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  1. Spyros' live was very interesting. His rhythmic arrangements are incredible! The music was too experimental for some (there was a guy, metal fan, that couldn't believe his ears, hehe) but even for people that don't listen to this kind of music, they found it fresh and interesting. Maybe experimental/idm is the next big thing? hehehe... There will be more idm events in aldebaran, we have some interesting ideas... The meeting included: me, gnome, agia_igoumeni and some isratrance members
  2. the party starts at 21.00 the live starts around 22.00 (dont be late or you will miss it ;p )
  3. Thats great guys, I was hoping that this will be an opportunity to finally meet gnome and agia_igoumeni. I'll be behind the cd decks, so come and talk to me! See you on Saturday
  4. I am sure Spyros will play live because I invited him I agree, its not the best place for live performances, but it was the only thing I could do at this moment, so its better than nothing! And besides, Spyros is not playing stomping music, so I dont think it will sound so much out of place.
  5. Aldebaran invites you to an exploration of electronic soundscapes... Spyweirdos, live set Spinnet, dj set start: 21.00 entrance: free Spyweirdos is Spyros Polychronopoulos from Athens. He has released the double cd album "Fairytale" (psy-breaks/downtempo/experimental) in Devic Craft Cordings and very recently his second album, "For Children to Play" (downtempo/IDM/ambient) in Zillion Mental Anarchie Records. He has also released an album under the "Weird Alchemy" name (psytrance/experimental), in Demon Tea Records. I'm going to support him with a dj set presenting the top of the cream of new psy-chill/breaks/dub releases mixed with older gems. Aldebaran is located in Thalitos 31, very near Poseidonio and Megaro Mousikis (opposite of the church "Ag. Fotios").
  6. I was checking Twisted.co.uk and this is what I bumped into: "secrets from shpongleland- coming december 2005. limited edition." hmm...interesting... unreleased tracks? remixes? live recordings? who knows...
  7. I still cannot believe it. It has been at least 4 years since I bought a cd that turned out to be a complete disappointment. I keep reminding myself that I have only listened to the damn plastic twice so it might grow on me... The truth is that I blindly trusted Youth's name (I've done it before with his previous two albums and they turned out to be excellent, well the first more excellent than the second but anyway). No downloading, no samples, just click and buy. And THIS is what I got. Full on. Generic full on. Well, I should have at least get a hint by the fact that this cd is published by Dragonfly and not LSD. Oh, crap... Still, I refuse to review this cd yet. I hope it grows on me, for the sake of my 15 euros... So, review next week.
  8. No surprises here, groovy album with a strong eastern/arab flavor, just like the first one. So, nothing groundbraking, nothing really fresh (like the first album), just expanding and developing the ideas of Kaya Project. Which is a good thing of course but I would really like to be surprised a bit...
  9. since there are a few fellow-citizens of Thessaloniki here, I thought I should let you know that I have found a place to play some nice chillin' music. I will be playing music every Friday (starting around 21.30) at Aldebaran (Thalitos 31, very near Poseidoneio and Megaro Mousikis, right behing the new church "Ag. Fotios"). As for music styles, you know what to expect more or less. This Friday the music will revolve around dub. Youth, Ott, Gator Dash, Red Seal, Stress Assassin, you get the idea... I hope this goes well, I really wanted to have a place in the city where you can relax and listen to this kind of music. I couldn't find one so I thought I could give it a try myself. Lets see how it goes... Oh, and of course if any psynews member visits Thessaloniki during the year just drop by and say hello! (pm me to let you know how you can get there)
  10. Very tough question! Transmissions on the other hand is such a classic and a more gentle album (not as loud or powerful). Luciana is very special and very experimental, of course. Not easy to compare it with anything else here. Beyond the Infinite is the point that Juno got the closest to "conventional" psytrance (well, for what psytrance was back in the day). Bible of Dreams was a very daring shift of direction (Conga Fury... my jaw hit the floor when I first listened to that one) but the second part of the album I found to be a little weaker than the first. Shango was a truly excellent album! Finally, with Labyrinth the sounds and dynamics of Shango were merged with the dark tribal nature of Bible of Dreams, having an epic atmosphere (probably the influence of the Matrix tracks). Such a mindblowing album! So... Labyrinth Transmissions Shango Bible of Dreams Beyond the Infinite Luciana
