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  1. Not quite yet, Richpa. Look at this:
  2. Only an admin can do that. I also changed my profile name some years ago. But you have to ask one of the admins.
  3. Aspartic

    Va - 303 Syndroms

    Besides Hypnoxock (a bit dull) and Artha (annoying leads and the track drags on and on for too long), this compilation is filled with stunning goa. It was a no-brainer for me to buy this. Median, Proxeeus, Clementz, Jaraluca, Omneon and GoaD deliver blissful dance floor material. The standards for goa trance have become very high. It's a real treat to see so many compilations and albums being released nowadays. I agree with tsotsi that the only problem is time. When am I going to find the time to deep-listen to all this music?
  4. Something is wrong with the file. I can't fill it in either.
  5. One week without one single answer. This section of the forum is officially DEAD.
  6. Right now at this very moment, I'm having a retro moment:
  7. How do I add a tag to the topic title text field? I see some topic titles with a red icon and a tag next to it. How do I do that?
  8. Splendid! Just purchased CD + T-shirt. What amazing cover art!
  9. Exactly. One disc full of gems without fillers seems way better than a 4CD with mixed gems and fillers. WIth only 9 tracks I can focus more on each track and listen to them again and again. That's harder with 40 tracks. This is a quality release with real goa stormers.
  10. Just purchased: Akshan - World Of Duality Shambhala (Global Sect Music) Some prog and some energy.
  11. Thanks for the review, T2MU. I purchased The Tree Of Life a while ago. One of the better progressive albums at the time. I kinda forgot to follow Akshans work, but this review made me check out this last album. I played it twice now in full and am astonished by the quality he produces here. The breaks are immense. Long pads with ethereal voices. So smooth. And the more trancier tracks in the second half are so hypnotic it's amazing. He has the skill to make the tracks sound organic. Every track has a well thought-out idea. This one is going on my shelf as well. Akshans best work for me.
  12. Aspartic

    Dousk - D.I.Y.

