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  1. Always loved tracks with "particle" in their names! "Mystery of Shpongle and Friends" will sound as good CD
  2. Int short: they didn't lost it. Hope in next 2-3 years they make journey to Amazon, Ngorongoro, or at least Mars.
  3. It's second day of eastern Easter, so "Mystery Of The Yeti" wasn't heard from looong time
  4. Indeed but usualy goa is absolutly happy music, so with anger and sad it's more about the mood and sounds wich correspond to the emotion. Not so much like "eye am the i" for example wich almost evetime is euphoric
  5. 1) Blessing mood: Transwave - The Rezwalker(London life) especially melody at the end wich make me feel like part of the whole universe. 2)Euphoria: Chi-A.D - Eye Am The I when the two diferent sounds start to talk to each other it's, it's 3)Friendship: Sonic Fusion - Xxtatikk Ritual sometimes had feeling that i am in some indian wigwam with friends after all day ride in praerie. 4)Anger: Hallucinogen - Shamanix it's somekind of schizophrenic track wich can bring out lots of anger from you(or from me). 5)Sad: Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturb becouse of the text, otherwise it's pretty happy. 6)Melancholy: Jaia - Blue Energy the whole album has this gentle malody and the sound itself is tender, but think it's most couse Mai Mai-tai beach melancholy 7)Love: Chi-A.D - Spirit
  6. I mean stuff that take you to a jurney in your mind forest(realy deep) Human Blue for example
  7. I choose "Infinitism" no matter that my fav Chi-A.D. track is "Astral Warrior" (maybe becouse of the lyrics)
  8. nice wor the fairys come just in right moment
  9. MIT

    Jaja - Fiction

    It would be maybe the best 2005 realize 2.0 one of the best track
  10. Surely there will be something new in psyscene, just don't know when and where it will begin. To create new music not depends only on artists. You must have the right public. We all know that every child wants to be different from his parents and absolutly natural he/she likes different kind of music(of course speak only for "mass").
  11. Crying from happiness is something realy rarely but beautiful experience Transwave - Rezwalker Shakta - Leptoh head
  12. What make you to love it? Feelings? Coulors? Friends and place?
  13. Do you follow some concrete rule when you make music or you just let emotions lead you? Basically(IMO) the difference between comersial and classic is in this question.
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