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  1. Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers truly mesmerizing ambient/post-ambient/experimental album Colleen is a gal from France, her sound is melancholic, hazy and dusty, consisting mostly of repetitive vintage loops, tape hiss and crackles! Perfect for slow weekend mornings and sleepy moments.
  2. you're right, missed that one... the weird thing is that it does not mention the new compilation
  3. Congrats on your release guys! Advertise it as much as you can Also, a good idea would be to start a myspace website for Cosmic Flower! peace
  4. I would suggest sticking with Lime Structure and avoiding Archipelago and Tributaries, unless you enjoy a more commercial/clubby sound.
  5. So...the fest is over. Back to reality... The lineup proved to be exactly what was needed for such a place. We're talking here for one seriously beautiful beach!! The Ultimae team mesmerized us with their unique sound, I really can't distinguish anyone, HUVA, Aes Dana, Solar Fields, CBL, Asura, all of them were excellent and very appropriate for that time and place. Youth earned our respect yet again, for his devotion to good music. His dub set was fantastic, playing tunes from Celtic Cross, Kumba Mela, Dub Trees and Youth in Dub projects. His live appearance with the newly formed Vertical Smile band was so entertaining, giving the live band feel and energy that is usually missing from such events. It was great seeing the veteran hold his bass again and playing it out loud... The japanese...what can we say about them? Who would have thought that we would enjoy Uni playing live with drums (and in fact TWICE in the same festival?!). Japanese psy trance overflowing with energy, and thats a fact! As for Kay Nakayama, he really surprised everybody with his live set, a very intelligent set flowing from groovy sounds to psychedelic atmospheres, from breakbeats and intricate patterns to 4/4s and dancing rhythms. Stunning! And of course, Kenji Williams did what he does best, covered the place with his atmospheric violin melodies accompanied by his dancing wife, what a sight... The usual chill suspects delivered as expected (and even more I would say) since both Abakus and Tripswitch played very fresh music which I am really eager to get my hands on! For nostalgic guys (like me) listening to California Sunshine playing was an experience like no other. Needless to say, Har-El played all the classic tunes from that golden Goa era. Sadly I missed MFG, and I heard afterwards that I missed another good trip down the memory lane... The big surpsise for me was I M LGND. Anna played a stunning set, ranging from avand-garde electronica (Autechre, FSOL) to drum & bass (4-5 killer tunes that I will definately have to track down). I'm sure I am forgeting many other great moments (Gabriel Le Mar played an excellent groovy prog/minimal set), but quality-wise it was like condensing a 5 days festival in 3 days. It's a lot to take in!! I also want, as Fabrics, to thank all the people who listened to our dj+live set, moving, nodding and dancing to the music. We respect you for that. All in all, the high quality and variety of the music as well as the perfect setting of the festival left the best of memories to me. It was a small fest (around 400-500 people) and that made it feel like a cozy private beach party. Really good vibes from the people that gathered. We had a great time in Lemnos and I hope this was the beginning of even bigger and even better things. :drama:
  6. Fabrics: http://www.myspace.com/fabricsgr electronica/idm/ambient (mostly!) Our first digital release is coming in the next few days! :posford:
  7. nicely done guys! we can't wait for the release a small suggestion: a more properly syntaxed title, "kids of the sun" or (even better for me) "children of the sun" peace & music :drama:
  8. So...how many tracks does the compilation have by now? Is it not getting a little too big? Have you considered splitting it into two compilations/projects (perhaps with a concept theme, so that they are complementary), that can be released with a relatively small time gap between them? Just a suggestion! cheers!
  9. Hello guys, I hope I'm not too late, I've just sent you a megaupload link to a demo track for your new compilation. It's from a new project I've started together with a friend, called Fabrics. We hope you like the track! In any case, let us know what you think. You can also find us at http://www.myspace.com/fabricsgr Good luck with the new comp!
  10. hi all, together with a friend we have started a project, called Fabrics, with a focus to completely unfocused electronic music. Basically we write anything that grabs our attention... I know I couldn't be more vague, so if you like check http://www.myspace.com/fabricsgr to hear a sample of our music. Feedback is much appreciated! Thanks.
  11. EARLY BIRD TICKETS FIRST TICKETS THAT will be purchased from : IT RECORD SHOP MASSALIAS 15 STREET ATHENS 10680 GREECE TEL:0030 210 3616469 itrecs@otenet.gr AND for Thessaloniki people: bkesalidis@hotmail.com UNTIL 20 OF APRIL THE PRICE IS 40 EUROS....!!!! THE PRICE AFTER THAT DAY IS 60 EUROS TILL THE DAY OF THE FESTIVAL THAT IS 70 EUROS!
  12. I use a pair of Genelec 8020A (the small ones!) and I'm totally satisfied with them. Very convenient and very precise. It could be that I got used to them but the 8020s sound fine to me (given their small size).
