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  1. ^^ Thanks a bunch for the input guys. I appreciate it. I'm going to spend some time getting the track all wrapped up and as perfect as I can get it so it's going to be awhile until I come back. Thanks~.
  2. Ah, thanks a bunch man. As far as i'm concerned that's professional advice. The beginning part actually has a cutoff filter modulation on the 3030ish 2; at the moment i'm working on covering the rest of the track with them. I'm pretty happy with the bass but I can't figure out how to put an audible kick over the top of it.... I actually got most of my info for the bass from here--> Electronic Music Production Tips..... Originally I was going for an "Ott: Blumenkraft" sort of feel but everything kind of went in the opposite direction when I started layering things. I'm actually a huge fan of Power Metal (as in Blind Guardian metal) and love music that tells a story so i'll probably try to make things even darker.... For future reference how could I turn this track into a lighter "Rogue Bagel" sort of feel with that "Dub" groove?
  3. Oh god that sounds good T.T. It flows so well. What portion of the track did you start with?
  4. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter did it.... They're gods.
  5. So, through thick and thin, many diversions, and a criticizing conscience I have created my very first track.... If you can even call it that. As I am still extremely new to this whole music making deal I left out modulations and fancy custom synthesized voices, drums, pads, swooshy-things, breathtaking melodies etc. I tweaked a few of the instruments, added some stock effects, and attempted to master the whole thing a bit but beyond that I wanted to stick with creating a decent beat. I think it sounds fine for my first "track" but it would be pretty hard to dance to. What do you guys think I should add to create a more dance-worthy beat? Is it fine the way it is? What should I have left out? Is the sequencing okay? I spent a lot of time listening to all sorts of tracks to figure out how things were introduced and ended but I am still not quite sure about the general layout of a psytrance track. What flows, what doesn't flow? Constructive criticism and links to readings that would further my understanding of psytrance music would be much appreciated~. BTW, Hitodama (lit. corpse candle) is the Japanese version of a ghost.... They're those little blue orbs you see floating around in Zelda, in Chinese ghost stories, or (possibly) while on shrooms wandering through the mountains. I wanted the song to have that sort of feel.... ****EDIT**** I'm going to drop this track and move onto the next. The song is going in a completely different direction from where I would like to go and things are turning to mud as far as organization goes inside Fruity Loops. My PC is starting to lock up too. Heres the final version~ Added some snares and things as well as a GITS sample~. Be sure to check out the very end of the track.... I figure this would be a good one to drop onto unsuspecting dancers when things are starting to get really sketchy~. HitoDama: http://media.putfile.com/HitoDama
  6. I would hope he's working on blowing Ott out of the water.... I would be in heaven if they produced another dub.... Not so sure of his plans though~.
  7. Gah, double post. If a moderator could delete the other that would be great~. Nah, I don't think I have a warranty for it. I bought it from Guitar Center back in the states but I think I have held on to it for too long so they probably can't help. I'm not too worried.... Theres three channels and two of them still work but how does a digital mixer blow a channel anyways? It's not even hooked up to any speakers, amps, etc. Just my headphones. It happened when I swapped the bass and I guess it just peaked....
  8. So just a few minutes ago I was mixing 1200 Mic's "Magic Mushrooms" into SunDogs "Ancient Forest (Yantra mix)" when I brought in the bass of the second track and the volume cut off from my right headphone.... The headphones still work but the sound on my first channel, right side, is really crackly.... Is the damn thing already blown? I was doing all of the mixing in my headphones.... What the f*ck happened? I don't have the money for another mixer yet~! Maybe it's time for a DJM-909 ;]
  9. I've tried it myself and it sounds amazing.... I don't know how far the sound carries though. Do you think there's anything better? I guess when it boils down to it anything would work~....
  10. So, for awhile now I have wanted to buy a nice set of speakers/monitors for use at home and wherever else I feel like DJ'ing. I have had my eyes on the Yamaha Stagepas 300 PA System for awhile now because they're more or less the only speakers I have seen sold in Tokyo (the guitar industry is f*cking ridiculous here... it's just an overblown fad) and because they seem fairly portable. Does anyone have any experience with them? I brought my Ipod with me to the shop and tested Vibrasphere's "Reservoir" on them and it sounded wonderful, but I was a little worried about the life of them.... They seem like they're sturdy enough, but if I am throwing them into a backpacking backpack and carting them clear across Tokyo to do a small gig in a random park or at my school, are they eventually going to shit out on me? Other huge issue is that I have to be able to get them home eventually whether it be on a plane or in the mail. If shipping charges are too high I might just wait until I get home to buy a set of speakers.... I also have a limited budget. Do you think theres anything better out there? Suggestions, opinions, references, input etc greatly appreciated. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-STAGEPA...513-i1145442.gc
  11. Ah, sorry for the late reply, was off on a little vacation. Thanks for the input guys. I'm a very flighty/ fickle sort of person so your opinions were great. I was pretty surprised at how well you read me. Don't take me too seriously though. I am only into mixing/ creating Psy as a hobby. I'll probably go over to music capital of Tokyo this weekend to play with an Electribe to clear up my thoughts on it. I am sure once I play with it for a few hours I will be disappointed and move on. As far as midi controllers go, I have an Axiom49 and AkaiMPD24 but they're sitting back in the states gathering dust.... The Japanese are probably the worst in the world when it comes to commercialism. Everyone here is brainwashed into thinking that they must own the most expensive name brand clothes, sports gear, music equipment, etc, etc. They're also the kind of people that walk through souvenir shops after spending a day in Disneyland (or something similar) and buy out the store only to throw everything away the next day. So, Psytrance is very commercial over here too, and often the parties turn out to be nothing but acidfests. If you look hard (very hard) and you know the locals you can find all sorts of amazing parties off in the mountains near temples or in the basement of old parking garages that stay true to the musics roots though. Parking garages aren't exactly prime locations to contemplate the meaning of life, but in Japan that's just what you have to deal with every now and then. I think what I truly love most about Japan, regardless of whether or not the party is commercial or old school prog., is that on the outside it seems like a very rigid society but at it's roots these people are crazy. You can't imagine how many 40 year old (ish) business men that I have seen show up at some of these parties. It doesn't matter what age you are here, Psy never gets old.
