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  1. Veils will be Lifted, Worlds will be Bridged. Join us once again in a ritual of deep, dark, twisted, neuron rearranging, trance dancing. Hold on to your mind…this one is going to be a psychedelic journey of massive proportions! THOSE PEOPLE PRESENT TO YOU: WORLD BRIDGE 4 AUGUST 7 - 9TH 2009 @The Beautiful Deerfields, Asheville, NC, US FINAL LINEUP!! *LIVE* CATATONIC DESPAIR [uT] (Nabi Records, Tantrum) DYLALIEN [CA] (Fractal Cowboys, Alpha Centauri) FREAKS OF NATURE [OR] (Echo Vortex) SECRET SOCIETY [OR] (HSS, Anomalistic, Quantum Frog) FREAKAZOID [OR]
  2. Illegal Machines & Bombax ~ Between Sanity and Madness :: Free Radical Records Release date: 12th June 2009 Free Radical Records 3rd release Illegal Machines and Bombax - Between Sanity And Madness is a release combining 2 very unique talents with very different styles illegal machines fabien mournetas has a very distinctive sound with full production and groovey bass lines and intelligent arrangement of psychedelic soundscapes which have been blasting dance floors all over the world and bombax jan hendrick werner a harder taste and fast becoming known for his killah bassli
  3. Kukan dUb Lagan ~ New Life New Vision :: MikelaBella Records :: Coming Soon! For the past two years, Israeli music label MikelaBella Records has made a startling impact upon an already well established scene, an achievement as respectable as it is not easy. However, the musicianship and technical experience of its owners and participants speak for exponential amounts of time beyond oven that. MikelaBella's philosophy is one of unification rather than classification and their showcase of styles reflect this. Having featured releases under the genres of Electro, House, Techno, D
  4. Hoopy Frood - Indigo :: Megadodo Recordings :: Coming Soon! "Indigo", by the UK based band Hoopy Frood, is a nine-track collection which borrows from, questions, the formulae of a cornucopia of forbearing musical genres and styles. Here, the worlds of psychedelic folk rock, world beat percussion, reggae, dub, jazz and so many others come together to exist in sonic harmony, with each track being a baby of all of these lineages yet bearing its own chromosomes not yet heard in any other project. There's something for every age and background here, from Floyd-esque guitar, digital maste
  5. FULL LINE UP + STAGES ANNOUNCED! / NEWS ON VENUE / LOCATION / ATTRACTIONS / COMPETITION TO WIN EDIROL MIXER / FINAL TIER FOR ADVANCE TICKETS! SONICA RELOADED 31st JULY - 03rd AUGUST 2009 Rome - Monte Gelato [Mazzano Romano] www.re-loaded.org/en/ Facebook: Sonica Reloaded 2009 www.myspace.com/reloadedmusicfestival Sonica Festival, Europe's leading festival of contemporary music, art and culture returns for it's fourth year with a renewed team under its new title [RELOADED]. [FULL LINE UP AND STAGES ANNOUNCED] SOLAR STAGE: Etnica, GMS, Trista
  6. Orb Festival second presales Hey guys our second tier for Orb Festival advanced tickets are running for $124 till Monday June 8th. From June 8th-July 9th $139. At the gate they will be $150. Our line up is closed and 100% confirmed you can see all the details here. Line up /work shops http://orbfestival.com/lineup.php tickets/meal plan/cabins http://orbfestival.com/tickets.php General festival info/location pic and more http://orbfestival.com/location.php Ride share inquiry http://orbfestival.com/rideshare.php Volunteers inquiry http://orbf
  7. LIFE FESTIVAL license granted:: Sun is coming :: See you all in a few days !!!!! Dear Friends of Life. Looks like the SUMMER has Finally Arrived and the forecast for the weekend in ATHBOY is very promising Happy to announce that today we got the LICENSE GRANTED!!!! After a few weeks of though times, hard, intense work and fund raising to compile with all the requirements, we got the GREEN LIGHT from the Local Authorities to have the event at Ballinlough Castle. THE SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED !!! Do not miss it! http://www.life-festival.com
  8. ::: Weather Proof Festival Site :: Yoga in the Mornings :: Tipis ?!!?::: ::: www.life-festival.com ::: ************** "Ballinlough Castle " A Weather-Proof Venue" ************** While we are all we are hoping the sun will shine (and it will!!!) on Life Festival and give us all a fantastic weekend of music and fun, Organisers choosed Ballinlough Castle (apart from its natural beauty) for its weatherproof resources . We have tested the grounds and made the layout taking in consideration all aspects. Ballinlough Gardens and Golf course is blessed with excellent d
  9. OUT NOW! Secret Vibes ~ 'Firefly' :: Aboriginal Records Distribution through: | www.arabesque.co.uk | Buy direct from Aboriginal… https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_...tton_id=5123707 Or at online shops: BeatSpace (Italy) http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=4992 Play (UK) http://www.play.com/Music/CD/4-/9593383/-/...;searchsource=0 Juice (Japan) http://www.juice-net.jp/shop/items.php?c1_s=84 Cosmox (Holland) http://www.cosmox.nl/bestel/firefly-secret...s-5060200560006 Psyshop (Germany) : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/abr/abr1cd001.htm
