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  1. Yeah.. I wonder who comes up with these ideas :lol: quite a few alternative and electro releases seem to have pretty goodlooking covers. Psytrancecovers these days fell like 90's eurotrance or something... And where's the originality... That talamasca cover is again one of the most used ideas. Half a face on the left side... bleh...booring. I wouldn't buy it even if it was a new super dooper shpongle release just because the cover is so dull and forced.
  2. Umm.. nope, not really "listened" to it yet
  3. They are probably just thinking about the older generations, that might need the breaks every now and then to be able to keep going
  4. Did they think they were a blend of Santana and Elvis Costello already back then too?
  5. And atleast we are not assholes like you, thank God!
  6. I think record companies adapt quite bad to the ever changing markets. We all know what happens to ANY company that can´t adapt... Just restricting stuff won´t help... They could try delivering something that outclassess the downloaded products instead, atleast as far as were talking about the big ones
  7. I think that is an excellent idea if this is the kind of crap you contribute to the forum with...
  8. Yeah, Im all with you on this one If they make em so sweet that you want to nail it on your bedroom wall, I think they will sell more for sure No, but seriously... Cool design is an important part of the package, atleast for me.
  9. I´m a sucker for art and that includes album cover art, so yes I treasure my originals far more than some MP3:s. If I ever download anything it´s just to check the music to find out if it´s worth buying. If it has an amazing cover I usually get it anyway hahaha
  10. Tycho -Past is prologue http://www.discogs.com/release/823323 I really enjoy his work, both as a musician and designer
  11. Well, I think it starts to get to a point where locking them up is a good idea. You can always post your road pics on some Bulgarian offroad forum who might care.
  12. Tycho -Past is Prologue I really like this CD, How about you guys?
  13. Yeah, I like all of the mentioned bands a lot. Especially a perfect circle
  14. Some new stuff... The Source
  15. Mine likes it at parties better than at home. Nowadays I listen far less psy/Goa so it´s perfectly ok. I don´t really care if she likes it or not that much really...as long as she can appreciate quality music in any form when we listen to it..and separate it from the worst pop crap. I think The doors and Alice in Chains is what she has to deal with most of the time What she really likes most is uplifting and happy music like reggae, while I like melancholia and a bit "down" music . You know.. the Finnish mentality.. dvelve in you missery
  16. I have´t had too much time over to listen to this earlier, sryy But just did.. and I really liked it. Very energetic....it rocKed! I´ll tell you more once I have listened to it for a bit longer...
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