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  1. shit...I didn't know that.. if you're coming back for xmas, let me know, i'll give you a call (finally..). as for moonlight sinatra... definately..also the new Keef Baker (Pure Language), it's a belter!!
  2. oops, sorry, didn't see unikos' topic about helexpo..
  3. thanx for the support gnome... see you there
  4. hi all, after a long period of silence, aldebaran returns, fully renovated, for a year full of electronic music. Haris P., aka Fishimself, is going to be with us in Thessaloniki in order to celebrate the beginning of the new season. Expect a long and very fresh dj set from the living heart of IT Records covering a wide range of electronica For those who don't know, Fishimself is an official dj for Ultimae records, playing freestyle electronic chill music. Support dj set by spinnet (me!). I have gathered an awful lot of new sounds i can't wait to play out loud... (pointers: Keef Baker, Exilion, Larvae, Opak, Antigen Shift, SubtractiveLAD, Headphone Science, Spyweirdos, Murcof, Trentemoller and many others..) EXPLOR iT MENTAL, Friday 20 October, starting 21:00, entrance free (as always!) As usual, Haris is spoiling us by bringing 50 FREE promo and retail cds for the first few lucky guys (and gals) who will join us! check the poster and all available info at: http://geocities.com/coffee_bar_aldebaran Aldebaran, Thalitos 31, Poseidonio, Thessaloniki
  5. Well, cd2 is mostly tech-house tunes already released for quite some time now. I mean, its quality tech-house but nothing new (and it does not have the flow of an album, more like a sampler of his work). Whereas in cd1 trentemoller takes a new, diverse direction. He fuses his trademark sound with instruments, downtempo grooves and haunting atmospheres. It is really a very mature album and very enjoyable album!
  6. ...I was disappointed by KoxBox (mediocre album, some nice tracks) and the GBU samples sound like repetitive full-on... Twisted may have sorted out its distribution problems but the quality of the releases is going a bit downhill... Nonetheless, I still expect Benji to blow us away with his 2nd album!
  7. at long last some steady twisted releases... bring 'em on!!
  8. kabamaru


    I recently discovered En:peg Digital, sublabel of n5MD. They release albums digitally, for the unbelievable price of 2$ per album!! IDM/Glitch/Ambient releases mostly but you can also find downtempo/dub releases. Personal favorites: Zainetica - Weightless City (Emotional Downtempo/IDM) Fell - Between Octavia and Laguna (Dubby Downtempo/Breaks with a hint of Jazz here and there) Headphone Science - The Seduction of Sabrina's Modulation (Melodic IDM/Glitch, in the style of Toytronic releases)
  9. kabamaru


    sweet topic! let me add a couple of recommendations myself, n5MD is a label releasing quality IDM music, you could start from: Spark - The Robotic Girl Next Door, 2002 (a bit simple but very melodic IDM) Run_Return - Metro North, 2005 (IDM played by a ...band! Drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, cello, piano, vibraphone, synthesizers and other little thingies. It has a retro feeling mainly beause of its synths) Also, I would recommend the compilation Everything is Green, 2004 as essential!! This is for me one of the best IDM compilations in a looong time, and one of the very best of Toytronic's impressive catalog.
  10. thanks for the juicy info PKS! I'm very curious to listen to the Frank E / Merv Pepler collab...
  11. Koxbox is just Frank E for quite a while now. Ian Ion kept the Saiko-Pod name.
  12. website: http://www.sonica2006.com flyer: http://www.shpongle.com/image/flyer.jpg The lineup looks ...pretty convincing to say the least!! This is by far the best chill stage I have ever seen! Eat Static, Younger Brother, Ott, Tripswitch, Gaudi, Greg Hunter, the whole Ultimae family, even Neil Perch from Zion Train! And the main stage looks much more balanced than last year (Freq, Atmos, Zen Mechanics, Ticon, Jaia, Even 11, Prometheus, Tristan, Hallucinogen..all live?? whoohoo!!!) we're in for a pizza diet again this summer...
