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  1. Veils will be Lifted, Worlds will be Bridged. Join us once again in a ritual of deep, dark, twisted, neuron rearranging, trance dancing. Hold on to your mind…this one is going to be a psychedelic journey of massive proportions! THOSE PEOPLE PRESENT TO YOU: WORLD BRIDGE 4 AUGUST 7 - 9TH 2009 @The Beautiful Deerfields, Asheville, NC, US FINAL LINEUP!! *LIVE* CATATONIC DESPAIR [uT] (Nabi Records, Tantrum) DYLALIEN [CA] (Fractal Cowboys, Alpha Centauri) FREAKS OF NATURE [OR] (Echo Vortex) SECRET SOCIETY [OR] (HSS, Anomalistic, Quantum Frog) FREAKAZOID [OR] (Echo Vortex) TIME BANDITS [OR,CA,NC,GA] (AUM) DRAGON [FL] (Dharmaharmony Records) GNOMES OF DESTRUCTION [MN] (AudioGnomes,Anomalistic) FACEHEAD [OR] (Anomalistic Records) CHILLIN [CA] (Alpha Centauri) PAN TRIPSA [NC] (Srivatsa, Caffix Records) *Sound Manipulators* NOD [NC] (Those People, Touch Samadhi, AtlPsy) AKTIF VS EKIM SKRID [iA] (Mindoutpsyde, Anomalistic) MIST [TX] (Acidance Records) PYITE [GA] (Anomalistic, AtlPsy) KRI [NC] (Touch Samadhi) KOJI [NC] (Single Cell) HARDKORENATE [MN] (UncencoredUS, The Rift) MYRKABAH [NC] (Those People) PSYONIC [TN] (Twisted Minds Records, Those People) PANTIES THE CLOWN [NC] (Psybertribe, AtlPsy ) BRAINVOMIT [NC,GA] (Sick Puppy) PUSKARA [GA] (Anomalistic, AtlPsy) UHM [TX] (Atrium Obscurum) KARMAKAT [MS] (Dharmaharmony, Vortex) DECO BY: PYITE AND THE COMMUNITY $55.00 PRE-SALES {AVAILABLE VERY SOON!} $70.00 AT THE GATE Purchase your presales at http://www.thosepeople-asheville.com LOCATION : Deerfields!!!! http://www.deerfields.com One of the most beautiful venues in North America! Deerfield’s is an exquisite 940-acre family-owned wilderness retreat complete with incredible ponds, creeks, apple orchards, forests, wildlife and hiking trails. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT!!!! Please respect the land and remove everything you bring in (including all trash) when you leave! FOOD VENDING BY : GREEN LIGHT CAFE (VEGETARIAN/VEGAN/DELICIOUSNESS!) This is a Rain or Shine event with rustic camping accommodations - bring EVERYTHING you’ll need to survive….there is no re-entry. Feel free to bring your artwork to help decorate! Rituals and vibes provided by YOU…The Community. Arrive Inspired! Leave Enlightened! FOR MORE INFORMATION HIT US UP AT WWW.THOSEPEOPLE-ASHEVILLE.COM OR EMAIL US AT: THOSEPEOPLE@GMAIL.COM UNTIL THEN... ...KEEP IT GOAN!!!!!
  2. Illegal Machines & Bombax ~ Between Sanity and Madness :: Free Radical Records Release date: 12th June 2009 Free Radical Records 3rd release Illegal Machines and Bombax - Between Sanity And Madness is a release combining 2 very unique talents with very different styles illegal machines fabien mournetas has a very distinctive sound with full production and groovey bass lines and intelligent arrangement of psychedelic soundscapes which have been blasting dance floors all over the world and bombax jan hendrick werner a harder taste and fast becoming known for his killah basslines and pushing leads along with a broad spectrum of interesting sounds the combination takes you from rocking trax produced by illegal to a crossover in the versus trax and into a harder edge of psychedelia produced by bombax all in all a good flow from grooving bass lines to blasting hard psy trance. CLICK BELOW FOR SOUND SAMPLES 1. Illegal Machines – Funky Pipoka 2. Illegal Machines - Psykomachine 3. Illegal Machines - Mega Riser 4. Illegal Machines & Bombax - Sanity 5. Illegal Machines & Bombax - Madness 6. Bombax - Inflight Magazine 7. Bombax – Hollywood Kids (Illegal rmx) 8. Bombax – Public Disorder 9. Illegal Machines – Honey Flavour (Bombax rmx) TRACK BY TRACK Illegal Machines – Funky Pipoka Illegal starts of the album with a solid groovy bassline and a variety of funky leads which wind and twist into soundscape of abstract well polished sounds which just keep evolving and entwining till the end Illegal Machines - Psykomachine Nice clean and fat track bottom end just grooving all over the place killer percussion and direct leads with a overlay of of soft and really well polished sounds which give the track a very mellow feel with a stomping bottom end Illegal Machines - Mega Riser Funky and solid with a nice combination of intelligent leads and percussion which are always in a constant dance with themselves production is really tight on this one just keeps grooving and building until it opens up in the end with a arrangement of sounds that are flying at you in all directions Illegal Machines & Bombax - Sanity The first versus track from the two with a harder influence from Hendrick (Bombax) and funky sound from Fabien *Illegal) is an excellent combination of their… 2 very unique styles more relaxed of the two versus funky hard bass line leads are very psychedelic and easy on the ears…very catchy Illegal Machines & Bombax - Madness The second versus track is quite a gnarly track with a more flying bottom end and a lot of industrial samples. Its quite tame in the first half working up slowly till it breaks out with a pushing lead and mega riser dropping into a funky groove and finally popping in the end with a fat pushing bassline Bombax - Inflight Magazine Starting off already has you going and quickly the track moves into a swirl of well produced, well arranged leads with really warped abstract sounds flying around in the back ground. The track just flows smoothly as sounds fly past everywhere in an organized chaos Bombax – Hollywood Kids (Illegal rmx) Fabien really did quite the job on this track and it is really a piece of work with more groove in the bottom end and enhancing the original leads to Illegal style. This track is a monster and will twist dance floors everywhere for sure Bombax – Public Disorder Powerful full basslines with a range of very fast clever leads in the beginning lead up to a very atmospheric beat with lots of creative sounds and very kick ass production, this track takes you flying Illegal Machines – Honey Flavour (Bombax rmx) Hendrick has added his style to this track with its harder bassline and faster leads along with the soft nature of the sounds used by Fabien. It makes it very easy to listen to and with Hendricks driving style it really grabs you Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | mark.bedford@arab.co.uk | Related Links Free Radical Records | Website | Myspace | Illegal Machines | Website | Myspace | Bombax | Myspace | Triskele Management | Website | Myspace | Facebook Group |
