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  1. Wohoo I have just been waiting for some good party to go off here in Cold Finland... Have to stand out for a few more months tho But this is worth the waiting Laboratorio presents : 22.04.2005 : JUNO REACTOR (UK) LIVE Venue: Nosturi Telakkakatu 8, Helsinki
  2. Well..they got to be tested under all the different cirkumstances Whe never know what hidden secrets there lies in them if we don´t
  3. My favorite for 2004 is Filteria -Sky input. I just love it...
  4. I usually dont listen to music while I´m exercising. I want to completely focus on my breathing and body and I find that music doesn´t help me do that in what I practice atleast, wich are Wing Tsun and yoga. I kinda start concentrating on how good the music sounds especially if it´s psychedelic That means my mind isn´t where it should be
  5. I like to read other forums as Isratrance but I sincerely don´t like the atmosphere that much in it. I don´t post anything there... Took me a long time before I started posting anything here also, but thats just the way I am. I like to read and find out about the forums a lot before I join.
  6. I went to a underground Goa party back in -97 with a friend, Loved it, Bought a couple of Compilations. Goa Head was atleast the first if I remember Correctly. After that my first forest party and I was on fire for this thing
  7. They usually have good musicals in London...If you like that kind of things check them out. I went to see a couple when I was there a few years ago...
  8. Well I think we have some pretty good acts besides those you mentioned but that is ofcourse just my opinion. At home I don´t listen to much Finnish music except Torakka and Troll Scientists at the moment, but sometimes at Finnish Forest parties I find many of those typical Finnish acts spot on. For Me that is were I want My Finnish music served and Where I enjoy it...
  9. Bah, wussy! Full-on psy is the best thing to dance to! 214214[/snapback] Well maybe in a way...but for me it´s a bit like, to full on my body dances but to the old stuff I truly let my spirit do the dance... I like full on in the night time but when the sun goes up I want my Goa vibe
  10. I second VooV in Germany, was there in -03 and absolutely loved it Romania, Transylvania calling sounds interesting too Liquid Elixir, Finland well, last year was just plain great Also some festival in Hungary...don´t remember the name? All my friends want to go to fullmoon this year Don´t know if I´ll end up there with them also
  11. Dragon tales and Forever after... Just gotta luv 'em
  12. I usually go for The Delta when I want Dark music.... "Thing" does it for me every time "shivers"
  13. We sure had fun with some of you belgian guys over here last summer. Great partying with you guys and hope to see you all here again next summer
  14. Goa still shines frome time to time in my opinion. you just have to search more to find the good parties and the right people. I Came home a week ago from there and had a real good time. Would have been fun to be there in the early 90:s tho. As people said earlier on this thread you can find the action almost all over the world nowadays. Still fun to get "get back to the roots" to see where it all begun back in the days I think.
  15. Very good stuff. I really enjoy this altough I already knew what to expect after some very nice live sets last summer. Alround goa that atleast for me works anywhere and anytime
  16. Mindblowing stuff! I really enjoy their new release
  17. Troll scientists are wort a listening in my opinion. Maybe some of you heard them last summer on Liquid elixir in Finland. Not the typical Finnish sound but still with a touch of it
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