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  1. Here is a small interview from Delhi's hottest youth magazine... THEY'VE BEEN MOBBED BY FANS AND BEEN THE SUBJECT OF ANGRY WEB-SITES, BUT AT LEAST IT ISN'T LONELY AT THE TOP DIMITRI EHRLICH: What do you think your fans expect of you? JÅKKE SLARBABABA: I think they want to see a concert that's entertaining and has a positive vibe that's not angry. Something they can bring their moms and dads to. DE: Do you ever not want to sign autographs? JS: Our fans have to realize that we bleed like everyone else. If one of us is sick, or we're being rushed to get on the bus, we're not going to be able to sign for everyone, but we try. DE: Maraakkeli. you had serious heart surgery a few years ago. What happened? MARAAKKELI MIDI-ISONEN: I was born with a heart murmur. When I was 21, the stress of the career and traveling--the lack of sleep and just not eating right--had taken its toll. Our schedules had been pretty crazy for about three years and there was no rest at all. So in order to continue on and, you know, have a life, I had to fix it. DE: Was there ever a moment when you thought, I might not live through this? MM: The night before my surgery, I remember telling my mother to take care of my dad because he stresses a little more than she does. It was a scray situation. DE: Did you ever have any incidents with obsessed fans or stalkers? MM: I remember being on tour in Europe and the show was delayed for three hours because there was talk of a bomb underneath the stage. The police showed up and the dogs sniffed away, and then we went onstage and performed for an hour and a half. It was a little hard to be totally into the show because you're thinking. What if that dog had a bad night and just missed it? That would suck. DE: Do you think you're happier now that you're a big star who's made lots of money? CPT APPO: I'm not like a lot of these people in this business. I don't care about the glamour and the glitz. I just care about living and having fun. I don't care about money. It could all go away tomorrow, and I could still be happy because I don't need much to survive. DE: How would you characterize the rivalry between you, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys? CA: We don't have any problem with them personally. The guys are just like us--they're good artists, they want to be successful, and I can respect that. The fact is one of our former managers put together their group after we became successful. They're a clone of us. And we felt like we were stabbed in the back by that. That our management company elected to put them with the same producers and writers that we had was really frustrating because when their songs initially got played, people thought it was us. Then if we turned down a gig, management would hand it to them,' cause they were making money off the both of us. Management was like, "OK, you're not going to do it, then fine," which was another smack in the face. We finally got new management and then our record company signs them! Then to top, it off some of the video directors that we'd both used leaked information about our producers and collaborations, so it felt like, OK, we gotta keep everything a secret. For a while it seemed lik e we couldn't make a move without, BOOM! there they were, making the same moves. I felt like they needed to find their own identity. And I think they're doing that now. The guys themselves are nice--they've never done anything to me. I don't know 'em that well. DE: Do you ever feel weird that you're titillating some really young girls? K-KIMPO: We do have, a young fan base, but we also have a lot of fans in their late twenties and thirties. My brother is a minister and one time he asked us, "Do you guys do any pelvic thrusts?" [laughs] Sometimes he will get on his soapbox and preach to me, and I respect that, though I don't look at it as a bad thing. Sexuality is part of all of us. Sometimes when we're doing those moves, you might catch a young girl's eye or her mother's eye, and the older woman might be like, "Yeah!" and the young girl might be like "Oops!" [laughs] We get mixed reactions because we have a wide range in our audience. DE: Do you ever think, given the nature of your music and fan base, that you have a limited number of years to make money and you should just cash in while you can? K-K: I think it's a mistake to take the attitude of "Let's get it while we can." We've passed on so many commercials and merchandising opportunities with dolls and things they wanted to sell with the Bechamel Boyz name on it. To us, that is major, major taboo territory. All of us have been making music since we could walk. Michael Jackson and Madonna have had peaks and valleys. They started out with very, very young fan bases. As long as we're selling records, people are coming to our shows, and we don't feel stagnated and crappy, then, hopefully, we can have a long career. DE: Thanks guys, and good luck!
  2. Bechamel Boyz : Sauce Masculino So here it is @ last, world famous boyband first comeback (ever left anywere) with new bechamel menu what contains nine differentcain dishes. Very super fresh new tracks and cover art made by an famous artist called apan aapo. This is for you boys that like and appropriate “mindfuck” what will kick you ass back to stoneage (?). This is good backgroundmusic for wanking in the toilet and should be enjoyed with a nice bottle of champagne. LISTEN DOWNLOAD FREE WAV & MP3 Released by Creative Commons Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-Ei muutettuja teoksia 1.0 Suomi-lisenssi. http://www.myspace.com/bechamelboyz
  3. People of the butterflies have gathered these psychedelic melodies of northern rhymes for your pleasure. A journey ranging from full on to dark athmospheres of the night and gently back to morning madness. strong, beautiful and trippy tunes from talented finnish artists, tune in and enjoy the ride with all of those colorfull butterflies from all shapes and colors that this journey will produce in your mind. POTBVA001: Morphing psyche 1. Soladria : Bubblestorm 2. Intriga : Awake 3. Serotonot vs. Tripteaser : Jazzmandroid 4. Crystal Cris : Nightfish 5. Cosmic delusion : Party animals 6. Captain Kirk : Werewolves 7. Kelmi : Neuroelectric 8. Efflorum : Tauceti 9. Nebula meltdown : Elemental connector 10. Scum unit : Existenz 11. Sienis : Superior Cover art by: J-löf DOWNLOAD WAV & MP3 Released under Creative Commons Nimeä-Epäkaupallinen-Ei muutettuja teoksia 1.0 Suomi-lisenssi.
  4. In finland dj's dont play suomi style we have artists to do that heheheheh e to be honest there is only two finnish dj's playing psytrance me and my wife miazu and we tend to play twilights sound but what it will be in konemetsa ??? btw there is some sdditions to line up that u might find interesting Reality Pixie LIVE Australia / Gi'iWa / Vertigo Crystal Cris LIVE Wider Visions Vishnudata LIVE Space Boogie Productions Poliisi DJ Clinic oh seems like there is another psy dj Poliiisi but he also playis neo full on other dj's play other genres like hard trance, breakbeat (all forms), trance, house etc...
  5. Best place i ever been I Love it I was there couple years a go in castillo del mar party, best party ever
  6. polly