  12. Hey guys, I need a few opinions/ general input.... First i'll explain my situation.... So I used to have a KP3, and MicroKorg. Though I only had them for about a week, and I had very little idea of how to use them to their fullest (/ at all) I absolutely loved sitting and making all sorts of crazy noises etc, etc. I ended up returning both of them to Guitar Center because I am currently studying abroad in Japan and I figured I should save my money for cultural experiences here.... Heres my little dilemma. Though I have no musical experience (aside from DJ'ing), though I can't even play a piano, and though I have never even created a full track in Fruity Loops or similar programs I really, really want an Electribe and possibly another MicroKorg to go with it. If you guys were studying abroad in Japan, had only a few thousand in the bank to last the rest of the year, and have no real music experience would you go out and buy an Electribe? There are no Guitar Center's here in Japan either, so once it's mine, it's mine. I have my music mixer with me, and theres some absolutely f-ing amazing Psytrance clubs here in Japan.... So i'm not deprived of music or anything, but I would really like to start producing music even if it's kind of shitty.... Should I just stick with Fruity Loops? It's not as fun as messing around with equipment though. Should I just wait until I get home to buy one? If you could, give me a good reason to justify buying an Electribe so I don't have buyers remorse or regret~.... I don't even know much about the Electribe's possibilities either.... Would it make a worthy addition to a Psytrance producers hardware collection? Opinions/input please!
  13. I can not find a site with information for The Gathering in Japan for the life of me. I have found information for the Nagisa Music Festival... but not for The Gathering. Can ayone help me?
  14. So I just recently got back from the 2007 Solstice Music Festival. I wasn't impressed with Simon Posford/ Hallucinogen, KoxBox, Space Tribe at all unfortunately... it was all too familiar; it had no edge to any of it. I was very impressed with the other DJ's though. Particularly Klowd, Takashi, Xavier Morel and Ryo. On October 6'th Raja Ram is going to have his Anthology Tour and I can't quite decide if I want to go or not.... If it's going to be music that I have heard before or something similar I would rather stay home and save myself some money. If it's music I have heard before or something similar BUT~ the visuals are to die for I am willing to go. Does anyone know whether or not Raja Ram puts on a good visual show? Apparently Bags Groove is doing the lighting and Space Patrol is doing the decorations... are they very impressive? Ever since I went to a Daft Punk concert awhile back I have not been able to find anything that comes even close to the intensity of Daft Punks stage.... Even Solstice Music Festival let me down just a little bit... just a bit. If I go to this anthology tour am I going to be disappointed? I'm sort of expecting multiple lasers, fog machines, strobe lights, trippy projections, giant fluorescent paintings, fluorescent lamps all over the place.... Should I go? Should I stay? Does anyone have any pictures of previous tours? I wasn't able to find any pictures that really showed some good visuals for the show.
  15. It`s not psychedelic but Euginas Salt Tank... I had smoked quite a bit at the time so I was a little emotional anyways, but it was sooooo beautiful.
  16. Hey guys, I desperately need some help. Tomorrow morning I am going to be flying into Tokyo, Japan and will be studying abroad there for a year or so. I need some help figuring out where all of the best Psytrance clubs and parties are going to be for 2007-2008. I can do the research myself but I was wondering if there were any great sites out there with all of the major parties listed with times, dates, locations etc.
  17. Ahahaah, maybe I shouldn't have posted this but in your thread it seemed that a lot of people were bashing MP3/laptop DJ's (sounded more or less because they were turntable fanboys) and I think it's wrong. These things need to be thought of critically! Expand your mind! Also, really, no one has to read, or reply to this thread ^ ^... it's just me getting my opinions and feelings across.
