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  1. Hello all! Well...i have a question about... Do you know any netlabel (free music) that offer free master when they decide to release your music? for example i dont want money to release my music, but is great deal when labels offer free master of all my tracks and promotion as well... Any experience from that?
  2. The new album from Xerox & Illumination - The Beast Within (Hommega 2007) Sounds the same boring fullon style, but with some good points!!!well...
  3. Something from my lovely Ultime Records Crew offcourse!!! Cheers
  4. Amazing sound!Congrats to Sunline records!!!This artist have great talent!!!Continue Dj Shankar!!!
  5. One of the best album ever!!!! "Atmos - Headcleaner" (Spiral Trax 2000) Classic!
  6. i forgot to say that the cover is awesom as always!!!all covers i have seen is more than beauty!!! congrats!
  7. verry good news!!!Metaphysic records strikes again!!!Great sound for sure!!!another serious release...well done!!! so...i see some people in turkey have talent!!!! Cheers!!!
  8. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (2007) ---> maybe the best album from them!!!Verry profesional work from the other releases!!! :posford: Rocks
  9. Astral Projection offcourse!!! well now for ambient chill scene mmm... defenetly all ultimae records crew!!!
  10. the new Logic Bomb album "Sonic Algebra" !!! sounds good to me!!! What's our opnion about this album people???
  11. Got these today: # Blue Cell - Cell Structures - ep Vinyl (Pearldiver Records 2007) "suggestion!!!" # Alpha Wave Movement - Drifted Into Deeper Lands (Groove Unlimit 2000) "have u ever hear this?" # Banco De Gaia - Maya (Planet Dog 1994) "igot this only 3 euro" # Koxbox - The Great Unknown (Global Trance Network 2000) "5 euro" Cheers!!!
  12. "Blue Cell - Cell Structures ep vinyl" (Pearldiver Records 2007) interesting sounds!!! try it!!!
  13. verry nice! i will looking for this!!! thanx!
  14. Lovely sounds for sure! defenetly something deferent! thanx for sharing
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