  11. download it? you mean samples right? here you can find long samples: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=4877
  12. Artist: Spyweirdos (Spyros Polychronopoulos) Album: For Children to Play Label: Z.M.A. Records, Greece Style: IDM, Electro, Downtempo, Experimental Date: 25th July, 2005 Tracklist: 01. Two Little Lamps 02. Spyweird It 03. No Eye Banda 04. Only For People Who Saw It 05. Goblins & Arrows 06. Never Cry Wolf 07. You Where Never There 08. Planet For Children 09. Girl To Midi 10. Loop A To Loop D 11. No, Not Yet 12. Black Paint 13. Are You Into It? 14. Why So Sad 15. Never December 16. Summer Somewhere This is the second album from Spyros Polychronopoulos under the artist name Spyweirdos (the first one was the double cd Fairytale, which I will have to track down eventually). Let me start by saying that this is a very well rounded electronic album, it gives the impression of a very personal album (I can imagine Spyros working in his studio for hours, lost in his feelings and thoughts) with a carefully crafted (and very strong!) melancholic mood. There is never too much complexity in the tracks and the whole album is a well paced, not rushed journey through mellow emotions. There is no point in going through the tracks in this mini review, the album is full of gentle synth and piano melodies and clever beats. It gets a bit darker and (even) more atmospheric in the last 10-15 minutes. I am not sure about this, but this album gives me this retro-feeling, I'm pretty sure I've listened to similar sounds before (electro/experimental circa 94) but I can't find any specific album to back this up right now. Anyway, if you enjoy some quality mellow and floating electronica then try this. Overall, a very mature album, I think this will age very well. Recommended!
  13. Well, to be honest here I find the arrangements of PP to be ok but there is no overall progression or complexity. I think I rushed and bought this one too quickly... In more or less the same style, I find Androcell - Emotivision to be much more enjoyable! Give it a try if you haven't done it yet.
  14. Overall a nice compilation, athough I was a little disappointed with some tracks (CBL's remix sounds a bit empty, the Elysium track doesn't really go anywhere) but there are some stunning tracks here, like Elysium vs Space Cat - Dub Connection (superb dubby groove!), the Altitudes colaboration (lets hope for more from this dream team) and Blue Planet Corp (who rarely fails to impress). The flow works ok for me (the way PKS described it). A nice debut for Chill Tribe!
  15. I have listened to both and OF COURSE I have to vote for Shpongle for the following reasons: 1) "Are You Shpongled?" was released in 98. I got it back then and it was simply mindblowing, a very fresh approach to psychedelia. I still consider it to be the most beatiful psy-electronica release ever. 2) That album kickstarted an era of psy-ambient/freestyle releases and, although we got many gems all these years you have to realise that "Are You Shpongled?" inspired many of the newer artists in the genre. It makes a huge difference that you got to listen to it after so many years. You have to take into account the date of release and the size of this sub-genre back then.
  16. Going through Jaia's new album again. Still the best prog release of the year!
  17. ok, here is what we should do: Someone bring the Apsara comp in the Psynews Gathering, roll joints until our fingers hurt and talk about telepathy!
  18. wait till you see my "Twisted" t-shirt...
  19. kabamaru

    Shpongle - Remixed

    I agree. Some nice IDM with Shpongle samples on top (but some more variation would be even greater).
  20. I fully agree. What's so special about it? That it sounds like a 97 release only with better production? In general I find Apsara boring and predictable. I'm not sure there is a point reinventing old-skool goa. As much as I love those days, old-skool goa had its day...
  21. sweet, keep the suggestions coming another one I'm enjoying very much: Vir Unis - The Drift Inside otherworldly...
  22. cool, thanks Manuser, I'll try to hunt it down. Vir Unis - Aeonian Glow now that's breathtaking as well... I'm rapidly becoming a dark ambient fan!! I should have checked this stuff ages ago.
  23. You don't know what you're talking about.
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