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  1. Just threw down on my first (serious) DJ rig. DJM-500 2X CDJ-200's 2X Mackie SRM450's Coffin Case CD Case And a great big stack of CD's from Saiko~. Next I am hoping to re-buy a KP3 and would like to look into buying a used fog machine and laser for use at home. On the production end.... I am still using my Axiom 49 with Fruity Loops and my Bose Tri-ports ^ ^;.
  2. TRohr

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    When I am hanging around the house I will have stuff playing that ranges from 98-140 but when it comes to dancing I like it rough ; 145-150BPM.
  3. Why is it so expensive? Is it just really rare?
  4. I'm pretty damn sure i'll still be into Psytrance. In the next few weeks I plan on dropping a pretty big chunk of cash on my first turntables, plan on upgrading my mixer, and will buy some studio monitors.... I'm hoping to slowly introduce Psytrance to my hometown at some point and maybe get some cool desert parties going. As far as what the future has in store.... I don't think Psytrance will change at all unfortunately.... No new artists.... Hopefully festivals will change soon; I would like to see them evolve to the point where people start coming for the visuals, then the music.
  5. I think it's cool when people are just flailing all over the damn place; you know they're having the time of their lives. I wouldn't worry so much about how you look to others.... I went to SMF 2007 and there was a guy that, for about seven hours, just did jumping jacks in front of the speakers. It was either his way of dancing, or he was just trying to stay alive.... If your really worried about how you look, just take some lessons from this chick. She's a professional trance dancer and has written several books on how to dance properly to PsyTrance.
  6. Hooooly crap.... I thought I posted this somewhere before ><! Thread closed ! Soooorry~!
  7. Ah yeah, I guess this was kind of a stupid thread ; I didn't think it through to well. Is there a particular method you guys used to choose your first CD's though? Just pick a company, listen to their CD's and if it sounds cool buy it? Eeni-meenie-miney-moe? Theres so many CD's~ and not very much money to start out with~.
  8. ****EDIT**** Thread closed! It turns out I already asked about this a few days ago~ ^ ^;
  9. Long story short, after an year and a half of DJ'ing I finally got a hold of my AlesisMultimix that I bought back in June. I recorded this live mix a few minutes ago, but I had gone through and selected all of the songs in the mix about a week beforehand. This is more or less the first time that I have recorded a mix with more than two to three songs, and actually liked. I did all of the mixing inside a pair of Bose-Triports with a NumarkDXM09 using Virtual DJ.... Spirited Away Part1 Spirited Away Part2 Tracklist: The First Revelation Origami 2007 Remix Artaud Method Processing Unit Living Inside Revealing Luminescence Freaks Dungeon Spirited Way Biogenese Wagama Original Live Mix It's not the cleanest mix in the world, and I used the 'auto-sync' the majority of the time, but I'm pretty happy with it. I'm still working on EQing and figuring out how and where to drop the next song in; I use 'auto-sync' a lot but have managed to quit looking at the damn waveform at the top of the screen the whole time.
  10. I have combed the forums for a bit and wasn't able to find anything specific, but do any of you have suggestions for starting a CD collection? I would like to throw down a hundred dollars or so on CD's to start myself a legitimate collection of music but I am not so sure where I should start.... I've been trolling through Psyshop.com and haven't found any tools to help me with choosing what CD's I should buy other than the "Charts." I know that I love Progressive, and I know that I love the break beat style of psytrance but is there anything else I should be aware of when buying CD's? Do many of you worry about the key or BPM that the CD is in or the bassline and kicks or does everyone just listen to a cd and if they like it, buy it?
  11. Yeah that does look promising. Thanks for the link. In the end I really would rather have a nice pair of studio monitors; that's where I would be 98% of the time.
  12. Ah, I will head over to Isratrance now and see what they have to offer in the information department. Just to clarify a little further; when I think of monitor I instantly think of the great big speakers DJ's have right next to their heads while mixing but are those the same as a studio monitor? When I think of studio monitors I think of the very small speakers paired with studios, but do those pack as much punch? This is a tough decision because I want to both DJ around town at random parties as well as in my own home but also produce.... I think the best thing for me to do now is to just read and figure this out for myself . Learning experience.
