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  1. As much as I love Shpongle and Shulman (and to a lesser degree, Entheogenic) I think there is no point being obsessed with them. There are oceans of great chill music out there (from dark ambient to organic psy dub and back). From these three, Shulman is the most promising artist for the future though (at least for me).
  2. Blue Room Freekstyle Jacob's Optical Stairway (Minimal) Blame - Into the Vibe (atmospheric futuristic/technoish drum & bass, brilliant stuff!!) Blame - Sigma EP Blame - Between Worlds EP Two Revolutions and one really great tune: Vector Burn - Orchid (Mav Remix) Thought Process .01 compilation
  3. Well, Seraph pretty much said it there. Evere single one and especially the last album of Juno is forward moving music. The have a unique sound. I'm not saying I'm closed to newer artists, I try to get informed as much as I can, but of course as I grow older I will have some favorites (artists, albums) from my first years. Juno still rock though
  4. I am listening to this now for the first time. Its like trying to find my way through a dark evil forest condemned forever by the gods to dwell in the darkness. Simply amazing stuff... PS: Oh, and being stoned helps alot
  5. here's hoping that Juno Reactor will do the trick. 30th of September live in Thessaloniki, hehe
  6. you realize that this is ideal right? Not even Hallucinogen does that anymore, his sets are 50% new stuff that doesn't sound very promising and 50% old tracks that even though they 're classics, the magic is starting to fade away after so many live sets.
  7. I agree, especially for Converting Vegeterians. Both cds have really great tunes, its just that you get some filler tunes as well. IM The Supervisor again suffers from the same syndrome. 4-5 good tracks (stretched is simply amazing) and some really forgettable. A shame really, if they had taken their time and instead of two albums they would release just one the overall quality would be much higher. It's because psynews is the home of the purists (and cynics) hehe. After seeing them live in Sonica I agree, they know how to move the crowd, even though their music has become cheesy (too much electric guitar and vocals). Anyway, its fun, and I don't mind having fun and dancing with a huge smile on my face in a summer festival. Who knows, maybe they will return to their psychedelic roots at some point but it doesn't really matter anyway.
  8. I voted for Shamanix but there is no way to really pick one tune as your favorite here. Angelic Particles. LSD, Gamma Goblins pt2, Spiritual Antiseptic, Snakey Shaker and sooo many others... There is no doubt that mr. Posford has given the psychedelic trance genre many classics. I wonder if he can really release another Hallucinogen album...
  9. Well, Ott couldn't do a thing yes, because he didn't remix Without Thought (Youth did, and he did one hell of a dubby remix). And if you think Without Thought sucks then check your speakers, your ears, or your tracklist (maybe you're talking for another track) because this is one of the most original Entheogenic tracks in a long time and its quality all the way. Best track of the album if you ask me.
  10. You should have come to Sonica and listen to it being played in Posford's chill set. Dancing as the sun went down surrounded by wonderful smiling people in that amazing place... Then its shine would not diminish one bit...
  11. Giant!!!! ...with Conquistador II a close second. What an album!
  12. I'm not a very big fan of beatless ambient, most times i prefer to chill out to something with beats. Yet there are times that my brain doesn't want ANY beats at all. Sometimes anything else except beatless ambient will disturb my relaxed state and will not let me concentrate on what I want (e.g. a magazine, a book, drifting in my own thoughts). Other times, I play some beatless ambient before I sleep (for that purpose usually its Ishq, Dreamfish or some compilation). So, for me, on the one hand its the clear, subtle structure of beatless ambient that does not try to get your attention. On the other hand, by not trying to get your attention it is let free to act in the background. It gets into you after all, but by using the back door! It changes the atmosphere of the room, it gives your activity, whatever you were doing, a new dynamic. It is in a way easier to get immersed to what you were doing (eg. reading a novel) and the whole world that you create in your mind gets more interesting. Favorites: -Albums: Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris - Dreamfish Ishq - Orchid Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier - Elemental Journey (collaboration between Green Nuns & Ishq) Mantaray - Numinous Island Biosphere - Substrata everything I can get my hands at from Robert Rich -Compilations: Twelve Wabi Floatation
  13. I love it too, just ordered for 5 pounds
  14. I really tried to like this one but the blatant ripoff of Vangelis samples made it impossible. They sound like they were pasted on top of everything in a hurry. The sample loops even sound a bit off (starting a tiny fraction of a second late!). Sorry, but I can't stand it... Maybe I wouldn't react like this if I hadn't listened to Vangelis' one billion times so far.
