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  1. It's just impossible sometimes.... I pull it off pretty well when I take a loop from the bits before phrases but often times there aren't any specific beats or anything. Just wizzy, flying, squelchy stuff. It's hard to create decent loops too because right as one squelchy noise ends another starts or everything is ramped (it's climbing in pitch or something).... When it comes to DJ'ing there are a lot of people that won't even consider you a person if you don't mix beats, but is it acceptable to just mix the stuff before phrases? I figure if anyone bitches I can just say "but that's my style" or something along those lines.... What's your guy's thoughts on beat mixing~? Am I an actual person if I just mix the stuff in between phrases?
  2. I hope this hasn't already been posted... I have a feeling it has but I am running out the door as I'm typing this and don't have the time to check. BUT! How does everyone throw their tracks together? I usually start with kicks, bass, snares etc etc, melodies, but recently I am trying to go backwards to see if anything "clicks" in my head. Do you guys ever try to push yourselves to make music in different ways? It helps~.
  3. So far i've done everything having to do with music late at night and into the next morning.... Heres a track I just (sort of) finished. It's some kind of crazy nighttime ambiance--> Psychoacoustics
  4. I quit listening to the radio 12 or so years ago @.@.
  5. Thanks ^^. I was actually trying to get the feel that a storm/UFO was flying overhead.... It starts off at the right, then disappears off to the left~.
  6. Hey guys, this is my second track. I think it turned out pretty well but I would still greatly appreciate some constructive input, especially on mastering and kicks.... I only have a set of Tri-ports so if someone with some amazing monitors could check it out that would be nice :]. Also, should I leave it alone or add more to it? Have a listen~. Psychoacoustics
  7. I have all of those programs that you listed but I don't use any of them. As a beginner too, I use Fruity Loops the most~. It has all sorts of amazing presets, voices, synths, tutorials, etc. right out of the box so you don't have to go and create everything from scratch. Small steps~ small steps.
  8. I was wondering the same thing : D.... It also never really crossed my mind as to what it would be like to dance in front of the right or the left speakers only. I've only ever stood in the center of everything.... I'll have to try it next time i'm out at a festival or club~. Hopefully something amazing will happen.
  9. Since Psychedelic Trance is still a pretty new concept to me I don't really have a say in things when it comes to the evolution of the genre, but I'm pretty skeptical of the future of trance; not that it really has anything to do with nostalgia . I have a horrible feeling that, eventually, Psychedelic Trance is going to go completely mainstream with all the guys over at TIP World and all sorts of absolutely horrible "spin-offs" will be created.... Like I said I am still pretty new to Psychedelic Trance, but I know how shitty mainstream things can be ^^. It would be pretty shitty if things didn't evolve in any particular direction too.... What if Psychedelic Trance just sort of goos together into one genre through and through with cookie cutter song after cookie cutter song. Or if it just drops off the face of the planet.
  10. I'm exactly, exactly the same way. For me it's more about money; i've thrown a decent wad of cash at this hobby so i'll probably be sticking with it for quite some time to really make my money count.... I'm an extremely flighty person though. Tomorrow I could start collecting stamps or something.
  11. Vestax VCI-100 I'm thinking about picking one up this weekend. I use a Gigaport Sound card with my laptop so this would be wonderful to own; I would be able to fit my whole setup in a small suitcase. What's your guys thoughts on it? They're a bit cheaper where i'm at, and i've actually been able to play with one a bit. It's a pretty solid controller....
  12. Holy shit, i've never really heard anything like this before.... I'm not familiar with Skinny Puppy either, but I would totally love to hear some really messed up eerie xylophones or kettle drums in here.
  13. Ah dude, don't get in a rut and stick with one style. If we all stuck with one style nothing new would be produced. Others may not like it, but personally I think it's amazing; I would f-ing love to have this dropped on my head at 3:00am. I absolutely love 1:30~ because it's dark, but at the same time it's almost comical. It's so bouncy and fat. Keep up the good work.
  14. Be sure to post bits and pieces of it if you wouldn't mind. I want to hear this :posford: .
  15. So... maybe it was because I had delved too far into the musical cosmos and the gods didn't think I was ready for the secrets of the plugin I had created but my song was destroyed.... Any ideas? The beat was freaking amazing. FL picture
  16. Ah dude, that would be so tight. Please don't ever drop that idea; has some serious potential.
  17. Aaaaah, that would be amazing. Also, I wasn't actually at a club. I was sitting at a friends place listening to whatever it was on some JBL JRX125's having a smoke (which was part of the reason I fell over). The whole track had a horribly euphoric feel to it, so I was kind of rocking back and forth just letting the music soak through me. Ever so slowly though I noticed all of the different layers started to separately swim back and forth. At the same time everything sort of became granular and muddled, then as everything dropped off a few layers were re-arranged and the second phrase started. Since it took about thirty seconds in total to get everything moving I didn't notice it right away. It just made me feel uneasy after a bit and then I noticed it. All of the layers panning wigged me out but I figured if a huge pressure change with subs was added that could really mess with peoples heads. Do you think it's even possible? Also, I sort of found a track that vaguely does this.... Freud It Out by Panick.... It's just basic panning, but if you listen everything shifts noticeably to the right at 4:05 and whips back after the sample.... Just imagine an entire track boiling down to this one moment with all sorts of filters and bass slowly masking everything to hide the tracks main elements then after it's all crystal clear and pounding. Freud It Out
  18. Bose Triports.... They're not quite monitors, but they sound amazing and they were cheap(er than monitors).
  19. For quite some time now I have wanted to create a track that, throughout the first phrase, was completely muddled by effects and filters. Halfway through the first phrase the entire track starts to pan to the right.... Synths slowly start to pan to the right, then the snares and drum beat, then the bass line, then the kicks; everything just starts to swim. After the first phrase, during the ambient passage before the second phrase, the filters immediately cut out and everything abruptly shifts to the right of the dance floor and from the left speakers there’s a horribly deep subsonic boom sort of effect. For about 5-10 seconds this goes on with all sorts of crazy muddled sounds slowly weaving from the left speakers, to the right. Then, suddenly everything shifts from the right speakers to the left accompanied with one of those sub sonic whooshing vacuums which is followed by the track (from the right speakers) in full force without any filters. Everything should happen very subtly though (except for the end part).... I wish I could remember the name of the track that I was listening to.... Everything started to swim to the right and then it all just shot back into place when I wasn`t even expecting it, but it actually made me lose my balance and I fell over; was freaking amazing. Has anyone ever experimented with, sort of.... Dissorienting people with white noise, inaudible noises.... Especially panning the subsonic bass/basslines slightly. I wish more people would delve into this.... Turning music into a physical experience.... You can only imagine the effects it could cause, especially if you were on acid or something.
  20. Reservoir Sweet September Rip It Up Magic Mushrooms Ancient Forest (Yantra Mix) Seven Deadly Sins Floating Freely Taking to Pelham Sex-A-Holic Bio Genetic El Cremo Space Fantazy
  21. Mother f-in RollerCoaster~ so intense and euphoric. I was chilling on my bed staring at my ceiling (covered in stars and those optical illusion posters) and the world just started melting around me when it hit 3:43 and beyond.
  22. Ah yeah. I tried to tone it down a bit but didn't have much success. All of the effects didn't help either. I need to do some major reading on "mastering" so that I can at least have a general idea of how to go about it~.
  23. Ah, that's a pretty wicked beat~
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