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  1. - Commerzialisation in a way - Too much music that sounds the same -Rock star attitudes (read: Skaz,i IM) -People behaving bad (fights etc) - People like Radi - Criminals getting involved in the scene... (And using their methods to mess with people)
  2. Quit the kiddie talk. There is other options than fighting and besides..you would get your teenie butt smacked around if you would try something like that...
  3. Going to a party doesn´t change your knowledge about music itself, But a party is so TOTALLY different from listening to music at home even from a good system (I'm not talking about your computerspeakers here) Really.. a good party or festival is impossible to describe in words. It´s an experience way beyond just listening. If you Radi, want to skip the best part of the thing and what it is really all about, go right ahead... but don´t tell us you know what Goa or psytrance is all about. EDIT: or actually maybe going to parties do change your knowledge about music and producing too... maybe nemo for example knows these things better as a producer?
  4. http://www.svenskadansband.se/img689.htm?s...8d7c389ce78b39e
  5. I think Posford is good, no doubt about that., but he is no God, or even way above others. He is just a talented guy making good music and working hard (used to atleast)
  6. Woow... Thanks mate! : Never tought I would have the luck on my side... Thanks again!
  7. I haven´t listened to it, but my bro _kolibri_ has been keeping telling me how good it is for a while now
  8. You are actually making me NOT listen to hallucinogen anymore... Enough is enough.
  9. Do you think giving/accepting a gift is stealing? How weird...
  10. Wow... You really are an amazing fellow I would like to line up for the E vs. Y if possible
  11. So are you saing that people on this forum are wrong?
  12. Ok.. sigh First of all... I know my comment to you was direct and a bit harsh maybe, but still, it was the plain truth atleast according to me. You are being quite ignorant and stupid with your own words against others, so I didn´t think my comment would sound that bad compared to yours. If you think I don´t qualify to give my opinion, you don´t have to take it into account, I really don´t care that much. I don´t see the point in going into this but I will answer your questions anyways. About making music, I tried that years ago, made a couple of tracks that didn´t sound good. I have lots of friends that make psytrance who helped me with the programs and learning to use them. Basically I had everything that I needed to make something....no actually I had more, maybe too much to begin with. Well, anyways I didn´t have the motivation or ambition to make something.. maybe I didn´t have talent either. Mastering, no I don´t know much about it, no. Never got that far myself. I still like to listen to the good music that hopefully is the result of the process tho I know that it is not easy to make something good and I really respect everybody that make music these days a lot more after my own tremblings. About my equipment (Whatever this has got to do with this topic). I am working as a graphic designer and I have been studying media arts for some time now, so the computer really is a essential tool for me to. I use a Powermac G5 Dual 2.0 (with 2 X 2 GHz) that is set up according to the needs for the type of work I do. Never tried it for musicmaking, so I can´t tell how well it would run the applications, but I´m sure it wouldn´t be totally useless. Maybe someone with more experience with Macs and music making would know better? I myself have been running at parties for ten years now both in Finland and abroad and I still have a special place in my heart for Goa. It still is the style I like the most but I appreciate good music in all genres and sub-genres. We have been busy for the last couple of years with organising our own parties, which was a goal for a bunch of us back in the days. It has been awarding but really hard work too. During this time we have learnt to know a lot of artists that we have discussed with about the possibility of them coming to our parties. You know how many have behaved like you? If you respect others you will also get respect. If you don t...well, you have been warned. If you jump on guys like Nemo that have made music literally before you were born you really wont come off as a guy I do respect very much... Guys like Nemo will possibly be able to give you the best critic and advise you can get. If you want to go forward you´d better listen to what they have to say and not bang your head against the wall and insult them. Humble is a word that should be well known to artists in whatever they do. My work with graphic design has tought me a lot of that. It doesn´t matter if a guy that doesn´t know anything about designing or Photoshop, illustrator, indesing etc. If he doesn´t like what I do, he sure can tell me so. It is just as important as a designers wiew of it...or actually it is more important. Because in the end of the day, it is not the designers that the work I do is made for. It is the ordinary people and their reactions that matter.
  13. + Nice work with the synths man... - Repetitive - The Mastering BTW, Do you have Monitors yourself or do you make music with those same logic speakers? It sounds pormising but really needs a lot of work before sounding anything like Hallucinogen.
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