  13. still the best electronic dub album released
  14. As much as I love Shulman, I'll have to agree with Charlie on this one... of course, we already knew that this one was not destined to be the third Shulman album but just a compilation of various works. So, lets hope its just a hiccup... ("I Dive" is a blissfull chill track though!)
  15. everything is set, 2 days to go... I will mostly play atmospheric idm/broken beats Xaris will play..many many surprising things! (including unreleased Solar Fields trance tracks... )
  16. i have just discovered this gem... easily one of the best albums of the year...
  17. I am very excited to announce a collaboration with Haris P. from IT Records... ...presenting an Ultimae event in Thessaloniki... WHAT Have We Become, Saturday 11 March, start 21:00 a journey in ambiant emotional electronix idm blur dance music... 3 hour dj set by Fishimself [ultimae/Creative Space/IT] http://www.ultimae.com/en/deejays/fishimself/index.html support dj set by Spinnet [Digital Utopia] Ultimae records needs no introduction, it is one of the most respected labels in the realms of ambient trance and chill out electronica... be prepared for a magical night, we are going to explore the endless possibilities of electronic music! the party starts at 21:00 first 30 people will get a FREE CD entrance is FREE Aldebaran, Thalitos 31, Poseidonio
  18. I'm still thinking about it... even though I'm in Greece... Actually, I was in the previous Twisted label party 2 years ago (which was not as massive as this one), and it was absolutely amazing! This will be without doubt one of the best parties of the year.
  19. I really enjoyed Left Coast Liquid, very smooth and easy going compilation. Looking forward to this one!
  20. its a small cafe-bar (capacity: around 70 people)
  21. Check the poster and details here: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/22780
  22. I was first introduced to Plaid, so I always found their sound much more mature and well thought out than the Blach Dog project. Will definately check this new release though
  23. Western Rebel Alliance (bbeat006cd) 1. Feeling Blue 2. So Strange 3. Waiting For The Day 4. Falling 5. Medititty 6. Crazy 7. Spaniard 8. Fly 9. Outerspace this will be the next bbeats release, hopefully within a couple of months copy/paste from Twisted website: "Western Rebel Alliance has nothing to do with Star Wars as many people seem to think but is a collection of artists from the West of England. Jules Evans, Ronnie Biggs and Joel Chinn provide the programming and the instrumentals, with the ethereal vocals of Paula Crawford aka ‘The Duchess’ being produced by Jules Evans (Muki, Underwolves) and Professor Stretch (Underwolves) who have between them worked with artists such as Simply Red, Mark Morrison, DMX, 50 Cent and Sugababes. We can safely say that these guys know how to produce a record. Western Rebel Alliance, renowned for their deep space non-invasive character, used to release incredible chill out tracks through the now extinct Flying Rhino Records. Hypnotic, gorgeous guitar melodies would wobble out of a black hole, give you a quiet kiss on the ear lobe and evaporate as peacefully as they came. Interstellar whales would float past uttering their solemn cries. However it still fitted quite nicely into the genre of psychedelic ambient music. However, this album is harder to classify. Zero 7 meets Morcheeba meets psychedelia. A new flavour from Backroom Beats has been created. Beautiful production and chilled out grooves, featuring the fantastic voice of ‘the Duchess’, leading the listener into Siren-esque soundscapes. Emotive lyrics, the first of their kind to come from Twisted, will come as a surprise to many a Twisted listener. This is not what you may expect but don’t worry, Twisted aren’t going straight just yet!" Fly and Medetity already released in Caribbean Eclipse and Wabi compilations, respectively (Flying Rhino).
  24. the year makes a promising start for psy-chill in Salonica Saturday 04 February, start 21:00, entrance free I.X.O.P. live performance + dj set spinnet warmup dj set video projection: Alex Grey art gallery look out for the aldebaran flyer this week, poster coming sometime next week Aldebaran, Thalitos 31, Poseidonio (behind Ag. Fotios)
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