  3. Kukan dUb Lagan ~ New Life New Vision :: MikelaBella Records :: Coming Soon! For the past two years, Israeli music label MikelaBella Records has made a startling impact upon an already well established scene, an achievement as respectable as it is not easy. However, the musicianship and technical experience of its owners and participants speak for exponential amounts of time beyond oven that. MikelaBella's philosophy is one of unification rather than classification and their showcase of styles reflect this. Having featured releases under the genres of Electro, House, Techno, Dubstep and many more, the common interest and criteria for the label's artist is one of quality emphasis and attention to detail. Every artist packs years of personal music experience under their belts, both on the dancefloor and in the studio, as DJ and more. This label's latest release ‘New Life New Vision’ by Kukan dUb Lagan encapsulates these ideals and philosophies perfectly. Showcasing a dozen tracks which hail from a rainbow of eclectic musical genres from both the traditional and experimental spectrums of sound, yet belonging to none. The most important aspect, and well worth emphasizing at that, of this release that truly moves it onto its own level is its utter lack of sterility and banality. "Kukan", despite its subtle electronic nature, feels alive, generated directly in your immediate environment or between your ears. It is this aspect which elevates music, and specifically this stellar release, into true artwork masterpiece status. After you have listened, you will understand to the fullest just what that means. Track by track: Colazione Dalla Nonna This intro piece sounds like something that came out of a smoky jazz blub or reggae bar more than a "traditional" electronic music piece. However, the digital elements show themselves before long, making this an overall appropriately enjoyable introduction to the rest of this album. La Vita This track is like an iced drink on a hot summer day. Chilled out, yet refreshing and condensation-inducing, "La Vita" is built of crisp urban percussion elements, a warming bassline, and minimal synth effects accompanied by live horn sections. This genre-breaking arrangement has the precision of a studio-built track with all the atmosphere of a live music performance. Zingari Vibes This old-timey intro belies a following procession of glitchy drum work resting atop a soothing sub bassline more felt than heard. Reggae guitar stabs quantify background wah pedals and bluesy saw waves and subtle synth arpeggios. Funky and eclectic, this piece combines all the best pieces of retro flavor with ultra-modern techniques and electronic styles. Psychedelic Funk-O-Delic As the name implies, this is a neuron-tickling arrangement of off-timed drum and bass works. Cowbells clang out head nodding beats to the tune of a heady bassline and \mid-range riffs which order up a dancefloor shaken, not stirred. Masterful piano work distracts you from the subtle changes in percussive filtration and glitch placement. The Re-Turn of the Master Immediately noticeable is a crunchier-than-normal bassline which contrasts nicely against crisp, clean hihats. Roughly a minute later, the beat is in full swing, using clever amounts of reverb and panorama which implies spaciousness. Beautifully affected digital strings echo and bounce about, giving this reggae-esque track a slight touch of Eastern vibration. Funk Me Minimal urban beats paint atmospheric soundscapes of smoky relaxation and musical marriage of East and West amidst a jungle of percussive groove. Pitch-oscillating resonance drifts between left and right as a masterful brass section plays its way from the hinter ground to the fore. The bassline definitely earns this track's name, with an echoed piano adding the cherry to this sundae. Volcano Session This track picks up the tempo a tad. Bass drops and a lightly housey drum sets progress with the chugging rhythm of a choo-choo train while dirty filtered synths build in intensity. This is one that will get you out of your seat hand help you break free of the roots you've gathered. Instruments both analog and digital make this piece a fruitful collusion of wide ranges of musical spectrum. SunSet with MikelaBella Cacophonies of blended daily noises throw your perceptions into short chaos before surgically realigning them with well-placed rhythmic repetition and harmony. Expertly panned Latin guitars influence duets against jazzy string melodies. A bit of brass improvisation rounds out this piece to the fullest, creating an atmosphere somewhere between a smoky blues club and a spring mushroom garden. Scratch This masterwork of electro glitch seems parented by a wedding of analog synth bass and housey-reggae percussion. The bleeps are tasteful, well-timed and never overused. The musical progression is smooth, reassuringly leading you into worlds of retro synth sounds which never remain the same from second to second, panning their oscillation rates at regularly chaotic intervals. New Life New Vision This track is obviously a piece with a meaning and dedication behind it. At once noticeable is the attention to clarity and quality of each of the sound elements. Bass, percussion, and lead fit amongst each other comfortably and with plenty of breathing room to spare. A live-feeling conga and bongo session is the highlight of this piece, slipping you completely into the groove. L'illusione del Capitano Squelching tape delay punctuates the sections of this track, making it a department boutique of altering moods, all glued together by a bellows-like bass and guitar using small touches of distortion. Medleys of influence abound here, from eastern European organ, winds and brass from even further, and Dubstep percussion from the concrete jungles coexist in smoky harmony. Related Links: MikelaBella Myspace | www.myspace.com/mbrec | Kukan-dub-Lagan Website | www.kukantaiko.com | Kukan-dub-Lagan Myspace | www.myspace.com/kukandublagan | CD Available also on ::USB Compact Stick:: exclusive to PSYSHOP *including several new tunes and remixes not available on CD* | www.psyshop.com/shop/Sticks/mlb/mlb1cs001.html | European distribution through Psyshop | www.psyshop.com/ |