  13. Labyrinth was grand. If the new album is a continuation of this Bible of Dreams / Shango integration (maybe with a new twist) I say bring it on...
  14. one of my favourite ambient/chill albums as well...
  15. This July we will experience a truly unique festival... A summer festival in a Greek island with lots and lots of great chill out music... not that there is no dance music... check out the line-up below: -----------------------ON STAGE ------------------------------------------------------- Kenji Williams / Aba Stracture http://www.kenjiwilliams.com Considered by many as the "next level" of multimedia art and performance, Kenji Williams delivers unique and un-matched audio visual talent to the audience, with a violin that shatters any stereotypes of cold electronica Youth / Youth in Dub/ Vertical Smile http://www.youth.me.uk Youth will perform a dub chill out set, a trance set and a band performance with Vertical Smile! Tripswitch http://www.tripswitch.mu Nick is currently working on some progressive breaks which will see him tap into his darker side…… Abakus http://www.myspace.com/artistabakus The son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, Russell reveals an intimate knowledge of the power of music as lubrication for the soul……… Gabriel Le Mar [Aural Float / Saafi Bros] http://www.le-mar.de …surprises by sophisticated graphic and cinematic interpretations of his music… Solar Quest http://www.solarquest.org Solar Quest combine global culture with organic technology! The result is magic ambient trance music Aes Dana / HUVA Network http://www.ultimae.com …bring out deep sounds rooted in the psychedelic tradition, in a fluid down tempo morning trance… Solar Fields / HUVA Network http://www.solarfields.com ……..wide possibilities of ambient, atmospheric, deep, extatic, industrial yet organic, cultivating contrasts and subtelty with brio!!! To a dreamy trance tha leads you to heaven………… Mahiane http://www.ultimae.com Co-manager of french record label Ultimae with Vincent Villuis from Aes Dana! Provides a set of alternate beats and emotional chillin trance! Carbon Based Lifeforms / Sync 24 http://www.carbonbasedlifeforms.net … deep and gentle music, where warm crunchy rhythms and ethereal pads contrast with interference frequencies and organic echoes Asura http://www.asura-music.com Monotonous melancholic lyrics, symphonic waves, fast and slow rhythms, heavy or throbbing, liturgical songs, the band ASURA introduces a certain solemn vision of the world Max Le Sal Gosse http://www.ultimae.com Colours, rythm, emotion... trance! Xerxes feat. Thomas Larsen http://www.xerxes-music.com Thomas Wicklund Larsen teaches sound engineering at idefagskolen in norway. He mixed and mastered the debut album from xerxes, and has done various projects with him over the last couple of years. Being a celebrated guitarist and vocalist in the norwegian progband 3500mhz, Xerxes and thomas will deliver something special in greece this summer. Side Liner http://www.cosmicleaf.com Galloping beats & swirling rhythms adorn each piece alongside a plethora of otherworldly textures. D. Batistatos http://www.cosmicleaf.com Floating cinematic strings and a hypnotic and touching web of flowing music, running just a pure pleasure for the soul!!! Arash Atman http://www.electronicsoundscapes.com Totally devoted to arts, cinema and chill out music ! Fabrics http://www.myspace.com/fabricsgr An exciting new project from Thessaloniki. With a wide musical influence, ranging from trance and techno to minimal, idm and avant-garde electronica, Fabrics are forging a very special, personal sound with chilled as well as energetic moments. Subheim http://www.myspace.com/subheim Originating from down-tempo electronic music, Subheim is Kostas K' s project [composer, graphic design, live visuals & video art]. Focusing on dark ambient / experimental sounds with idm elements, together with Katja's haunting vocals, Subheim create melancholic as well as chaotically atmospheric music. I M LGND http://www.segerstaden.se I M LGND, a one-woman project dedicated to writing lyrics as well as composing and DJing various kinds of electronic music Spectral Sun http://www.myspace.com/spectralsun Spectral Sun is the Power - Ambient / Tech - Trance project of Anhel a.k.a. MOBTHROW [composer, producer, vj]. His explosive live performances are accompanied by the female vocalist Katja & dj Alex Kane …. Vibrasphere http://www.vibrasphere.com Performing new studio albums and also a live [not dj] chill out performance! Beat Bizzare http://www.iboga.dk …deep pulsating beats, funky rhythm patterns atmospheric sounds and melancholic moods…. Antix http://www.antixmusic.co.nz …………deep atmospheres, infectious bass and minimal grooves but this time, with a hint of old skool flavour, unleashing a new level of production…………… Saiko-Pod http://www.saiko-pod.com/ Saiko-Pod (now only with Ian at the helm) offer their unique style of progressiveness. Percussion Bullet http://www.unicorn-music.com Two promising progressive artists which they did a succesfull debut with their album "Future Accommodation", a lot of their tracks are playing from known progressive djs around the world Petit Ange http://www.myspace.com/djpetitange69 The artist tha gave the score for island of fire