  13. I have yet to find information on how to choose a decent pair of monitors on the forum. I'll do some Google research in a bit.... Could someone enlighten me a bit? These are a bit steep in price for my budget but it seems like they could work pretty well. JBL Eon 15 G2 pair
  14. I think in the end I would like a pair of decent monitors so that I could throw small parties for friends every now and then. I already have a pair of Bose-Triports which are pretty amazing headphones. What would you suggest for a decent pair of monitors (i'll go comb the forums to save possible time in a sec)? My limit is about $500.00 and I would like a pair....
  15. Ah, you know, I didn't even think about that one ^ ^;....
  16. Lately I have become a lot more critical with the way that I DJ for misc. reasons and frankly I am not pleased with what I can accomplish. I used to get stoned all the time and play with my KP3 while mixing and of course everything sounded wonderful but I want to continue to progress so that my mixes sound great no matter what the situation is.... I am currently using a NumarkDXM09 alongside Traktor 3 and Virtual DJ for creating playlists in conjunction with two small Logicool speakers. Heres my question.... I am just a bedroom DJ so I have yet to throw out money on a decent pair of speakers; the only speakers I have ever mixed with were a shitty home theater system, my Bose-Triports, and my current Logicool desktop speakers. On all systems my mixes sometimes sound very tinny and often jumbled or hollow which I know is usually because of speakers, but could it be my mixer, my speakers, or just the way that I mix? Maybe it's all three? Last night I headed to a psytrance club downtown that I often go to and spent the night (literally) in front of the DJ's booth watching their every move. I unfortunately forgot to check what sort of mixer they had and didn't recognize any of the music that they were playing, but the guys at this club ride their mixes for up to five minutes (I recorded how long they rode the mix on my stopwatch) and it sounds great! The speakers that they use (I think) are JBL's. They have four stacks of speakers and on top of each stack are a speaker with a horn a mid and a low (maybe two mids?), then two sub's underneath.... So it's a pretty banging setup, not to mention the acoustics in the room are out of this world. Still! 5 minutes? They really didn't even mess around with EQing either. Maybe 10-11/1-2 O'clock on the pots.... Is it because I am not properly pitching/beat matching? Even when I take hours to search through all my music using Mixed In Key and listen to the songs overlapped over, and over to see if they flow well they still come out weird.... Do larger speakers just fuzz everything together better?
  17. Gah, gave me a major case of goosebumps . I don't agree with the kick either; It doesn't blend well and I think it's because of the popping/click noise that it's making. Other than that I thought it was beautiful.
  18. Imaginary Foundation Holy crap these shirts are amazing. AND WHY DOES THIS ONE ONLY COME IN A SMALL?! S-shirt I'm fairly sure I could fit into it now, but who knows how much longer my metabolism will last....
  19. Holy crap, Ableton does a pretty good job of stretching things.... Three hours though? This has some potential.
  20. Personally I think it's pretty cool to see someone show up to a party wearing all sorts of psychedelic gear and fanny pack (not your tourist ones... ones with all sorts of hidden pockets), but when you get into the acid/rave/candy-flipper/fluorescent/gaudy awful clothes then I think things are going overboard.... Stuff like this---> I just bought this jacket and think it's pretty cool. I can wear it in public, and it's keeps me fairly warm but doesn't get too hot indoors.... On my jacket, instead of that weird aquamarine blue I have a nice earthy greenish/brown.... Also, the jacket has a tiny, tiny zipper in the small of the back where you can stuff a pipe and vegetables which is also handy for security checks. I sound like a chick here but I think it's important to fly your true colors sometimes. What's everyones thoughts on clothing?
  21. Ahahaah, this is about as far as I got through your post ^ ^. Thanks for the very constructive part, but I wish you would post more posts like this :]. It sounded so ridiculous when I first read it~.
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