  4. Hoopy Frood - Indigo :: Megadodo Recordings :: Coming Soon! "Indigo", by the UK based band Hoopy Frood, is a nine-track collection which borrows from, questions, the formulae of a cornucopia of forbearing musical genres and styles. Here, the worlds of psychedelic folk rock, world beat percussion, reggae, dub, jazz and so many others come together to exist in sonic harmony, with each track being a baby of all of these lineages yet bearing its own chromosomes not yet heard in any other project. There's something for every age and background here, from Floyd-esque guitar, digital mastery, heartfelt, well thought out lyrics which seamlessly blend Western and Eastern styles, and eclectic percussion woven together but true virtuosos of the drum and the turntable. All in all, this album is saturated with an organic, live-in-your-living-space feel to the sounds. Produced by the UK composer legend Ott, known globally for his superb talent and ear for high sonic quality, every moment of this album is a moment well spent. "Indigo" tells a story throughout each note in such a way that separates it from more mediocre music, and will doubtless be one that is talked about and enjoyed for quite some time to come. Click below for samples: 1. I Was Looking Into The Sky 2. Indigo Child 3. Summershine 4. Suspended In The Brightness 5. It Lasts Forever 6. Samsara 7. Chasing Inspiration 8. Journey 9. The Hundredth Monkey Track by track: I Was Looking Into The Sky This introductory track to this eclectic album greets you with whimsical, reflective narratives. Harmonic folk guitar greets airy keyboard chords creating celestial atmospheres. Even within a track of an ambient nature like this one can sense a palpable energy build-up within the unfolding story. Indigo Child Cleanly cut gypsy-style string pluckings roll straight into groovy percussive riffs built atop warm bass undercurrents. Immediately organic and attention-arresting, smooth guitar paints a folksy background according to an up-tempo reggae-influenced drum beat. Emotive vocals progress this narrative further, followed by excellent cameos of silver flute and guitar licks. Summershine Major piano chords capture the essence of skin-warming solar moods. A housey four-on-the-floor groove leaves plenty of room to be filled with beachy steel drums, congas, and subtle brass samba. Warm bass propels currents of musical waves. A brilliant vocal duo tops off this sonic sundae with sensual polarity, with tension and release placed in all the right spaces. Suspended In The Brightness The organic couples with the digital in an ambient harmonic intro of delicate chord progressions on the guitar amongst vocal synth simulacra. Masterfully manipulated verbage open windows into the realm of inner thought. The bass-beats are tender and decompressing, and the guitar and sax and piano seem so tangible, it's as if your favourite mates were jamming right in your living room.. It Lasts Forever This segment seems to adorn itself with a new, different mood. The lyrics are touching, welcoming and evocative, and the guitar spills out happy tears of familiar love, both bittersweet and assuring at once. The percussion is crisp, clear, and quantifying, with punchy kicks, slapping snares, and high hat alternations in all the right spaces. Samsara Beautifully touching lyrics and sublime guitar take the lead in this pleasing mix of subtle drum-work and slightly sad basslines. Quite simply, this is music at its finest, with every element working together to paint a temporal portrait of sound. From moment to moment one can appreciate the energy this group of innovative sound artists put into their work. Chasing Inspiration This is a ten minute saga of bliss covering a huge array of musical styles, from reggae and dub influences, jazz sax elements, to glitchy synthesis which offers excellent dynamic contrast and a wide musical spectrum. The guitar is improvisational and enjoyable, and the lyrics are meaningful. Mood changes and musical progression abound in this odyssey. Journey Major piano chords and crisp drum repetitions quantify flowing arpeggios and lilting folk-rock guitar. High-timbral voice utters words of beauty and harmony. Rhythm, lead, and lyric come together to inspire second winds of joyful, conscious endurance. Pink Floyd-style instrumental wailings walk with comforting bass in music which blurs the line between digital and analog synthesis. The Hundredth Monkey The finale track of this amazing album certainly does not disappoint, and shows clearly the hard work, heart, and effort this band of musicians puts into their craft. The entire track is an excellent musical build-up of energy which leaves you refreshed with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, and wraps up this unique collection superbly and masterfully. Related Links: Hoopy Frood Website | www.hoopyfrood.co.uk/ | Hoopy Frood Myspace | www.myspace.com/froodster | Hoopy Frood on Youtube | www.youtube.com/froodsteve | Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk |
  5. FULL LINE UP + STAGES ANNOUNCED! / NEWS ON VENUE / LOCATION / ATTRACTIONS / COMPETITION TO WIN EDIROL MIXER / FINAL TIER FOR ADVANCE TICKETS! SONICA RELOADED 31st JULY - 03rd AUGUST 2009 Rome - Monte Gelato [Mazzano Romano] www.re-loaded.org/en/ Facebook: Sonica Reloaded 2009 www.myspace.com/reloadedmusicfestival Sonica Festival, Europe's leading festival of contemporary music, art and culture returns for it's fourth year with a renewed team under its new title [RELOADED]. [FULL LINE UP AND STAGES ANNOUNCED] SOLAR STAGE: Etnica, GMS, Tristan, Kox Box, Pleiadians, Whiplash, Penta, Broken Toy, Laughing Buddah, Burn In Noise, Prometheus, Fearsome Engine, Allaby, Ace Ventura, Perfect Stranger, Qunatize, Emok, Loud, Pogo, M-Theory, Rinkadink, Atriohm, U-Recken, Arousal, EVP, Gaiatech, Comasector, Liftshift, Midimal, Sensient, Journey, Shane Gobi, Kaio, Gino, Osho, Tommy Pixan, Ajja, Riktam, Bansi, XP-Voodoo, Frank-E, Nigel, M-45, Awip, Raul Amazon Tribe, Guerra Amazon Tribe, Marco, Young, Marta DLM, Markayn, Face LUNAR STAGE: Minilogue, Andrea Cirillo, Max Lanfranconi, Maurizio Begotti, DJ Loopus (Fabula Rec), D-Nox, Donato Dozzy, Scene, DJ Meko, DJ Slater, Alexsense, Mat Mushroom, Act Sense, DJ Pena, Mowree, DJ Marilli, Fabnoy, Frankie Watch, DJ Digoa, Morello, Tom Real, Albert Vorne, Simon B, Lorenzo Fassi, Atomic Drop GAIA STAGE: Eat Static, Meditronica, Younger Brother, OTT, Deadbeat, Giani, Dovla, Antonio Testa, Aliji, Djane Gaby, Solar Fields, Manasseh, Aes Dana, Mahiane, Nova, G-Delic, DJ High, DJ Rob, Steve Giant, Ashtech, Biologic, Fishimself, Mastermargherita, Mahiane, Vito