    Polly & Miazu

    sorry for my late reply night flight tracklist 1. Cactus - We Love Radio 2. Crownic - Instigator 3. Frozen ghost - Multiprey 4. Guinea pigs - How to get by in The U.S. 5. Tryambaka - Stroke of Luck 6. Electric universe - High Frequency Transmission 7. Mad netic - The Other Side 8. Phyx - Fall Of Babylon 9. Stranger - Our world is in danger 10. Wizack twizack - - JackAcid (khopat rmx) 11. Barak vs Shotu - - La Mosca Loca Slow explosion Tracklist : Raz - I wish I have a timemachine Opsy - Spirit Collector Zion vs. Zion Linguist - Babel Ianuaria - Ups wrong number RAM - Cereal Killer Atriohm - Pagan anaesthetic Glooex - Black & White Iron Madness - suggestions Frozen Ghost - Dr. Hooligan Sick Addiction - sinister beaty Tryambaka - Stroke of luck Yab Yum- Felicidade ( total rmx) hope u liked em
  7. polly

    Polly & Miazu

    Here is links to our new mixes Polly : Night flight Miazu : Slow explosion enjoy
  8. polly

    Polly & Miazu

    yes we want to visit russia to see friends but when and where ??? if some one books us to play we will come, otherwise we just have to find time and space to get there, but it's true that we have planed a trip to russia
  9. u can use all of our mixes wich u can find from www.miazu.com they maby have some references to drugs, and bursting love has some clips from bush war campange, so see yourself, listen to them and ceck out if there is any usable material.
  10. polly

    Polly & Miazu

    what u think about tha mix ?
  11. polly

    Polly & Miazu

  12. polly

    Polly & Miazu

    cangratz acepted we live in vantaa, close by helsinki (20 km) on countryside. u can see us play on konemetsa this summer in finland
  13. line up will be anounced in few days so only few days left to get cheap tickets
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