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  1. Hey guys, it's been a long time. Hope everyone is doing well. Haven't been on Psynews these days as much as I used to because I threw down my tax returns on some really high end backpacking gear and have more or less been living in the mountains.... Anyways! I was wondering what everyones thoughts on Psytrance was these days. I recently purchased the rest of the Yabai records line, Dark Side of the Mind, Deep Fried, Azax Syndrome's Evolution, Fried Babas's Multiple Personalities and a few other CD's and I must say I am not pleased. Several of the tracks- excluding Yabai and the ones listed
  2. Wow, thank you very much. I haven't tried it yet but i'm sure this will do the trick : D.
  3. Was wondering if anyone knew/ or had a guide for mapping an Axiom 49 to Albino. I'm using the two with Fruity Loops, and when I try to right click one of the knobs on Albino to "create mapping"- or whatever the listing is- for the Axiom it doesn't even give me a drop down menu....
  4. Heres what I got from asking the same question awhile back :].... Darkpsy recommendations~
  5. Gah, this is awesome :posford:. I really like the Chinese bit at the end. What did you use to put this together?
  6. Yeah, I wanna hear this : (. Says it expired. I would throw it up onto mediafire~
  7. Gah, I wish I had an air purifier. I have two small dogs that shed a bit on top of their dander, tons of cables and things running all over my room that make it impossible to dust, and my skin is pretty damn dry because I hate lotion and use cheap ass soap. I can run my finger across anything in my room and make trails ; ;.... I need to see about putting some cotton balls or something under my faders and kill switches on my mixer. A few days ago I pulled the face plate off and there was dust and bits of fuzz on the little provided dust catcher. Not too worried about everything else though; I l
  8. I am a pretty laid back person, but when it comes to my music equipment I am a clean freak (or I try to be). Usually before I even touch my road case I wash my hands thoroughly and sometimes take a shower.... Well, usually only at the end of the day when I plan on taking a shower anyways. Other than that I always keep my things covered up and dust/ scrub keys, knobs, faders etc once in awhile. What about everyone else? If you do like to keep your things dust, smudge, and grease free how to you manage?
  9. Even if you don't decide to change the name I think Sausage Dick is fitting, though the picture that comes to mind doesn't fit the music very well . I really, really liked this track and hope that you keep coming up with new ideas; it had that awesome acid grunge to it and got me bouncing a bit. I didn't like the beginning much because it seemed a little too rigid for my tastes. You should get some floating synths in the background to mask the introduction of new elements a bit. Also, towards the end it sounded like you just copied and pasted pieces of the first sequence and hooked it up to
  10. Dude, this is sick! When I get the money i'm buying one of these ; ;!
  11. Ah yeah, I didn't expect you guys to know them all . Do you think jumping from progressive to kind of.... Funky groove stuff would be awkward? I'll have to get this recorded soon and post it in DJ promotion. I just went through the set again and I am pretty happy with it, but for future reference would you guys wonder what the hell is wrong with the DJ if he/she went from euphoric progressive to something as drastic as full-on/dark psy? Or would you just shrug it off and consider it "story telling," especially if the mix was smooth and felt all right?
  12. I really like Bliss's Loin King; the sirens are pretty fun, but I think they're a major cheese fiesta for a lot of people .
  13. So I threw this set together a few days ago for a little party that's coming up and I was wondering, if the DJ went from euphoric progressive into a bit of a dark funky track would you consider it "story telling" or poor track selection? I have practiced mixing through the entire set a few times and weeded out the tracks that just don't work no matter how they're mixed, but theres a few spots where the change of mood is a bit odd. I figure that in one hand it could be a good thing.... Keep people on their feet and maybe even send a few shivers down their spines, but in the other hand the cuts
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