War, Slack Baba, Naked Nick, Solomon [ASTONISHING VENUE] The 2009 [RELOADED] venue is simply stunning and all crossed by the Treja river. Monte Gelato area is located between the two historical villages of Mazzano Romano and Calcata, where the Treja river flows along its territory, creating small healthy swimming waterfalls. With its lush greenery and old aged trees, this area is renowned for its natural beauty. Easily located from Rome (45KM) and 5 KM's from the historic village of Clacata, a middle-aged village built on volcanic cliffs that was overtaken by Italian hippies and artists in the 60s who set about restoring the ancient town making it a truly inspired visit. Add to this the fact the beautiful lakes Bracciano and Martignano at only 15 minutes driving and the coast of Rome is 30 minutes, means this year's [Reloaded] festival is the perfect location for those looking to turn their festival experience into a holiday. [ATTRACTIONS] Nocturnal performances as fire-works, acrobatics, visual shows, dancing, alternative paintings, bio-installations, meetings and open-air cinema concerning the main festival themes. Healing practices including massages and meditation, bio and healthy food, international flea-market, involving eco-sustainability program. Wokrshops and talks come from the likes of Ecoluce.org on the function and use of a photovoltaic sound-system, Filippo Paolombini on biomass systems, Music from the plants by Renzo Allegri, Eco-friendly life-styles by Carlo Brancati Powerstock Project, Sound therapy by Antonio Testa and Djane Gaby, plus many more to still be confirmed - check the [RELOADED] website for further information. [ECO-FRIENDLY PHOTOVOLTAIC SOUNDSYSTEM] To power the sound that also fits with the festival ethos, [RELOADED] are proud to be using the Photovoltaic soundsystem and led light system by Ecoluce.org, that will work constantly at the highest level of sound pressure and quality only with the power of the daylight. Using the Photovoltaic sound system means we won\'t consume any petrol and there won\'t be any CO2 emission. A workshop on the project and on how it works will be held in the cultural area. [VISUAL CONTEST - WIN A EDIROL MIXER] Within its cultural and artistic path, focused on highlighting environmental threats and on feasible solutions to protect surrounding ecosystems, [RELOADED] wants to create a network of visual artists and VJs, carefully selected in order to present a wide range of visual performances alongside all the psychedelic, minimal-tech, dub and chill musical programs. This VJ contest aims to award artists with the opportunity to show off to the Reloaded crowd their technical and intuitive attitudes and now we can announce that the lucky winner will receive a state of the art mixer from Edirol! Please see the Reloaded website for an online application form, the deadline is 30th May. [LAST ADVANCE TICKETS LEFT - BUY YOURS NOW!] The tickets are now onto their final tier, priced at 75 Euros these are the LAST ADVANCE TICKETS and we suggest you buy your ticket to avoid disappointment. For ticket outlets, please visit the website for full information: www.re-loaded.org/en/ [RELOADED] Will also be selling tickets at the following events in Italy: - LPM / Live Performers Meeting @ Brancaleone, via Levanna, Rome - 28th to 31st of May 2009 -www.liveperformersmeeting.net/ - Maximal @ EastEnd studios, via Mecenate, Milan - June 13th 2009 - www.maximalfestival.it ONLINE TICKET SALES: www.re-loaded.org/en/ FOR MORE INFO / TO BUY TICKETS CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW www.re-loaded.org www.myspace.com/reloadedmusicfestival Facebook group: Sonica Reloaded 2009
  6. Orb Festival second presales Hey guys our second tier for Orb Festival advanced tickets are running for $124 till Monday June 8th. From June 8th-July 9th $139. At the gate they will be $150. Our line up is closed and 100% confirmed you can see all the details here. Line up /work shops http://orbfestival.com/lineup.php tickets/meal plan/cabins http://orbfestival.com/tickets.php General festival info/location pic and more http://orbfestival.com/location.php Ride share inquiry http://orbfestival.com/rideshare.php Volunteers inquiry http://orbfestival.com/volunteers.php Vendors inquiry http://orbfestival.com/vendors.php Banners and web flyer to spread the word http://orbfestival.com/promoters-kit.php decoration http://www.deliria.org/deco/Corporate/index.htm and much more We are looking forward to seeing you all connecting with mother nature and having the best of time! Orb Festival http://www.orbfesival.com
  7. LIFE FESTIVAL license granted:: Sun is coming :: See you all in a few days !!!!! Dear Friends of Life. Looks like the SUMMER has Finally Arrived and the forecast for the weekend in ATHBOY is very promising Happy to announce that today we got the LICENSE GRANTED!!!! After a few weeks of though times, hard, intense work and fund raising to compile with all the requirements, we got the GREEN LIGHT from the Local Authorities to have the event at Ballinlough Castle. THE SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED !!! Do not miss it! http://www.life-festival.com
  8. ::: Weather Proof Festival Site :: Yoga in the Mornings :: Tipis ?!!?::: ::: www.life-festival.com ::: ************** "Ballinlough Castle " A Weather-Proof Venue" ************** While we are all we are hoping the sun will shine (and it will!!!) on Life Festival and give us all a fantastic weekend of music and fun, Organisers choosed Ballinlough Castle (apart from its natural beauty) for its weatherproof resources . We have tested the grounds and made the layout taking in consideration all aspects. Ballinlough Gardens and Golf course is blessed with excellent drainage, allowing utilisation of the facility in all conditions and at all times of the year, preventing water logging. The venue count with Two Sheds to host one of the main arenas for Life Festival. The other Main Area is also mood-proof , hardcore - crushed rock and gravel lay on the grounds avoiding any kind of deep mud. So it's all good! *************** YOGA in Life *************** EVERY MORNING AT THE 4thEYE ARENA IN LIFE Yoga Experience: This years Life festival will provide an experiment to unite the stage with the crowd. We fuse the practice of yoga with music. A yoga demonstrator will perform alongside the music, accompanied by a three piece collective called Sing Song. The music will change with the