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  1. i will start this off by saying i love supporting artists. not just trance, but rap metal classic rock soft rock alternative, nething. it's my opinion that if ur good u disserve to be rewarded for ur hard work. that being said, if ur not what i'm into, u half assed ur work, or u just plain suck, i will not give u the money that i spent 60 hours working in the cold to get. The way i buy music is by d/l several tracks, seeing if that artist is something i would listen to, and if i like it, i have no problem grabbing my cash or credit card and throwing money at u so that u can continue to do what u do. i got into trance several years ago, and since then, i've been on a journey to find the hardest, deepest, most mind bending trance available. recently i've been looking to expand my collection. so i hit the internet. torrent sites, forums, search engines, u name it. after months of searching high and low, all i find are the same old stuff: infected mushroom, 1200 micrograms, astrix, astral projection, hallucinogen, everything i've heard b4, everything i already have. not that i don't like these artists, i'm just tired of seeing magic numbers, converting vegetarians, artcore, yada yada yada, in everyones playlists, and i can't stand seeing these as the only artists that make up most playlists. i'm into very deep trance. deep, hard, mindbending sounds that send me on a journey into my own head. the more complex the better. after last summer at nelsons ledges, i've kind of lost intrest in the darker stuff(however, u can never get tired of none of this is real). My question is, what artists should i look at for what i'm into? i'm not a big fan of lyrics, i feel they take away from the music, and like i said, the harder, deeper more complex the better. i'm not asking where to steal these artists music from, i'm asking what artists should i look at? i would like to find more cpu, flower powder, yahel, skazi, aphex twin, electrypnoise and other artist similar. please! someone help!
  2. So i found out that one person in this forum is in the NE ohio area and is familiar with nelsons ledges. Since i'm there as often as possible, i'm curious to find out if other people in here know what this place is, and hey, even if your not in the area, do you know nelsons ledges? me and a buddy are going in april to the earlybird gathering/420 fest, and we ALWAYS, for the entire time, have a nonstop trance party going at our camp site. On top of that, we spend hours setting the site up, so we have chairs, blankets to lay on, a canopy over the tent and about 10 feet in front so even the rain can't stop the party, a gaint bon-fire, and usually plenty of alcohol and other fun for the head party favors. Theres already tons of people going to this festival and i want to know if anyone else is. PS!!!!! if your are unfamiliar with nelsons legdes quarry park, visit www.nlqp.com. u'll find everything they offer, events calendar, videos and pictures from previous years, and plenty of other stuff to feed your noggin. have a safe trip everyone!
  3. You can find all the events of the spring/summer/early fall at www.nlqp.com. If you haven't been there b4 it's imprtant to remember that there is really no rules as far as legalities go.. People will walk into your camp site at all hours of the night and try to sell you shit, and theres no nicknames for things out there. I would deff suggest going during a festival to get the full experience, and don;t forget to go check out the stage by the beach, lights and good music. not normally trance or techno, but always something good to hear. and above all, BE CAREFUL! i've never been to the ledges without hearing about someone either oding or walking off one of the cliffs at the caves. O yea, and make sure you don;t set your tent up on a trail, we did that last year not realizing it and there was never a break from random travelers. and thanks to everyone who gave me ideas. endoplzam.com has been my new favorite site. the compilations are amazing, the news is wonderful, and they even have bios on dj's. one more thing, what do you guys think about astriel projection? i'm seeing the name everywhere but can't get any opinions on him. and i almost forgot, we tend to not bring the music with us into the woods. it's too dark and too dangerous to be that out of reality in those woods, and very rarely go into the thick partsd of the woods at night. and we both love the dark trance, but thast for 3 in the morning when other people are going to sleep or passed out and the fire is raging 5 feet in the air. thanks for the help!
  4. Me and my friend are going to the local festival campground, Nelsons Ledges. This camp ground is out of every surrounding police stations jurisdiction, so you can imagine what goes on there. Anyway, they have a festival usually every weekend. Me and my friend go every year to a very special festival known as the early bird gathering(or the 420 fest). It's 3 days long( or 4 if you go a day early) and lose yourself in the forest the entire time. Last year we went over 48 hours with nonstop trance and had the best time of our lives. this year we plan to do the same, only now we want new music. I've been looking for music lately, from some artists i was told i would love, wizack twizack, the nommons, electrypnose, flower powder, that kind of stuff. the problem is i want mixes and compilations, not full albums, so i need to find a site to download this music, but first i need more people to search for. i have the obvious artists, 1200 micrograms, infected mushroom, astrix, but i need more. any ideas on what websites to go to so i can find some good music? i'm really intrested in wichdokta and deedrah, and the most important question, whats the best thing to listen to when your hiding in the woods for 4 days and what dark trance would you recommend? thanks alot guys!
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