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  1. Label: Native State Records Catalog#: NSCD008 Format: CD, Album Country: US Released: 01 Dec 2007 Genre: Electronic Style: Psychill, Breaks Tracklist: 1 Astral Accident (7:21) 2 Two Parts (7:36) 3 Deep Sea (8:00) 4 Old Twisted Trees (8:23) 5 Dub Serious (7:33) 6 Azure (7:58) 7 Hang Gliding (6:27) 8 Monument (8:32) KiloWatts Discography This is, I believe, the best psychill album I've listened to this year. Native State Records has been releasing consistently top quality music since day one and this is truly one fresh approach to psychill music, blended with techy breakbeats and idm/glitch effects. It goes through funky basslines, dubby grooves always with a characteristic psychill feel in the melodies and the atmospheres KiloWatts develops. The breakbeats are expertly programmed. Clean, crisp, with heavy attention to little details, they infuse the compositions with that much needed energy that makes this album enjoyable at home as well as bars or even parties. The whole album has a very tight feel, all the tracks are developed around very specific ideas and techniques. Very very solid album and a fresh take on the (for me tired) psychill style. Those of you who dig techy breaks and gentle psy melodies will love this one! 95/100
  2. I have to say that I am disappointed by Shulman... The first two albums were truly exceptional. We knew that Random Thoughts was not a proper album, that is why I was not that alarmed by the average tracks there. But this is the next album and the days of pioneering electronic downtempo music are long gone... This latest composition has indeed turned way too much to world/ethnic music melodies (whereas the first albums had a subtle influence of world music) and the tracks' arrangement simply doesn't sound fresh anymore, it sounds a bit too familiar (and at times trying a bit too hard to incorporate idm/glitch elements). So the magic is gone. But that, for me isn't the biggest flaw. After all, I have nothing against world music, in fact I enjoy it when I find it to be given in the right mood and attitude. This album, however, is (for my taste) kitsch. Sadly.
  3. the amen break timeless classic...
  4. bingo true about the amorphous androgynous though...
  5. Almost four and a half years have passed since the very successful debut album A Flock of Bleeps of the project Younger Brother, with fans crying out for a sequel for the last couple of years. Their wish is now granted, the veterans of psytrance, Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) and Benji Vaughan (Prometheus) are finally back with their second complete album work and it takes the duet's project a few good steps forward. Their first album was essentially divided in two parts. The first had a freestyle chill out electronica feeling, a bit like Shpongle but with its own distinct identity. The second part was standing on very solid ground, 4 psy-trance tracks from a couple of guys that really know their stuff. The Last Days of Gravity is different. Simon & Benji have no hesitations any more to leave their psy-trance roots behind and explore the possibilities the first part of their debut hinted at, always with a distinct british style. At first, you'll think you're listening to Shpongle 3.5. Techniques, sounds, fx, and mood are similar to Shpongle, worryingly similar at parts. The differentiation manifests itself, fortunately, when you realize the very clear Pink Floyd influences and even some Ozric Tentacles elements. Younger Brother blend these influences with the Shpongle style (minus the Raja Ram craziness) with a spontaneous, almost childlike, frivolity -maybe that's where the album title refers to!- and give us their version of psychedelic (rock/electronica, it doesn't really matter anymore) music. An album made, clearly, for festivals and with obvious references to the '60s psychedelia. It's nothing earth shattering or radically new. It is however bright (cheesy at times for some), joyful, really fun and it manages (even if sometimes barely) to differentiate itself from Shpongle. The certain thing is that you can hear Younger Brother playing music and having lots of fun! 8/10
  6. kabamaru

    Asura - LifeĀ²

    For me, even though Golgotha is a really amazing epic piece of work, the rest of the album feels tired, old and maybe too much influenced by the sounds of Solar Fields and Aes Dana. I totally respect the effort and work that obviously went into this album, but this is my honest view about it. I expected a more evolved sound in 2007.
  7. bingo, his live trance set in Island of Fire fest was exactly that.
