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  1. Hello~. I was wanting everyones opinions on the DJM-909 for DJ'ing Psychedelic Trance. I am going to be doing my taxes soon and am fairly sure that I will receive a fairly decent chunk of money, then on top of that I have my old job back and a three month break from school coming up so I can work a few jobs at once.... The price tag shouldn't be a problem, and I doubt that I will have any sort of buyers remorse, but do you think a mixer like this, along with it's price tag, is just a bit too much? I figure it is like a DJM-400 and a Kaos Pad 3 combined, except you can add up to fifty effects to each fader individually.... The possibilities are endless, but I think the most appealing thing to myself would be the "on the fly" individual curve control combined with the fade/echo effects that could be applied to each fader and the fader start/stop; You wouldn't even need to EQ half the time. Just smoothly flip from one song to the next as one track drops off and the other comes in, which would leave time for setting up effects and things with a KP3, or, the DJM-909 has a sort of "Soft" third channel.... You could hook up external audio sources like synthesizers and things, but you only have control over it's master volume and it goes through both tracks. It would be a definite status boost if I could manage to master just a few of the major functions (it sounds like very, very few DJ's have come close to mastering all it's capabilities) and it would be like controlling a freaking space ship , but that price tag.... My second choice is the DJM-400. It's small, very durable, has a fair amount of effects, very, very precise hot loops, fader start stops with the CDJ-200's.... I really doubt that I would ever need more than two channels, though a third could be nice for some outside source, but even then I will most likely just end up routing everything through a KP3.... Anyways.... These are just a few of my thoughts. What is your guy's opinions on the DJM-909?
  2. That video was beautiful; I almost cried . This thing is going to have some cool possibilities.... It's absolutely amazing to see how far electronic music is coming along. Screw flying cars, synthesizers and VSTi's is what turns me on :posford:.
  3. Asobi Seksu; Psychedelic/Trance/Pop~. Out of all of her albums Citrus is by far the best though.... It's very moving, and it's a real trip, but all Shoegaze/ Dream Pop is that way. I HIGHLY suggest you guys go get yourself a copy of Citrus, even if it means getting it from "misc. sources." If you like it support her and buy it though~. Heres some cool videos~ Be sure to at least listen/watch Thursday! Thursday: Goodbye: Walk on the Moon:
  4. Ah, thanks for all the quick replies guys. I'll probably try your method before moving on to any VSTi's. They're really nice to have around when you want to come up with a melody though; throw down a beat super quick (or have one pre-saved which I have yet to do ><) and then start smashing keys on your piano :].
  5. Does anyone know of a decent PSY-Kick VSTi that is either free, or fairly cheap? I am sick of spending several hours trying to perfect a kick using FL Kick. I came up with some pretty cool ones, but it would be nice to just pump out a perfectly formed cookie cutter Psy-kick. I have a few kick samples laying around that I could probably use, but I am not quite sure how to use them with FL's sequencer.... Anyways, I can do some research in the morning, but if anyone has any fun VSTi's that you can think of right off the top of your head then please pass them on .
  6. You go to the biggest local desert that your country has with a few close friends, put on some really high boots (to protect you from snakes and scorpions if there are any), wear your finest organic(colored)/psyclothing, pack plenty of water, food, first aid kits, party supplies, and GPS if you have one. Park somewhere, mark the car on the GPS, put EVERYTHING away! Turn your phone off and hide it in the bottom of your bag, don't even bring your watch.... Then go get lost, wait for the sun to come down, and get freaking blasted . It's best if there is a clear sky and a very flat horizon with a full moon. I shit you not, it is like walking on the moon.
  7. Yeah, I just want to be able to play other's pieces and eventually be able to fly around the keyboard when I am trying to figure out decent bass lines and melodies . Even then I will probably end up just sequencing everything ^ ^;.
  8. Ah, I never thought of that ; ;.... It's good that you brought that up; I use a lot of USB based hardware to record/produce to my laptop. I'll have to start being a bit more careful when I am yanking them around by their cords ^ ^;.
  9. Ah, thanks for the link, I am going to need all of the anti-mindfucking that I can get. I just sat down for a few hours and learned a few beginner melodies and I really had to concentrate on keeping myself calm. I don't know if I have the will to go on much further.... It's difficult, but maybe if I just stick with it things will clear up. Maybe some Flash Flash Revolution will help too :].
  10. I have wanted to pick up some private piano lessons for quite some time now, but unfortunately I don't have the time or the money. So, I was wondering, have any of you messed around with any decent piano lesson software/programs before? I just need something that can teach me the basics and "tinkle-twinkle little star;" I am pretty sure if I manage to master that, then I am well on my way to the classical history books. I have a copy of Teach Me Piano: Deluxe, but I have yet to touch it. I have a feeling that it's probably my best bet. Any ideas?