movement of yoga and visa versa, complementing each other. The crowd can be as involved with the yoga as they wish doing the whole series or just enjoying the flow on stage between music and movement. this form of hatha yoga is is slow and simple, it requires no previous experience. http://www.triskelemanagement.com/promotio...e/poster200.jpg *************** TIPI FOR YOU?? ****************** Groups of Friends?? Enjoy the luxury of the tipi village at the Life festival, With scenic views of the lake and castle. Tipi's come equipped with inner lining, ground sheet, carpet and rain hat. Weekend rental 16ft ?460 capacity up to 10 people 20ft ?800 capacity up to 18 people sheepskins (selection of 10) ?100 + deposit For bookings contact: info@silkroadtents.com / Fionn www.silkroadtents.com GET YOUR TICKET TO LIFE AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SUMMER! Be the first to catch the LIFE vibe!! Roll on the summer!! We'd like to use the opportunity to remind you will have the last chance to get the ticket for Life Festival at a presale price PRESALE3 on sale: We encourage LIFE closest friends not to miss this opportunity to get the festival tickets at a discount price. Presale 3: (1st may to 27th may) 105 Euro Plus booking Fee At the Gate will be 120 Euro ( if tickets still available) http://www.life-festival.com FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: info@life-festival.com
  9. OUT NOW! Secret Vibes ~ 'Firefly' :: Aboriginal Records Distribution through: | www.arabesque.co.uk | Buy direct from Aboriginal… https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...tton_id=5123707 Or at online shops: BeatSpace (Italy) http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4992 Play (UK) http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/9593383/-/...;searchsource=0 Juice (Japan) http://www.juice-net.jp/shop/items.php?c1_s=84 Cosmox (Holland) http://www.cosmox.nl/bestel/firefly-secret...s-5060200560006 Psyshop (Germany) : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/abr/abr1cd001.html GoaStore (Swiss) : http://www.goastore.ch/product_info.php?pr...30c4fa340174abb iMusic (Denmark): https://www.imusic.dk/item/5060200560006/se...2009-firefly-cd Duxrecords (Austria) http://www.duxrecords.com/product_info.php...pa0h7r2qbbgfvh6 UK : http://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Secret+Vibes/ JAPON : http://www.saikosounds.com/japanese/displa...ase.asp?id=7946
  10. ORB Festival 2009, July 9th -12th 
The New Echo Lake Resort Campground 
185 Echo Lake Lane Afton, NY 13730 http://www.OrbFestival.com Hey party people! 

We are Happy to announce the 3rd annual outdoor gathering, Orb Festival 2009, in upstate New York at “The New Echo Lake Resort Campground”. This year we are planning a large, quality gathering that will feature some of the best electronic/psytrance artists in the globe with top notch decoration specializing in massive installations, 2 stages, beautiful flea market, tribal drum circles, yoga, meditation, workshops, kids area, designated swimming area, boating, fire circles and food area including vegetarian food Smoothies bar plenty of parking spaces with a well maintained camping site economy cabins and much more. This nature gathering will take place in Echo Lake. Situated around a secluded spring-fed lake in the midst of a pine forest, this beautiful resort is three hours away from Manhattan in upstate NY. An amazing magical forest on top of a wide lake. Come and experience the purity of nature and the divine waves of sounds floating around the water, creating an amazing cosmic energy that brings people together!!! LINEUP LIVE:: HALLUCINOGEN :: (Twisted Records, UK) TOTAL ECLIPSE :: (Total Eclipse Music, FR) DIGITAL MYSTERY TOUR :: (Twisted / Iboga, FR) 
ZEN MECHANICS :: (Iboga Records, NL) LOGIC BOMB :: (Solstice Music, SWE) TRANAN :: (Solstice Music, SWE) SHIVA CHANDRA :: (Spirit Zone, GER) LIQUID SOUL :: (Iboga Records, CH) ATMOS :: (Digital Structures, SWE) 
U-RECKEN :: (Dooflex Records, ISR) AURICULAR :: (Spirit Zone / PlusQuam, GER) RINKADINK :: (Alchemy Records, UK) SHANE GOBI :: (Alchemy Records, UK) ILLEGAL MACHINES :: (Free Radical / Bom Shanka, FR) 
PSYKOVSKY :: (Tantrumm Records / Osom Music, RU) TONY ROHR :: (Cocoon,Clink,Plus8,DrumCode, NYC) 
UNWASHED TOMATO:: (2 to 6 / D-A-R-K Recs, USA) DJs :: SHPONGLE :: (Twisted Records, UK) DJ Set 
ATMOS :: (Digital Structures, SWE) DJ Set 
U-RECKEN :: (Dooflex Records, ISR) DJ Set 
ILLEGAL MACHINES :: (Free Radical / Bom Shanka, FR) DJ Set
 PSYKOVSKY :: (Tantrumm Records / Osom Music, RU) DJ Set
 MAPUSA MAPUSA :: (Blue Tunes / Plus Quam Records, GER) TONY ROHR :: (Cocoon,Clink,Plus8,DrumCode, NYC) DJ set
 ARTURO :: (Maia Records, MEX) 
UV :: (Doof Records, ISR)
 NIKI :: (Mighty Quinn Records, Japan/RU) 
SOLAR :: (Zenon Records, MEX)
 FRIA :: (Tantrumm, INDIA)
 ORBIT :: (Aladdin Group, USA)
 SATURNIA :: (Celestial Dragon, Amboworld, USA)
 DAVE DITTMER :: (Sonic Beating, Boston USA)
 PARADIGM :: (Logical Light / Xscience, San Fran USA)
 ANYA :: (Sonic Beating / Fractal Tribe, Boston USA)
 PSYOPS :: (Gaian Mind , USA)
 TONY UNORTHODOX :: (PsyNY / 28th Day, NY)
 UNWASHED TOMATO :: (2 to 6 / D-A-R-K Recs, USA) 
BARAKUDA (PsyTribe, Los Angeles/GR)
 STEVE-O (Gaian Mind, San Fran USA) 
BETWEEN DEVICES (Global W-Team, Boston/BR)
 GOATONE (FractalTribe, Boston USA)
 KNOWLEDGE (Columns Of Knowledge, Conn USA) 
OMER BARNEA (Aladdin Group, NYC)
 E11EVEN (Mountain Vision – Sound/Mind, Denver USA) 
PSY-FI (Revolution Booking, Miami USA)
 CHRIS COX (Sound/Mind, Colorado USA)
 BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher, NYC) 
K e N (Dreamcatcher / Bella Gaia, NY/JP) 
KIFE (Omnitribe, NY/RU)
 CORAL (Touch Samadhi, USA)
 JAY MUTINY (Bacteria, Chicago USA) 

Amazing DECORATIONS by one of the top groups that did the decorations for Boom Festival, Sonica Festival and many more!!

 DELIRIA http://www.deliria.org

 and many more!

.......Creative art and healing workshops, facilitated by a very special group of dedicated people....