    One of the best chill prog albums out there. Heard it dozens of times. I have it in that cardboard cd case.
  13. Very good album here by Solar Fields. Random Friday is still my favorite though. I listen to it just before sleeping and it works very well to set my mind at ease. The booklet of the physical cd that arrived had unfortunately too much glue on it, which makes it impossible to open it without tearing it apart. Shit.
  14. Title: Shambhala Label: Global Sect Music Date: October 2018 Format : CD and Digital Tracklist: 1. Fiery Dawn - Magic Mirror 07:31 2. Skarma - Cianendeon ( Median Project Remix ) 08:53 3. Goasia - Hidden Waves 06:46 4. Median Project - Heaven and Earth (Omneon rmx) 08:10 5. Zopmanika - Namaskara Mantra II 08:58 6. –°entavra Project - Shambhala 09:18 7. Median Project - Scarab 07:26 8. Mindsphere - Floating in a Widescreen 12:11 9. Astrancer - Neighbor 10:14 DJ Adept's latest offering from Russia. Here we GO! For those who follow Global Sect music, you know what to expect. And they deliver more than that. Shambala is the bulls eye shot of Goa anno 2018. Opener is a down to mid-tempo track by Fiery Dawn. It has a nice groove, but I find it out of place on a compilation that is otherwise filled with space fuel. But ok, it gets you in the mood slowly. And then we're off for a goa rollercoaster without any disappointing tracks. Really, they are all fantastic! Median Project is back with a stunning remix of Skarma to crack the goa case open. Sweet melodies! Goasia in full force with a rolling bassline without pauses. Omneon takes on a remix of Median Project. Heaven and Earth gets a more acidic and raw facelift. Dance muttha's! I took an aromatic bath while listening to Zopmanika's belter Namaskara Mantra II. Good lord, kamasutra, India, spiritual lifting, and all that! It does it so well. Then we're off to space with Centavra's title track Shambhala. What great mixing in this track. Wonderful goa. Up and down we modulate. This disc is unstoppable, man. Median Project slams with his very own Scarab. This man only produces quality tracks nowadays. Scorching acid and goa synths flowing around from left to right. Amazing. And then, Mindsphere! Mindsphere treats us with a 12min(!) long goa odyssey. The lengths fits the quality. It's so good. A pleasure for the ears. His arpeggio's are back, and they are hot! And look who's back? Astrancer! Astrancer blesses us with the last track. He takes down the energy from the cd a notch, so we can all have a smooth comeback to earth in style. Great melodic easy listener. Conclusion: Don't hesitate to get this one! From start to finish this is what modern Goa is all about. Talented artists with a wealth of inspiration and skills. Goa lives!! Buy link (CD and Digital) Global Sect bandcamp
  15. The first two tracks are very nice. More bass than on his debut album. A very fresh sound with a hypnotic feel. The rest of this EP is a bit too weird and cluttered for my taste. Ufomatka is definitely one to follow.
  16. Hi all, Perhaps this question has been asked a while ago, but I can't find it. I'm interested in a statistic of you guys/girls frequenting goa parties. Here in Belgium there are parties every weekend (it seems), but I go to 1-2 parties per year (I'm 42 btw)? I have to say that the more I go, the more I love goa and its scene. The vibe is so great at parties. So I do intend to go more and more. I'm still a newbie. :-) How often do you go? You like small parties or big festivals? Can you describe the atmosphere? A.
  17. Sounds like a 2018 winner. Listen to those samples. Perfection! https://suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD52/
  18. I really like the album. It's new goa, but indeed very different from what we know now as new school goa. It's almost techy goa. Not all tracks have the same quality. That's true. But I can really dive into this sound and let go. Admitted, also for me, his compilation tracks are more my thing than the album. But I had to buy it. It has something special.
  19. Just bought the cd because it sounds just so mindfucking! Review later. First tripping.
  20. I think anything initially made by Filteria, Artifact303 and E-Mantra could be considered groundbreaking for the new goa generation. Artifacts Feelings or The Ancestors. Or E-Mantra's Voyager II. But FIlteria first banged the door with Sky Input. All hallmarks if you ask me.
  21. So glad E-Mantra decided to make another uptempo goa album. His style is and will always be recognizable. The album is a delight for all of us E-Mantra fans. You know what to expect and he delivers. He doesn't go elsewhere, but sticks to his game and sound. While the intro track and the last downtempo track are the least interesting ones for me, the music in between is fantastic. I understand the critics that the album is linear. And it is. Its hard to id by name an E-Mantra track. It's a melting pot of sound, but perfectly blended together. That's how I listen to his music. Just enjoying the sounds that embrace each other. The total play length is short, but it's worth it.
  22. Label: Timewarp Records Date: August 2018 Format: Digital 1. JaraLuca - Evolving Forces 07:27 2. Fiery Dawn - Alien Planet 08:08 3. Clementz - Seduced By Stars 09:41 4. InnerZone & NervaSystem - Ribos (InnerZone Remix) 09:24 5. Mania - Ingenious Neomorph 09:25 6. Proxeeus - Cthulhu Lives 10:44 7. MeloDeep - Spirit Of The God 09:19 8. Clementz - Ae Re Stu 06:03 9. Atlantis - Crystal Sphere 09:40 10. Spectrum, Ion Vader - Freedom or Death 08:04 Timewarps latest goa compilation, including a DJ Mix. Let's gooooo!!! Jaraluca: What an opener of this fine compilation. Jaraluca presents a goa monster with a deep bassline and fantastic synth lines. Gradually the track intensifies as the synths go crazy. The synths carry the track. It is so cleverly made. Real climactic goa trance with a hypnotic feel to it. Love it! Boy, would I love to hear it at a party. Jos? Fiery Dawn: Fiery Dawn's contribution is a slow starter and a rather linear track. Although it gets a bit more interesting after the 6 min mark, it's not a (big) climax. It's an easier track to rest a bit. I was hoping for some surprises, but I'm left hungry. Clementz: Hints of acid hypnotically injecting your brain. This sounds good! Gradually the track goes into melodic style while keeping the acid lines in the background. Quite a relaxing and pleasant morning track here, but when played out loud could cause some damage in the final run where everything comes together. Nervasystem: Shit, this is a demonous track. Slowly it grabs you, hypnotizes you. There are pads, acid blips, whatever you want. But they're connected in such a way that a hypnotizing track is made. One hypnotizing section after another. Not sure why the voice is talking about some molecule called ribos instead of ecstacy. Ha! Wonderful blistering finale where synths meet pads meet acid! Mania: Shit, why does this have to sound like it's 1996? I mean, the ingredients are there. Spiralling synths, a rolling bassline... But the kick is so dry and pale. There is not enough thickness in the track for me to really enjoy it. Guess that's the oldschool vs newschool thingie. I miss the deeeeep bass. Not bad, but not my style. Proxeeus: Yes, fucking yes. We have reached the 10 min long holy grail of this compilation. Ladies and chaps, Proxeeus is here! Where on his 2 albums he mainly explores (successfully) 303 sounds, this track has it all. Dancefloor madness it is. Right from the first second I am immersed in overwhelming sounds. Then the bassline crushes my skull. The goa train has left the station! Lots of laser sounds and lovable melodic synths is what this track is all about. The personality of this track is immense. It's like Proxeeus had a vision, a thought, and melted it into music. Only the truly blessed can do this. Oh yes, and there is acid 303 madness too. Lots of them. Jos! Play this shit at OiG XXII. Omg I die. Melodeep: A sweet oriental-influenced goa number surrounded by acid. Makes me think of Antares or Ra 9th Style. Very sweet on the ears and definitely on repeat here. Lots of details in the background if you listen carefully. The melody comes into play at certain points in the track and give it a very personal feel. I catch myself humming it after a while. Likey! Clementz: Clementz hits hard with this track from the start. Hardly no intro, just cuts right to the chase. Fantastic goa synths are all over the place, carried by deep basswork. I would go nuts on the dancefloor! Aqueous sounds and acid blips push the track forward into the next mayhem. Yep, dance material here. Ace! Atlantis: I'm gonna admit it right away. I'm in love with this track. It doesn't go crazy with loud chaotic sounds. No, it exists and intrigues purely because of its hypnotising ability. The bassline is very addictive and always present. My head is nodding up and down because of it. The bassline is surrounded by acid and bubbles and this for more than 9 minutes. It's an unstoppable bulldozer. Grooovy! Spectrum, Ion Vader: A pussy would end an uptempo compilation with a downtempo track. But DJ Lurfilur is not a pussy. No sir. Another uptempo goa track to finish the album. Perhaps it is the madness of the former tracks that leaves me unimpressed with this last track. Very instrumental, sterile and linear. Not strong, but good for winding down from what we've heard before. DJ MIX A a bonus, we get a DJ Mix by DJ Lurfilur, who mixes all these tracks together for a good hour of non stop goa madness. And a well crafted mix it has become. Congrats man! Conclusion: A must have compilation. Timewarp is sometimes hit and miss, but this is a hit. And DJ Lurfilur has proven to be a connoisseur of compiling goa albums. Hail! Buy links: Bandcamp Beatport Psyshop
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