  11. Gave me goose bumps . Very spacious; great stargazing music.
  12. When I totally drop the ball while mixing I usually get pretty discouraged. I don't feel like continuing, but I know that if I don't I will never progress.... I try to recognize my mistakes and avoid them in the future, but still; I am usually only able to mix for thirty minutes to an hour before I am unhappy with something (or until I run out of "mixable" music), so how am I going to push myself for longer amounts of time if needed? Anyways, I usually just stop for the day (or for a few hours) and go read a book, play some Final Fantasy XII, eat a little.... I probably should work on producing or find another hobby to keep me occupied and productive, but oh well. Does anyone have anything special or interesting that they do?
  13. In the right situation an sample straight out of India can be really moving, but it's getting old.... I wish someone would come up with something entirely new, even if it wouldn't hit home with the fans at first. China and Japan have some really amazing traditional songs and pieces, but i'm sure that's already been said and done; hell, have some Elvaan folk song from LOTR thrown in.
  14. I'll just throw this in for thought. I love mine~> Gigaport
  15. I need money first : (.... Visiosonic CD Aeternal / Macky Mad House Records US$ 14.95 Looney Bin CD Bliss / Phantasm US$ 14.95 Rollercoaster CD Insomnia / Trancelucent US$ 14.95 Abstract CD Loud / Drive US$ 14.95 Highlight Me Please CD M.E.E.O. / Demon Tea US$ 14.95 Eos CD Perfect Motion / Solarsiv US$ 11.95 Sorcery CD Phatmatix / Yabai US$ 15.45 Night Time Lullabies CD Principles Of Flight / Boom! US$ 14.95 Brutal Beat's CD Seroxat / Crystal Matrix Out of Stock Sabotage CD Toxic / Yabai US$ 15.45 The Colour Of Time CD Tryambaka / Bhooteshwara US$ 15.45 Core CD Twisted System / Timecode US$ 15.45 Breaking News CD Various Artists / Magma US$ 14.95 Clipping Paths CD Various Artists / Muti Music US$ 14.95 Cold Conclusion CD Various Artists / MMD Out of Stock Collapsed Generations CD Various Artists / Spectral US$ 14.95 Kamikaze CD Various Artists / Yabai US$ 15.45 Manga CD Various Artists / Yabai Out of Stock New Visions CD Various Artists / Vision Quest US$ 14.95 Psycho Navigation Systems CD Various Artists / AP Records US$ 14.95 Psylent Conspiracy 2 CD Various Artists / Ghost Label US$ 8.95 Psylent Conspiracy Vol 3 CD Various Artists / Ghost Label US$ 14.95 Sakura CD Various Artists / Yabai Out of Stock Surya Namaha CD Various Artists / Namaha Records US$ 15.45
  16. I have yet to hear a Kill Bill sample . Do you have a track name? Also, do we have a coolest sample thread going somewhere? I am absolutely OBSESSED with Liquid Sky right now; fucking gorgeous sample.
  17. Police sirens can be used in pretty interesting ways, especially at house parties ;]. Have them run in the background and they can bring that natural fear of police welling up, especially if your mind is already blown.
  18. Matrix samples. I am so sick of them; they completely ruin music for me, but they're not nearly as bad as the "OOOH~WAH AH AH AH" Disturbed sample I heard on my Ipod the other day.... Can't quite remember the name of the track. When it boils down I guess I hate any mainstream sample that I have heard before. Decent, original samples are not that hard to find. Hell, people should just start making their own voice recordings.
  19. The Vestax VCI 100 is absolutely amazing. I had one for about two weeks and was pretty damn rough with it, but even then it showed no signs of wear and tear. The faders are a little stiff but if your not into turntablism it's great; it's the size of a laptop but even thinner, it can control any program with midi in/out.... It's awesome.
  20. I don't think they're necessarily better for vinyl or CD's, but they do sound pretty good. They don't sound quite as good as the Bose, but that's the thing, they sound like they should. The Bose had incredibly crisp highs, the mids were pretty round, and kicks sounded like more of a click than a thump but the HD280's (as far as i'm concerned) are incredible monitors and deliver the music in it's original form. When i'm mixing in my headphones, and then take my headphones off to listen to the next track through my speakers, theres very, very little difference in the music coming from my headphones and my speakers.
  21. So I just purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD280's from my local Guitar Center and I must say, these things are bitching! The Bose Triports that I have had for over four years now were my first pair of serious headphones, and they have more or less tainted my ears. I'm sitting here mixing some music, and I don't need to take my headphones off at all (which is very convenient because these things are like wearing a helmet) because the sound is FLAT! I'm so freaking excited at my new discovery . Beat matching has become a hell of a lot easier, and faster; the difference is amazing.
  22. You know, I'm not sure that I have ever heard Tribal. What are it's characteristics? Just a super steady unvarying beat with bongos and things :]?
  23. Yeah, definitely look back through a few of the forum pages. I myself just got done asking the same question with some pretty good results, but it was concerning Dark/African PSY. I would also go to SaikoSounds and listen through all of their newest LP's and when you find a producer you like, jump into the record label and start trolling :]. And welcome to the forums~.
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