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  1. Do you like Finnish psy live better or do you feel the same about that? I, myself hardly ever listen to Finnsih psy from CD:s etc. I prefer them live... I appreciate their style on their releases but I just can´t take it for too long myself either.. Live is totally different tho I have to admit I am a bit bored with psy myself for the moment even tho a part of me will always love it. I still like to listen to oldschool and prog occasionally but I rarely visit parties nowadays, except for a few festys in the summer..
  2. No... Actually i haven´t got that much Finnish Trance music at all. I used to like to listen to it live more than at home..maybe thats a reason I don´t attend that many parties around here anymore tho...Only if something really special hits the earth
  3. I like the first one way better than the two others. Tales is also a fantasic piece of music bu somehow the third one is too messy... It has got nice moments as said before, but it is too jumpy imo.
  4. Well...Once you have proven yourself and followed all the rules you can start breaking them and TADAA... Even a FL factory default sound is pure Bliss hehe Does music have to be hard to make or innovative to be good?
  5. I´d say too that Hux Flux was quite groundbreaking and their sound is always going to have a special place in my heart along a few others. For me they are still today one of my favourite artists... Even tho as mentioned here, time has caught up with some of their stuff...
  6. I´d say you need better speakers hehe... get rid of those small computerspeakers.
  7. Sounds promising actually. I likes..
  8. I think Koxbox/Saikopod are one of the greatest artists the scene has had and I really treasure their early work. Their last gig here in Helsinki wasn´t that good compared to the earlier ones I´ve been to... But I still hope that their new album is going to be something I like.
  9. Depending on, where,when and how it is organized... Been volunteering before tho
  10. 1. Hallucinogen 2. KoxBox 3. Son Kite Worst: Infected at sonica
  11. Or maybe he´s talking abought the American football team "Steelers"
  12. Radi...Try Knaprika. Im not sure if you will like it but please try it. Reminds me of Hux Flux a bit... The guys have some very nice tracks and their live set was superb http://www.knaprika.com/
  13. Very nice indeed! I like it a lot The Video and the track really work beautifully together... Do you have it somwhere in better Res?
  14. I´d pretty much share your opinion altough we still have a party every now and then with good vibes, good music (...yes even old Goa ) and good people. In the summertime we have parties here pretty much every weekend and a lot of forestparties... It´s not as good as it was before and I sometimes feel that a lot of people don´t care about the music at all...They are just there because of the dope and thats sad A couple of youths died here this month at Psyparties too...due to overdoses. Like O.D also mentioned I´m also a bit bored with the parties and the music too... If I go it is mostly to see som friends these days. I also enjoy other types of music a bit more now even if a raging oldschool goa set still kicks nicely for me
  15. Yeah..I´d also reccommend Hux Flux. Great sound!
  16. Puoskari -The Audio Hustler [Freakdance Records] 2004 http://www.discogs.com/release/238122
  17. Nirvana -Where did you sleep last night (unplugged) The Doors -The End The Doors -I will never be untrue The Stone Roses -I wanna Be Adored Pearl Jam -Nothingman Pearl Jam - Given to Fly Pearl Jam -Black Joan Baez -Wings Green Day -Good riddance (time of your life) Leaving on a jet plane -by Janis Joplin
  18. Electro Fluoro Punx is the name of Aavepyörä´s album
  19. Sadly the scene in Finland IMO isn´t as good as the picture painted up here says. There are problems here just as there are everywhere... As soon as we started organizing parties I got a clearer picture of it There are wonderful people here too ofcourse @ Opie It´s pretty simple if you keep the parties small (and if nothing goes wrong) but as soon as the costs and time layed down on it rise...You´ll really know who you can trust and who you can´t. Who is responsible, takes care of things etc..
  20. Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation http://www.discogs.com/release/328 Elysium - Monzoon http://www.discogs.com/release/35879
  21. WAU! Thats really awesome news
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