  8. I listened to it while surfing the web, posting in forums etc. and it was very pleasant Maybe it has to do with the fact that I love most of the artists you have in your tracklist
  9. I finally got to listen to this one, and I really liked it. Excellent ambient stuff, with minimal beats even dub elements here and there.
  10. For those who dig this one, check out Yagya (in myspace as well). It has the same mood & vibe.
  11. Many many thanx for the kind words guys. I'm glad you enjoy it! Anoebis: I always try to mix some unfamiliar names that I believe deserve more attention together with more familiar ones :drama:
  12. You should definitely check out Evan Marc's Emotional Ecology. Try Anders Ilar as well.
  13. new track uploaded, All Rights Reversed, futuristic/dark break enjoy!
  14. New idm/electronica compilation featuring 8 tracks of high quality electronic music from artists new to Xynthetic. Download it for free here: http://www.xynthetic.com/xsn013.html
  15. Cool! Glad you liked it abasio
  16. - 4 new tracks uploaded in the player - digital release, Plugland EP, plus 2 more tracks featured in netlabel compilations (you can download Coretex [Tek Mix] for free) - mix sets for free download (currently: melancholic ambient/cinematic electronica set, The Chamber of Tears) :drama:
  17. A discussion about melancholic chill out music in the general section made me sit down and record a melancholic ambient/electronica mix set for late night/lonely listening. It's called The Chamber of Tears and you can grab it at our myspace site. Either click at the Fabrics banner below or (if that doesn't work) click here. tracklist: 01. Keene - Door on Glass [The River And The Fence, 2007, Poeta Negra] 02. Blu Mar Ten - The Map of Love [The Six Million Names Of God, 2003, Exceptional] 03. Colleen - Babies [Everyone Alive Wants Answers, 2003, Leaf] 04. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Iano [insen, 2005, Raster-Noton] 05. A Produce - Clear Pools [Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo, 1992, Trance Port] 06. Eraldo Bernocchi & Harold Budd - Fragment Six [Music For 'Fragments From The Inside', 2005, Sub Rosa] 07. Jeff Pearce - From a Dead Heart [bleed, 2002, Hypnos] 08. A Produce - Reflect Like a Mirror, Respond Like an Echo [Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo, 1992, Trance Port] 09. Hallucinogen - E [Twelve, 2001, TIP World] 10. Murcof - Mes [Martes, 2002, Leaf] 11. Harold Budd - The Room of Oracles [The Room, 2000, Atlantic] 12. Doof - Grantchester Meadows Remembered [Wabi, 2001, Flying Rhino] 13. Murcof - Camino [Rememberanza, 2005, Leaf] 14. Steve Roach - The Other Side [Dreamtime Return, 1988, Fortuna] Comments are welcome! Enjoy!! :drama:
  18. ok, this discussion inspired me to actually sit down and record a melancholic ambient/electronica mix set (featuring tracks of the albums I recommended earlier as well, so that you get an idea of them). It's called The Chamber of Tears and you can grab it at our myspace site. Either click at the Fabrics banner below or (if that doesn't work) click here. Comments are welcome! :drama:
  19. For World Ambient you should definitely check out: Woob (em:t, 1994) mostly beatless ambient blended wonderfully with world music elements Steve Roach - Dreamtime Return (Fortuna Recs, 1988) another masterpiece! again beatless ambient (even more calm this time)fused with world music elements Terra Ambient - The Gate (Lotuspike, 2004) dark tribal ambient, very dreamy For more upbeat fusions you can check out Taruna and his three World Fusion albums.
  20. melancholy guaranteed: Colleen - Everyone Alive Wants Answers (Leaf Recs, 2003) Keene - The River and the Fence (Poeta Negra Recs, 2007) Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi - Music For 'Fragments From The Inside' (Sub Rosa Recs, 2005) (if you like the piano, then get this!) These are all masterpieces. Also if you enjoy your melancholy a bit more minimal (actually, a lot more minimal) and glitchy, then search for Murcof, anything the guy has released so far is top quality. He blends a minimal clean and glitchy sound with melancholic violins, chelos and pianos, creating a unique nocturnal atmosphere.
  21. Plastikman - Consumed What an album... a true gem! My favorite Plastikman release actually.
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