  15. Entheogenic - Dialogue of the Speakers Tracklist: 1. Aranyanyara 2. Timeless E.S.P. (Ott's New Wasserboxer Mix) 3. Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere Remix) 4. Without Thought (Youth Remix) 5. Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom Mix) 6. Timeless ESP 7. Without Thought 8. Aranyanyara (Abakus Mix) 9. Spaced (Shulman Mix) So...the long awaited 3rd album is here. Of course it's not a pure "album" as we knew for quite some time now. Entheogenic present 3 new tracks here and the rest are remixes of these 3 plus 3 more remixes of older tracks. By looking at the tracklist you just can't help it but believe the hype. All the names appearing here have excellent discography. I have to admit that it took me some time to like Entheogenic (I was looking forward to the remixes more than the original tracks). I find their first album mediocre but, as it turned out, they developed their skills rapidly. Theis second album was much better, their ideas much better realized. However, this third outing is the best one yet. Aranyanyara is the opener, you can immediately recognize its an Entheogenic track by the trademark warm synths and the vocals. Well, that fact by itself is not so good but the tune manages to sound solid. Nice opener. Its remix, by Abakus, caught me by surprise. After his stunning album last year, I was expecting too much I think. The thing that hit me first is the bass and drums resemblance to Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"! This gives it a disco-flavor which is a nice idea but apart from that I find it a bit bland and repetitive. Timeless ESP starts with a mumbo-jumbo far out sample (and a nice "what??" right after it!) and vocals and synths take over from there. The tried and tested formula then, but hey, it works! This one is very well arranged, with some intense synth business going on in the second half. Trancey! Its remix, by Ott, sounds like it was taken straight out of Blumenkraft. Actually it sounds very close to Tulse Hell... Of course that means that its a high quality trancey dub tune...ultimately though its more of the same. Without Thought is easily the best original track in this album. In fact, the other 2 tunes should be just as original and creative as this one. Soaring synths, intricate drum pattern, dubby vocals, dreamy atmosphere even vocoder vocals near the end that fit perfeclty in the overall picture. This tune makes perfectly clear that these boys have talent and skills! Well done! And the remix of this gem comes from a true veteran, Youth. This guy is simply a genius. He transforms the tune to a slow, earthy dub tune and yet the dreamy and melodic character of the original tune is still here! The bass is slow and heavy, the vocals sound spaced out. If you like dubby rhythms this is pure bliss! The rest 3... Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere Remix) A great downtempo remix, as expected by Vibrasphere. Laid-back and groovy, this one is definately for the chillout rooms for some slow dancing! It ends abruptly though... Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom Mix) Now this is much more like it! Maybe Ott was saving ideas and energy for this one, I don't know, but this is a blast! Energetic and uplifting, more like the bright, sunny side of "Billy The Kid Strikes Back". Delicious! Spaced (Shulman Mix) I love Shulman's music so I was eager to listen to this one. And he delivers yet again. His haunting atmospheres return, accompanied by a seriously heavy bass and a very slow rhythm that around 04.00 turns into a playful breakbeat. From then on it sounds like its building up all the way to infinity but around 06.00 we land again to the dubby rhythm and the track ends with a nice keys solo, a very nice touch! The flow in the album is not the best possible but that was to be expected. Instead, we get some really great remixes plus one of the best Entheogenic tunes yet, Within Thought. I'm more than satisfied!
  16. This is very melodic!! In a relaxed, ethereal, summery approach though. Not stressfully orchestrated rigid melodies. And no its not dark progressive (at least not this album). Give it a try, I think you will like it traveller...
  17. Triptych - Electrology Tracklist: 1. Access 2. Question and answer 3. Stop the press 4. Bokoboko 5. Fifty 6. Electrology 7. State of confusion (vs DJ Beka) 8. Own Desire (vs DJ Senix) 9. Wicked Jimmy I just love it when I'm pleasantly surprised by an artist/album. In this case, I didn't know anything about Triptych (the guy has already released an album, Lost Paradise, so I have to track it down!) but a friend recommended this album. Long story short, this little gem is funky, groovy, pure fun psytrance is made for the summertime (not that its that much "psy" but again the whole genre has moved away from real psychedelia, imo)! I find Triptych's sound a breath of fresh air. It has the uplifting and joyful atmosphere of morning fullon without taking itself too seriously (tongue-in-cheek samples all over the place) and yet it succeeds in avoiding the stereotypes (buildups, epic melodies, and "that" bassline). You can't really pigeonhole this one in terms of genres and subgenres, it blends progressive house, prog trance, ravey synth sounds with the modern meaty groove of fullon while having crystal clear deep sound. It just stands out for me, I can't help it! This will work wonders in morning sets, I can imagine myself dancing to this funkadelia under the sun with a huge smile on my face... This is pure FUN!! One of my favorites for this summer!
  18. For sure one of the best acts of goa trance. I still get shivers when I listen to "Summer 89", the buildup and melody break at 05:00 is timeless. All the people on this earth are truly ONE. Respect.
  19. kabamaru

    Jaïa - Fiction

    I couldn't agree more. I loved it since the very first listen. This is deep, groovy very very atmospheric progressive trance. The best seting for me to enjoy this is in my car stereo while I'm driving near the coastline by night... It's definitely a summer album though and I don't know if I'll be able to listen to it during the winter (mainly because of nostalgia, I love summer so much).
  20. This album is already a summer-favorite. The sound is ethereal, warm, laid-back (and of course, not at all psychedelic). It sounds a bit like more commercial cafe del mar / ibiza comps or some downtempo eurotrance stuff in some places but Matenda is careful enough to not let it drift away too much. This is a very well polished album, very clean sound, sweet & calm trancy synths, hypnotizing steady slow beat, pure bliss. Enjoyed most in a beach bar gazing at the sea.
  21. how many times can I play Jaia - Fiction on repeat before the cd actually melts?? definately this summer's soundtrack!
  22. This is really something!! Absolutely amazing album, very very sweet progressive trance (I prefer this over Antix's album any day).
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