  18. I understand where your coming from and well said but I think you didn't quite understand what I was getting at with the whole "save time" deal. I was just saying that instead of having to spend a ridiculous amount of time categorizing all of your music, you could let a computer do it for you, then whip up a list of tracks that are harmonized and fairly guaranteed to mix well. Then, from that list, you can select tracks that have the feeling/ color that you want to portray to the audience and be fairly sure that you can't go wrong. It's to help you along a bit.... THEN~ your music expression/ expertise/ art can kick in. You can take those tracks, maybe add a few others, and go to town on creating something really unique. When you have several thousand CD's to look through, it's a bit harder to get down with your creative side.... And I don't know about how much music you have but everyone in my family is huge music fanatics and with all of us combined we have a server with terabytes of music on it. It's everything from old, old 50's rock to Native American chants, to... pretty much everything.... I think we even have some porn music with moans and SFX's included.
  19. This is an extension of Sammyhkhan's thread on DJ'ing with MP3's.... I got sick of reading through your piss fest so I started this new thread to get my view across. And guys I understand the art behind mixing music. I am not suggesting that everyone go out and buy MixMeister so that they can let a computer do all of the physical mixing... it's just a really great tool to categorize your music. I'm also just giving alternate views to why MP3's are really great, and why MP3/laptop DJ's shouldn't be looked down upon.... Maybe in the end i'm just pointing the obvious to you all... i'm not quite sure yet. Sorry if I am, i'm only human, it's 4:00 in the morning, and I have the flu. I think anyone that disses an MP3 DJ obviously isn't thinking about the big picture. Sure there are a lot of little 13 year olds out there using MixMeister and WinAmp to "remix" tracks but when a DJ uses MP3's I really don't think they should be labeled as such. In the bigger picture it's all about the audience, and folks, the audience usually can't tell the f'ing difference between 128kb's or 300kbs or vinyl or CD's or whatever else you have (partially because they're usually really f'ed up). MP3's are the future. Vinyl is practically dead already except for turntablists, hiphop dj's etc and CD's are on their way and face it, who the hell wouldn't want to be able to pack their setup into a bag that weighs no more than about 30lbs? Also, think about this. Instead of having to spend months and months categorizing your music and hours and hours or days and days putting together the perfect mix you could have a computer generate a list of tracks that will mix beautifully even if they are just stacked on top of each other without any EQ'ing whatsoever. You could take that list, pick out the songs that fit the mood/feelings that you want and have them all placed back to back in a nice neat playlist. Now, I am completely against using programs such as MixMeister to tack tracks together, but using these programs to categorize your music and beat match everything saves you so much f'ing time which actually lets your creative side out. NOT ONLY THAT BUT YOU CAN ACTUALLY LOOK UP AND SEE WHETHER OR NOT THE AUDIENCE IS ENJOYING YOUR MIXING/TRACK SELECTION INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT WHERE THE HELL YOUR CD'S WENT! When your able to pull your head out of your damn techniques and things, and when you use MP3's, you can take the time to piece together some wicked ass effects or instruments samples etc. (hardware can't compare to VST's these days) or completely re-work tracks on the fly and fuse them so tightly together with all sorts of effects that you could never guess what track will be coming next. You can watch the audience suffer as their brains begin to melt and when you think they can't handle it anymore you can blow their minds away with the original track itself but with such intensity it's like re-listening to it for the first time again. Not just "oh hey! I've heard this loop before! Oop! OOP! YEP! IT'S LSD BY HALLUCINOGEN, WOW!" Also, thinking way into the future... I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the mass music dome (http://www.massmusicdome.com/) or sensory domes but I can see clubs evolving into full on audio/visual sensory experiences with ridiculous 150:50 surround sound or something like that... an enormous sphere of speakers, not just some nice stacks, amps, and a few lasers and fog machines.... If something like this were created I sure as shit can tell you that they wouldn't be using vinyl or cd's along with it. Just a few cents....
  20. I'll definitely get my ass over there soon. I've heard a lot of good things about that place. I'll probably make some time tomorrow night to read through their forums.
  21. It's a little place in Idaho. Psychedelic trance is absolutely unheard of here and it sucks pretty bad. Every now and then there will be an extremely small 100 person gathering off at some campsite somewhere but nothing really interesting ever happens. Even at the local music shops in town there is no one to talk to regarding Psytrance. I'm actually going to be moving to Tokyo soon to study Japanese for a few years and I will be bringing all of my gear with me. A bit better venue to learn from the masters~.
  22. Ahaha, I love how you mentioned that.... I'm going through those feelings now. I did realize though that I knew nothing about music production and that I am not going to become the next Simon overnight without any practice ^ ^. I know it's going to be quite some time before I can produce anything worth distributing.... I actually ended up taking the Synth back but I am still going to keep all of my DJ gear because it gives me such a huge natural high mixing all of my favorite tracks. I've decided I am going to stick with FL Studios for awhile to get an idea of how to piece together a track. I have Ableton too, but it doesn't have nearly as many awesome voices/instruments etc. as FL Studios. I will also mess around with Albino as soon as possible. I DL'ed a bundle pack recently with all sorts of VST's and goodies~. I really appreciate all of the suggestions, support, and not flipping me shit ^ ^. I'm going to go and try to produce something remotely decent and then I will post it later on. Thanks guys~
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