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  1. Yeah I would go with the full blown 49 key if you can, especially if your a pianist. I have a friend who has had one for several years now and he loves it. It sets up right off the bat, no problems and it's very sturdy.... Have you ever looked into an Axiom 49 though? It's a bit more expensive (I think) but you can get more uses out of it than you could ever imagine.
  2. Yeah, definitely look into Triplag. Freaking amazing ; ;. I would suggest you go grab Dark Side Of the Mind too.
  3. Making your bassline thump Creating bass with FM SOS (Sound On Sound) Secrets database Chord House (piano chords, etc, etc) Psytrance And Spirituality of Electronics Secrets and tips on trance music production Work Flow Methods Equipment and Music Creation A lot of these sites are a bit outdated but they have some pretty good information in them to get you thinking. I'm still pretty amature when it comes to all aspects of music production, etc., etc. but I think it is safe to say that your best bet is to just go download some programs (yes download) and start experimenting. Software is a lot more powerful than hardware.... My two cents. Read, read, read, read too. Don't buy any equipment at all; it's not going to make you sound any better and after a few months you might not enjoy creating music as much as you used to. Don't want to be stuck with serious gear that won't sell back for nearly as much as you bought it for in most cases. If you do decide to buy something, research the SHIT out of it first and buy from someplace where, if the product isn't what you thought it was going to be, you can return it for full cash back....
  4. Same here. I usually spend the majority of my day listening to classical music, rock.... Anything but Psytrance or electronic music in general, sometimes no music at all. I stay relaxed, maybe go for a walk, then come back, have a nice big breakfast/lunch/dinner with a large glass of juice and then get to producing or recording mixes. I also find, that if possible, producing outside on a nice sunny day is great. Sometimes I even go to the park with my Axiom49 and laptop to throw some beats together. I only have a smoke after I think my track is complete and while listening to it I brainstorm samples or effects that could be thrown in, but even then I don't touch the track. As far as having a smoke and mixing.... It's just not possible; I usually just throw together compilations.
  5. This is a bit fuzzy, but.... This is about all I can come up with for now....
  6. Wow, 18 years they worked together.... It's not all that sad; at least they're not dropping Eat Static completely and maybe something entirely new and original will come of this.
  7. TRohr


    I did a little research for you and threw together a map leading straight to the nearest Psyshop (if your oriented in the center of town) in a simple and quick manner!
  8. Yeah, definitely be sure you get what you want the first time around, even if it takes awhile.... I'm way to impatient and always buy cheap crap and regret it later : /.
  9. I also thought introductions for some of the synths/voices were a little awkward; they dropped off or were introduced without "warning." Personally I liked the bass line, but it couldn't hurt to change it up a bit somehow. Also, I liked the jamming :]. This really isn't going to help you much because I am just contradicting Veracohr but I really think your going in the right direction ^ ^. I do think it's a little muddled though. It's very organized and has a definite structure to it, but when I say muddled I mean that the Synths were really low and fuzzy(?). Maybe that's what your going for, but I was really hoping that there would be a very spacious and piercing synth that came blasting through it all at some point! Overall I really liked it.
  10. It's too hard to think back and pick a particular song that converted me as a kid because I listened to all sorts of music as a kid, but Omnibus and everything from Rammstein gave me some pretty good goosebumps. Before that it was The Hamster Dance. It's the worst synth-pop-esque song on the planet but way back then that beat drove me crazy. It was like the first time you saw a Playboy magazine from your dads closet and couldn't figure out why you were pitching a tent in your pants.... After that it was Ott's Hallucinogen In Dub. I was with a few friends tripping balls on top of one of the largest sand dunes in the United States, stargazing, while listening to his masterpiece in my Tri-ports and that's when I realized the potential that electronic music has on the altered mind. ***EDIT*** EIFFEL 65!!!!
  11. Yeah, I seriously need to drop some money on Ambivalent soon :S. Psycore is amazing ; ;.
  12. Yeah, MilkDrop all the way. There are some seriously wild and extremely, extremely complex visualizations in there. It runs very smooth at very high resolutions too.
  13. Ah, thanks for the link. I'm not so concerned about HD space as I am about how many songs I can fit onto a CD. I'll probably go for 320kbps to start out with and then downgrade if I need to fit more onto a CD~.
  14. Is there really that big of a difference between 128 and 256? Is the size difference worth it? I'm ripping all of my CD's to my PC to make doubles, but I don't want to start burning until I have some solid info and well said opinions on the issue.... HELP!
  15. Is Psychedelic Garden in Shinjuku still open? They had some amazing clothing and wares.... Thats very disappointing if what you think is true; the Japanese are amazing to party with. They have so much energy and spirit!
  16. Ah, thanks for all the input guys :]. I've got some listening to do~. EDIT: Timecode has some great stuff. I'm really digging Phyx, but I haven't finished listening to everything so I can't really play favorites yet. Also, I guess what i'm really looking for isn't necessarily DarkPsy but just dark and spooky fullon :].
  17. Gah, freaking hell I would totally throw down on this! How would you manage it all though!? Those things can't be light weight, and storage would be kind of interesting, but hell, you could throw some amazing house parties.... 10,000 watts; can you get that out of a back porch outlet :]?
  18. So I just found out about this CD, previewed it on SaikoSounds.com, and it's all I can think about.... I absolutely, absolutely love compositions that tell a story like Principles of Flight does. Sure a lot of CD's out there have their little "....and now we drift through the gooey swamp!" sort of story but this is different somehow.... When you listen to it you can just imagine Gloopy and his little friend adventuring through the deep and foreboding forest; there is so much feeling behind it. It's so eerie! It's definitely not of the "sit and trip"quality that Shpongle and Hallucinogen have because it's more beat dominant, but it's interesting.... As soon as I buy this CD i'm going on my own little adventure through a deep and dark forest at night, while camping, with a few friends, a few nipple headed gnomes, my Ipod, and BoseTriports~. What's everyones thoughts on the CD?
  19. Lol, i've been trying to stay away from the cheesy stuff but it's proving to be a bit difficult with Darkpsy @.@;. Yabai has some CD's with freaking Simpsons samples ; ;....
  20. I've been combing the market for some really sinister darkpsy and was wondering if you guys could point me in a few general directions. I love what Yabai has going for them; solid, groovy beats and very spacious, unnerving, twisted synths. I absolutely hate Darkpsy with that fuck-your-brains out slurry of high pitched noises though.... The stuff that sounds like saw blades cutting through glass with sporadic, and absolutely random sequencing that anyone could throw together. I want something that will slow the cosmos down, not fuck it up :]. I also hate that damn pppffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttt synth.... Heres an example of what I don't really like.... and Heres an example of what I like....
  21. I actually bought her CD "Sexy Secret" when it came out O.o. Should be here tomorrow~.... I had no idea she was a mysterious terrorist chef bent on psychedelic global warming.
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