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  1. no...but thats a good thing! I hope they finally realized that they have to come up with some fresh ideas. Maybe even themselves got bored of the "GMS" sound!
  2. ok, the regular update on the Unusual suspects comp... late november! the funny thing is that they postpone it for 3 weeks EVERY three weeks! Why not say February 2008 from the start?
  3. yak! sounds too much like early 90's trance/tecno something. and obviously the robo-female vocals are just plain awful. slow, static and irrelevant. a big disappointment for me.
  4. well, about flexitones... the cd (that was due august) has disappeared from chaosunlimited coming soon list but if you check amazon.co.uk you find... January 10, 2005 frustrating meanwhile, the promo has already leaked so you can actually download the album from the usual places (exaclty what happened with robot.o.chan some months ago). This is sad because when it will eventually be released it will be old news. I will definately buy it though because twisted = quality (alright I admit, I downloaded it and the album kicks ass so I have to have it!!) They must have major distribution problems, otherwise I don't see what the hell could be wrong. Are they not interested in their cd sales?
  5. from twisted.co.uk uns2 will be released early november so, delayed once again!! just what the hell is going on with twisted??
  6. Juno Reactor - Labyrinth their new album is absolutely fantastic! This is epic.
  7. tracks: beja flor periscopes of consciousness tbc when shall i be free mentalism g kinda guy connoisseur of hallucinations nothing lasts street date early 2005
  8. i think tristan has a reputation for technique, don't like the music he plays though...
  9. haha! yeah, try heavy metal for stories! Anyway, i think "Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden" has an epic feel. Also, "The Mystery of the 13 Crystal Skulls" tries to tell a story but I don't know if it succeeds (anyway really great compilation though. You could check the recent album "The Misted Muppet - From The Legend" as well.
  10. hmm, a bit overrated. quickly got bored of it.
  11. one of the best of the super-high quality releases of Ultimae
  12. I' m glad you liked it!! Your set had some killer tracks but I couldn't identify all of them. Can you pass a tracklist? keep it up!!
  13. I'm not letting MixMeister to do the mixes automatically, I am carefully "orchestrating" them manually! The "cheat" is that I don't have to manually beatmatch the tracks (MIxMeister is spot on) as I do when I use decks so I save some time there! Anyway, beatmatching is only a very small portion of what a good mix is, IMO. You have to pick the right tracks so that they actually sound good together, not out of sync, and create the right "flow". And of course timing is very important as well... All these things cannot be done without human intervention (not yet, anyway) regardless of what software program you use. I will check out Traktor, though. Thanx for the tip! Also, I just ordered Hercules DJ Console. There is a dedicated MixVibes version for it (really nice software). Looks like a really fun toy
  14. you just have to drag and drop it in the ftp server ftp://clubbedout.serveftp.com and send them an email (chech "contact us" on the site) to give them some details
  15. Cosma - Saffy Smoked a Lot The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing (already mentioned but anyway) Benza - 10 Yards Cosmosis - Afterglow (downbeat) Infected Mushroom - None of this is Real
  16. ...curerntly playing DJ Erzo - Psyvolution ..after that, its "Tribute to IM" by me! Infected Mushroom magic for 75 minutes! check it out
  17. hi all, I am currently fooling around with MixMeister, you can download the "results" here: so far I have 3 atmospheric drum & bass sets and one dedicated to Infected Mushroom (Infected music all the way through). enjoy!! also, you can check out this little page: http://www.demostreams.com/app/ds/bio.cfm?userid=spinnet right now it has only one atm. d&b set uploaded (streaming) but I intend to upload more. next I want to do an ambient/dub set...
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