For more information, suggestion and inquiries for shuttle bus, vendors, and workshops please email OrbFestival@gmail.com Keep your eyes peeled for more info!!! See You on the dancefloor !!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Secret Vibes ~ 'Firefly' :: Releases: 15 May 2009 ! The French band Secret Vibes is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and for this special occasion, they are releasing a masterpiece of innovative pumping progressive and ethno-psychedelic album. Their reputation of live kicking extravaganza through collaborations with numerous musicians brings you an accomplished colorful music mixing traditional instruments (flute, didgeridoo, jewharp, etc...), sensible, powerful voices, world and ethnic music touches (tribal, celtic, oriental, latino) with a typical electronic touch. Their latest album, "Firefly" hallmarks the cornerstone and encapsulates a decade's worth of musical ingenuity, talent, and experience forged both in the studio and at the live venue. Embark for a trip into new trance around the world. Secret Vibes is proving its success again as one of the established leading bands of the French electronic scene for their original music and for being one of the most amazing and dynamic live performances. Proudly released by well-known and reputed label Aboriginal Records, "Firefly" is a collection of tunes that does not disappoint; indeed, the whole album is a sonic magic carpet ride around the world and back again, as well as through a decade and beyond of time and musical influence. Track by track: Firefly Kicking off with springy, ping-ponging synth riffs, “Firefly” leads into a bouncing bassbeat encapsulating tribal mouth harps, rhythmically gated vocals and panoramic percussion. Visions of ancient sacred spaces and natural overgrowths come to mind through soft, organic fusions of musical techniques which paint otherworldly scenescapes you can float straight into. Dingeling Stitched seamlessly into the mood of its predecessor comes a distinctly uptempo track which raises energies, yet retains a convergent flavor. “Dingeling” lends itself well to sunny dancefloors. Mantric chanting and filtered synth riffs ride groovy basslines and lively drumbeats. Ethnic arrangements and altered timings keep the progression refreshing until the end. Iris Silver flute and elastically pitched didgeridoo open up for rich undercurrents of kickdrums and evolving bass. The resulting melodies seem more alive and immersive, with not a shred of sterility or stasis from bar to bar. Excellent use of panorama and background noises lead your mind outdoors and build up in ritualistic intensity which get your toes twitching for more. Terre Happy Indian tabla, carribean steel drums, shakers and triangles fill out a diverse, worldly percussion section glues together by rosy vocals and mellow flute leads. From the low frequencies to the highs, this arrangement is a smile-inducing blend of culture and techniques both musically sound and saturated with positivity, supported by warm, springy bass undercurrents. Boost This track kicks the tempo up a notch and is a well placed peak builder within this album. The drum section keeps it fresh with plenty of change-ups and reworks. Ear-friendly sine synths duet with eastern strings influences which kick your feet into kung fu overdrive. This flutist's fingers get their exercise and pair excellently with gentle digital riffs which tie this piece together. Elf Control Delving into the peak time of this album is an Eastern-influenced trance stomper filled with all the ingredients to propel you across the dancefloor. Funky bass, complex percussive elements, and a variety of flutes for your upper half to ride upon make this one a great faucet for soul-quenching, foot-tapping inspiration. Desert This track's beginning offered a welcome moment to breathe and refresh. Soothing vocals, a downtempo beat, harmonic chords and more help ground you before launching back into heightened musical energy. Arpeggiated shamanistic throat music, funky bass and crisp high hats give you what's needed to grace the dance space with renewed vigor. Spanish Pulsating bass, effected, pan-sweeping flute, subtle sounds of nature and superb vocals give you the proper ups, downs, lefts, and rights to build atmosphere and transport your mind to mystical realms. Every sound has been carefully arranged to build tension and release it at just the right moments in a track born to be enjoyed under the stars. Shaman "Shaman" takes a slightly different twist, introducing rock style guitar riffs with ever so slight amounts of distortion. The production quality is top-notch. High hats and cymbals dance and skitter about to the tune of warm, forceful bass with jazzy wind sections which every music aficionado can enjoy and appreciate, both on and off the dancefloor. Oxalis This album's wave of energy has reached its crest, and "Oxalis" offers a welcome respite to decompress and recollect oneself. Chilled out electro grooves and delicate harp melodies offer the harmony needed to lose one ’s self behind closed eyelids and drift away as the body sways in unconscious rhythm. Tablas and flute gloss the arrangement with intelligent, beautiful notes. Afric The music picks back up with a groove peppered with Arabic scale progressions and an array of ethnic instruments spanning the myriad cultures of the Dark Continent. The result is a powerful groove which is slightly haunting, and the subtle blend of digital and traditional elements add futuristic twists to ancient styles of sound. Indus Ritual "Indus" transports us straight to the south of the Himalayas with a style influenced by sounds and melodies which spawned a whole genre of electronic music. Thumping trance bass lays the groundwork for a mad stomper which catapults your psyche into the stratosphere as the dirt squishes between your toes. Ocean Mastered The finale of this album is the perfect cup of musical tea to return you to the physical realm with a smile. Gated vocals, warm saw leads, and lovingly plucked strings are easy on the ears and massage your neurons with expert care. Reverb and panorama add space and dimension you can either lose yourself in or guide yourself through, if you so choose. Related Links: Aboriginal Records | www.aboriginalrecordings.com | Secret Vibes Myspace | www.myspace.com/secretvibes | Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk |
  12. Troll Scientists ~ 'Sir Eel (Album Release)' :: OUT NOW! It is a truly respectable thing when a music making act breaks the established molds and siezes their album for their own, and the Troll Scientists, hailing from Finland, have done this absolutely admirably. Riding the momentum of their acclaimed debut album, "Useless Science", the trolls have been hard at work both in the studio and on stage, reliably and relentlessly performing across Europe and Russia, cranking out a plethora of free releases, and not in the least, compiling their next album, "Sir Eel". To describe this album simply as "psy-trance" woul dbe doing this work a disservice, as each of these tracks comprise a vast array of eclectic musical influences as well as stellar newly engineered sounds and styles that seem plucked from the neural webworks of the artists themselves. As a collection, "Sir Eel" pushes the boundaries of perception and description in every direction and tests the limits of these superb artists' potential with every kicking beat. Once again, with this album, the Trolls display their commitments to quality dance music production enjoyable both on the dancefloor and off. Listen for yourself and find out what thousands have already discovered about the musical magic of the troll Scientists. Click below for samples: 1. Disco Doctor 2. Fisherman's Symphony 3. Follow The Sardines 4. Birth of Vainamoinen 5. Congo Party 6. Un Question du Pop 7. Attajara 8. Zemel Dance 9. Ziko 10. Witch Protector Track by track: Disco Doctor An inpressively thick, rolling basstone directs the uncercurrent for panoramically sweeping rhythms and background pads which seem to breathe. Timed by a meaty kickdrum and crisp percussion, every sound rides the crest of their filters in an ever upward spiraling musical arrangement engineered for tension twisting dancefloor sessions. Fisherman's Symphony Kicking this one off is a definitively unique and innovative introduction, and the musical body which follows, an intriguing amalgam of classical, breakbeat and psytrance influences, does not disappoint. Part technotronic, part wandering Gothic gypsy, "Symphony" seems to take on a groovy life of its own, creating vibrations every bit as trippy as they are mody moving. Follow The Sardines With a track name like this, one should expect the unexpected within the music, and rightly so. Thick, broken bassbeats keep your heads nodding and your botty bumping. The Trolls pack more twists and turns into this track than a bag of pretzels, showing off their brilliant diversity with musical flair. Prepare for a very bumpy ride while following those little fishies. Birth of Vainamoinen Timeless bits from each corner and time of the world mesh together in a highly charged intro, building up to dubtastic downtempo beats, earthy atmospheres and pitch-riding foreground melodies. Absolutely fantastic drumwork takes center stage, ramping up both the tempo and the tension with masterful grace. Congo Party The Trolls outdo their old sciences time and time again with their seemingly limitless talent and expression. "Congo Party" is indeed a pinnacle, with authentic, ingenius percussive elements, namelessly exotic instruments and ritualistic vocals make for a track closer to tribal spellwork than digital studio production; a true creature of a Troll's world. Un Question du Pop At once urban and ethnic, this track poses the obvious question of how many influences can one glue into one compilation before it becomes a non sequitur? This piece by the Trolls is just that, a brilliant musical piece which borrows from many and creates something truly new, original and experimental, combining harmony and dissonance in previously inconcieved ways. Attajara Bits of ethereal padwork and acid jazz brazz float through the soundscape as a deep four on the floor brat chugs into the foreground like a choo choo train. An easy listening track fir for sultry summer listenings either outside the stars or smoky indoor settings. Warm bass, eastern strings, horns and laid back drumwork take you on a four minute journey around the world. From subtle Carribean touches to gypsy-style electric organ, this second single from the Scientists' upcoming Sir Eel" album takes you on multidirectional safaris of sound within the confines of your cochlea. Zemel Dance Launching straight back into peak hour trance madness, the Trolls invite us onto a new rollercoaster ride of echoed delay rhythms, high digital tweaks and plenty of synth blurbs, blurts and squirts. Bounced along by mountainous basslines, every sound changes, enters and exits at just the right moments to keep tensions rising and the dancefloor antics in motion. Ziko An intriguing experimentation in musical timing and structure set the skeletal frame for eerie music drifting between trance, breakbeat, ambient, and all stops in between. The first digital single of the Troll's anticipated new album, this funky track is a solid, subtle arrangement of drums and sounds show off these Finnish artists' potential with every moment during this musical odyssey of imaginative experimentation. "Ziko" is ahead of its time, growing tendrils into new directions of trance music. Witch Protector The Trolls definitely don't wrap things up quietly, and "Witch" is a testament to peaktime full moon trance music concieved to be heard at night in the open air. Intense bassbeats and ping-ponging rhythms set the substrata for ego crushing, emotion inducing trance set to skyrocket your soul and keep your feet jumping like popcorn on a hotplate. Related Links: Exogenic Website | www.exogenicrecords.com | Exogenic Myspace | www.myspace.com/exogenic | Troll Scientists Myspace | www.myspace.com/trollscientists| Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk | Available at: Psyshop | www.psyshop.com/ | Beatport | www.beatport.coms| Saiko Sounds | www.saikosounds.com/ | Wirikuta | www.wirikuta.at/ |
  13. 'Ziko' (digisingle) by Troll Scientists is OUT NOW ! An intriguing experimentation in musical timing and structure set the skeletal frame for eerie music drifting between trance, breakbeat, ambient, and all stops in between. The first digital single of the Troll's anticipated new album, this funky track is a solid, subtle arrangement of drums and sounds show off these Finnish artists' potential with every moment during this musical odyssey of imaginative experimentation. "Ziko" is ahead of its time, growing tendrils into new directions of trance music. Exogenic Records | www.exogenicrecords.com | Exogenic Records Myspace | www.myspace.com/exogenic | Troll Scientists Myspace| www.myspace.com/trollscientists | More Troll Scientists info: 18 April: Album Release Party in Helsinki ! 20 April: Pre-order for 'Sir Eel' begins. (Check out a 12 minute preview of 'Sir Eel' here !) June 7: Troll Scientists ~ 'Sir Eel' is released (Full Album). TBA: Troll Scientists ~ 'Attajara' (Digi Single).