  10. ORB Festival 2009, July 9th -12th 
The New Echo Lake Resort Campground 
185 Echo Lake Lane Afton, NY 13730 http://www.OrbFestival.com Hey party people! 

We are Happy to announce the 3rd annual outdoor gathering, Orb Festival 2009, in upstate New York at “The New Echo Lake Resort Campground”. This year we are planning a large, quality gathering that will feature some of the best electronic/psytrance artists in the globe with top notch decoration specializing in massive installations, 2 stages, beautiful flea market, tribal drum circles, yoga, meditation, workshops, kids area, designate
  11. Secret Vibes ~ 'Firefly' :: Releases: 15 May 2009 ! The French band Secret Vibes is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and for this special occasion, they are releasing a masterpiece of innovative pumping progressive and ethno-psychedelic album. Their reputation of live kicking extravaganza through collaborations with numerous musicians brings you an accomplished colorful music mixing traditional instruments (flute, didgeridoo, jewharp, etc...), sensible, powerful voices, world and ethnic music touches (tribal, celtic, oriental, latino) with a typical electronic touch. Their latest a
  12. Troll Scientists ~ 'Sir Eel (Album Release)' :: OUT NOW! It is a truly respectable thing when a music making act breaks the established molds and siezes their album for their own, and the Troll Scientists, hailing from Finland, have done this absolutely admirably. Riding the momentum of their acclaimed debut album, "Useless Science", the trolls have been hard at work both in the studio and on stage, reliably and relentlessly performing across Europe and Russia, cranking out a plethora of free releases, and not in the least, compiling their next album, "Sir Eel". To describe this alb
  13. 'Ziko' (digisingle) by Troll Scientists is OUT NOW ! An intriguing experimentation in musical timing and structure set the skeletal frame for eerie music drifting between trance, breakbeat, ambient, and all stops in between. The first digital single of the Troll's anticipated new album, this funky track is a solid, subtle arrangement of drums and sounds show off these Finnish artists' potential with every moment during this musical odyssey of imaginative experimentation. "Ziko" is ahead of its time, growing tendrils into new directions of trance music. Exogenic Records | www.exoge
  14. SONICA [RELOADED] 45Ä EARLY BIRD TICKETS NOW SOLD OUT! NEXT STAGE Ä60 SONICA [RELOADED] FESTIVAL 2009 31st JULY - 03rd AUGUST 2009 Rome - Monte Gelato [Mazzano Romano] www.re-loaded.org Following last week's announcement early bird tickets for this summers Sonica [Reloaded] festival have sold out online. The last remaining (paper) tickets are available from presale points only until March 30th. Tickets will no move up to the next price bracket of 60 Euros, which for one of Europe's leading festivals is still an absolute bargin. For full details of presale points visit: www.re-l
  15. LIFE FESTIVAL :: 29-31 May, 2009 Ballinlough Castle Thanks to all of you who bought earlybird ticketsÖÖ 2nd Presale at 95Ä plus Booking Fee until 26th May. 1000 Tickets available at http://www.life-festival.com -Line up- FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON ï CARL GRAIG ï GREEN VELVET ï ASTRIX ï GOLDIE ï SEBASTIEN LEGER ï ALTERN 8 ï OSCAR MULERO ï ANDREW WEATHERALL ï DAYDIN ï KINDZADZA ï CASPA ï EARTHLING ï EQUINOX - SILICON SOUND ï RSD ï PROTONICA ï SUGAR EXPERIMENT STATION (NEIL LANDSTRUMM AND TOBIAS SCHMIDT) ï CIRUS THE VIRUS ï JELLYHEADZ ï JAIA ï M -THEORY ï NICKY BLACKMARKET
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