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  1. sorry, i can't seem to figure out to how to directly reply to a comment... true, although that seems a bit stuck too now since it's all a bit neurofunk 2000, sound-palette-wise, which isn't a bad thing, but it's also stuck a bit IMO. As far as newish electronica, I found afro-house to be kinda interesting and pleasant. There's lots of interesting rhythms intermixed.
  2. Thank you! Interesting and precisely what the doctor ordered. I like it all, each for their own reasons. (this is in reference to the 3 clips shared above. all have something vaguely psychedelic trance related about them but they are all different sides of the ingredients and all quite powerful and visual as well)
  3. Like, SERIOUSLY! I'm helpless and uninspired. Try hard. Come on. Blow my mind, show me what you've got. Pull a genre out of your arse or something. Is there some cool new secret scene everyone but moi knows about and is hiding? (I see those choccie biccies under your pillow...)
  4. "The myth of progress" It's just changing fashions. There's been no linear "development" of the musical genre and it's sub-genres. The attention span of a fruit fly leads to jumping around willy-nilly with no regard towards developing, deepening, enriching existing themes, but just wholesale replacement with a "new" equally vapid superficial "style". People say they like this or that genre, rather than enjoying the work of a thoughtful artist across a spectrum of styles. It's all a bit sad that way, actually. A bunch of template-copy-cats pretending that their new template superced
  5. ah, i was showing a few different harmonic movements over the same riff/bassline... yes I agree, it's all a bit too muddled...i was initially going to try to make it like "comparisons" basically, i have a new respect for anyone able to carry ideas through a whole track, lol...
  6. I think it's mostly about conscious choices in track production and conforming to the 3 "styles" circa 2003: full-on, prog, dark. (old school being considered uncool at that time) We forced everyone to copy GMS Talamasca 1200-mics, lol... well not really, but you can see where that old "unka unka" minimal vibe just completely disappeared... Paps etc... That Organic Noise track I posted the link to on the "sounds like x-dream" thread would be considered "terrible production" today but it still sounds totally awesome over a decent system, especially the beginning watery sounds with jus
  7. ...announcing my cheesy efforts at adding more "advanced" harmonies beyond basic 1-3-5 major/minor triads. please excuse the total lack of sound design, whooshes, swooshes, crashes, vocal samples, or decent production. hmmm I realized that there are a LOT of variables in "making a track" and that my harmony ideas quickly got lost in a pile of "what should i do?" for every single sound. If there were only a "control" song, I could happily remix it or re-harmonize it, LOL... so please don't consider these examples as a concrete proposal for what ALL harmonies sound like beyond the 1-3-5
  8. noosphere? ohhhh! you mean Organic Noise! and their hit tune "spastic elastic"
  9. A DJ playing 90's Goa would have crossed-through about 20 million of todays "sub-genres" A "Modern" DJ often plays 2 hours of the same "sub-genre". This templated "genre formula" thing hadn't been defined yet either...we got a lot of different interpretations of the same concept. Evolutionarily speaking, it was a time of greater diversity in the musical genepool, agreed. It's all still possible now. The forces stopping us are social forces, not technological ones. You will note that I was basically told above that "using music foo at any higher than a rock leve
  10. but i love complaining so! What good is "doing something about the problem" when there will be nothing to talk about. Well, maybe you'll get a laugh out of it. It's likely to end up a cheese-fest regardless, due to myself, not the fault of "musical harmony" per se... I'll basically say that the "safest" option is to always play the tonic note over and over. This level of musical insecurity is paralyzing and rapidly leads nowhere, however. The next safest is to add a singular other note here and there and this forms an "interval" with the main tonic note, it's simply a relations
  11. That's far too close to some of my more paranoid ac*d trips plot-lines for comfort, lol...
  12. I'll note that no one said "epic progression from some sort of prog rock track" except you, so that's your challenge, lol... Mine is to utilize multi-part harmony without resulting in a cheese fest, as you put it, right? Ok, I'll try. It will probably take me a long time. I'll update you with my likely sorry results and you can judge if the implementation was bad or if the idea was simply a non-starter from the get-go.
  13. Sure, that's why I said: That's distinct from the OP's point, which should be graspable and nothing to argue with, really, even if it means fuck-all about what music actually cranks yours or my sockets. Why are fans of an obscure underground-ish genre surprised at hook-laden catchy-riff music going viral and being popular n stuff? "bbut but my favorite music is valid!" Indeed it is. And Boris Blenn is now joined with Blue Planet Corp, can I get any more B's for 10 points anyone? Born Slippy vs Bob Miles "Children" for virality, OP's point notwithstanding? It's a draw folks!
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