  14. SONICA [RELOADED] 45Ä EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT! NEXT STAGE Ä60 SONICA [RELOADED] FESTIVAL 2009 31st JULY - 03rd AUGUST 2009 Rome - Monte Gelato [Mazzano Romano] www.re-loaded.org Following last week's announcement early bird tickets for this summers Sonica [Reloaded] festival have sold out online. The last remaining (paper) tickets are available from presale points only until March 30th. Tickets will no move up to the next price bracket of 60 Euros, which for one of Europe's leading festivals is still an absolute bargin. For full details of presale points visit: www.re-loaded.org Sonica [Reloaded] News! PRIZE-WINNING CONTEST FOR VJs & PERFORMERS VJ'S AND PERFORMANCE ARTISTS: APPLICATIONS NOW ONLINE! Within its cultural and artistic path, focusing on highlighting environmental threats and on feasible solutions to protect surrounding ecosystems, [RELOADED] wants to create a network of performance artists and VJ's, carefully selected in order to present a wide range of performances alongside the psychedelic, minimal-tech, dub and chill musical programs. If you are interested in helping make this event a unique, creative and interactive experience, we want to hear from you! Please check out the 'Art' section on the Reloaded website for full details and online application forms. All applications will be accepted until May 15th. WELCOME TO RELOADED MATRIX ** FULL LINE UP ** * LIVE * ETNICA, GMS, KOX BOX, TRISTAN, BROKEN TOY, LAUGHING BUDDAH, PROMETHEUS, FEARSOME ENGINE, ALLABY, ACE VENTURA, PERFECT STRANGER, RINKADINK, JOURNEY, PLEIADIANS, U-REKEN, EMOK, EVP, EARTHLING, POGO, M-THEORY, PENTA, GAIATECH, LOUD, QUANTIZE, ATRIHOM, WHIPLASH, AROUSAL, LIFTSHIFT, MIDIMAL, COMSECTOR, SENSIENT, SCENE, MEDITRONICA, MINILOGUE, DEADBEAT, EAT STATIC, AES DANA, ACT SENSE, SLACK BABA, SOLAR FIELDS, ANTONIO TESTA, ALIO DIE, G-DELIC. * DJ * SHANE GOBY, GINO, DJ LOOPUS (FABULA REC), YOUNGER BROTHER, DJ PENA, RIKTAM & BANZI, XP-VOODOO, FRANK-E, KAIO, SCENE, OSHO, TOMMY PIXAN, AJJA, MAX LANFRANCONI, MINILOGUE, D-NOX, MAURIZO BEGOTTI, DJ MARILLI, FABNOY, MORELLO, SLATER, AWIP, MEKO, TOM REAL, M-45, ALBERT VORNE, MAT MUSHROOM, ALEX SENSE, MOWREE, FRANKIE WATCH, GUERRA & RAUL AMAZON TRIBE, MARCO, MARKAYN, CELLY, NIGEL, DONATO DOZZY, ANDREA CIRILLO, OTT, ALIJI, MANASSEH, NOVA, NAKED NICK, GIANI, MASTERMARGHERITA, FISHIMSELF, DOVLA, DJ-HIGH, Dj ROB, NADINE, VITO WAR, MAHIANE, NICK INTERCHILL, SOLOMON, SIMON B, MARTA, ANGELICA, LORENZO FASSI, YOUNG, STEVE GIANT, ASHTECH, FACE. + with many more live acts and artists to be added, [Reloaded] is fast shaping up to be one of the biggest European festivals of it's kind in 2009! This year not only sees a change its name but also a new concept and an amazing new location as it touches down at 'Monte Gelato', a protected site surrounded by trees, river and waterfalls set in one of Italy's most outstanding natural areas! Inspired by ecology, better living and renewable resources this years [Reloaded] features three massive environmentally-inspired dance floors; Solar, Lunar and Gaia featuring some of the worlds leading underground names in psychedelic, techno, progressive, electro, chill out and world music - feast your eyes on this: Visit www.re-loaded.org/en to buy your e-ticket! FOR MORE INFO / TO BUY TICKETS CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW www.re-loaded.org www.myspace.com/reloadedmusicfestival Facebook group: Sonica Reloaded 2009
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