festival’s site ! One of the best progressive values in France with a sound and a technique completed very in the listening of the dance floor Aphid Moon http://www.myspace.com/aphidmoon Aphid Moon is the solo act of producer & Dj Jules Hamer. He has released two albums so far. Within a fist full of great tools for global main floor stimulation his music is real progressive, and its sharp and toxic enough to expand your boarders of dance experience. Principles of Flight http://www.principlesofflight.com Their powerful breaks along with twisted psychedelic sounds and leads create unique atmospheres, perfectly fitted for night-time dancers. Klopfgeister http://www.klopfgeister.com Their sound changed a bit within the years and now they can offer a full range of musical styles. From powerful rocking Nightsound to emotional progressive Morningsound and Ambient - just like the Party and the time needs it. Uni / Sine6 http://www.sine6.jp/ UNI was formed by Maccho (Yasunori Matsuda) and Osho (Kou Yamazaki), and named by EYE from boredoms in Kyoto 1996. they provide Liquid Crystal Vision with "Sarasvati” track….Their tribal beats are dramatic and they convey sound and stage performance full of emotion. The live audience would experience something more than techno and trance from the music of Uni. MFG / Passanger http://www.myspace.com/mfgpassanger Guy Zurcel will perform an old MFG Live and his new Passanger album California Sunshine / Anatomic http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/1813/ Har-ell P. started to produce his own Acid-Trance music in 1991…………The rest is history!! Radical Distortion http://www.unicorn-music.com With lot of influences from artists of early goa days back in 94 as MFG,MWNN,Astral Projection,Traswave,Miranda and more they succeed to create their own sound identity and become a beloved oldschool goa group worldwide. A group which knows how to tease the dancefloor…….. DJ Nikitas [ Natural High / It Record Shop ] Nikitas is the most sought after name at the moment in the Athenia scene … One of the best djs in the country with great mixing skills !!! G-BLU George a passionate DJ from Piraeus port in Greece, belongs to the old trance lovers, updated with the new music things and member of the trancevision event team in the past. VISUALS – VJ ing SPECTRALIQUID Live Visuals / VJing Art Team http://www.myspace.com /spectraliquid DECO: DEEP BLUE SEA - friendly security - free camping place prodided my municipality - full facilities - medical cover - traditional food - full bar services / fresh fruits & juises - stands / market place http://www.islandofirefestival.com http://www.myspace.com/islandofirefestival Contact : 0030 210 3616469 / itrecs@otenet.gr Ticket price : First 1000 tickets cost 60 euros Sales points Greece so far : IT RECORD SHOP MASSALIAS 15 STREET ATHENS 210 3616469 http://www.itathens.com Thessaloniki V. Kesalidis e-mail: bkesalidis@hotmail.com
  16. hello guys & gals, I would appreciate some feedback on this tune: Spinnet - Coretex (Tek Mix) I would classify it as techno-trance let me know what you think cheers
  17. wow! This is cool, reminds me a bit of the Timber video by Coldcut.
  18. Sweet album! Nicely programmed beats (IDMish) and melodies that strongly remind me of video game music (of the SNES / Mega Drive era). so...the ideal album for IDM fans who still cherish their 16-bit games consoles?
  19. At long last a refreshing release that breaks the psychill conformity! Infused with IDM elements (and yes, Edit - Laundry is a great track!) but keeping its dubby and atmospheric colors. Celestial Dragon hits the spot with this one, the most interesting compilation I've heard in a long while.
  20. NHJOHYENNRO, please do not EVER stop posting in psynews, we need you here!!
  21. We had a really nice, easy-going night... Fishimself played a really smooth selection of tunes... check out a small review and some pics (as soon as I upload them) here: http://geocities.com/coffee_bar_aldebaran/ This night was some sort of an unofficial beginning of the "digital utopia" sunday afternoon sessions that I'm starting this sunday (and following every sunday, from 4pm to 8 pm more or less). I'll have 3 retail & promo cds to give away every sunday, thanx to the support of IT Record Shop. thanx 4 the support guys, both physically (agia_igoumen & alex) and mentally (gnome & unikos)
  22. hey unikos, it was an interesting event, the best parts being: 1) the live performance of spyweidos together with his professor (mourjopoulos, keys) and a veteran sax player (floridis). The sound was kind of experimental jazz (really weird sounds made by the sax!) on top of the great beat programming of spyros. It sounded a bit ...disconnected but it definately has potential 2) Pamelia Kurstin, live theremin concert. You really have to see her playing the theremin... It is simply jawdropping. Pamelia uses a couple of samplers and distortion effects, so she records on the fly some loops that she likes while improvising, building slowly an entire twisted and distorted theremin concert!! 3) VGO, videogame orchestra. Really funny!! about Metronique, as you will know there was a mixup with his plane ticket and he didn't make it (Nick was so pissed...)
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