacey and hypnotic! And fast!
  12. I'm following your thoughts on this one. Terraformer also began to show this phenomenon. But they have amazing t-shirths though. I wore one at a party and I was all lit up! When more t-shirts become available, I'm buying them all!
  13. Do you mean the off-key sounds they use? Synths that doesn't exactly match the track's main key. It's typical Jikooha, but not everyone is a fan of it.
  14. They gave me a night to remember at OiG XXI, so without thinking this one goes in my collection! Go my brothers!
  15. Just finished a bit of dj'ing with this CD and it was amazing! I found myself jumping around and going bezerk on the many melodies, twists and crazy journeys. I've been listening to this album for a long time already and it's not going to stop. Hypnoxock made his best album here and it breathes goa madness. So positive, clever and uplifting. Well done Hypnoxock!
  16. I'll only remember this one for Monkeys. A great and masterful track that evolves into a hypnotic monster. Such a pity it's surrounded by empty tracks that lead to nothing and do not induce a state of hypnosis or even resemble raw power. I'm with T2MU who feels Artha is able to do great stuff, but not an album full of it. Yet.
  17. Wow brother, you made an outstanding goa mix here! The mix starts directly with high energy goa, modern style such a Triquetra and Artifact303. You got my love choosing those tracks. Through seamless mixing the mix truly goes deeper and darker to, indeed, cyperpunk space. Perhaps that darkness is not exactly my style, I listened through it all, absorbed it, went all punk'd, and the moment I heard the acid in KOB's Grandiose Thoughts, I climbed out of the dark cybercore. Back to the light. Red Gravity's Momentary 29 is a bliss from Twist Dreams which I definitely should revisit. The mix ends in total harmony. Man, what a ride you made here! And I must say, as a fellow dj, I'm learning from your goa mixing. It is very very good. Nicely in key, no trainwrecks and perfectly gearing up from one track to the next. That's the challenge and you nailed it. Thumbs up!
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