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the goa constrictor

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On 2/17/2021 at 9:04 AM, RTP said:

But I think I have the solution. (I kind of want to do this now, "for fun" (if safe for my health) - to not get an mRNA or vector vaccine.)

The best bet could be to initially immunize with NOVAVAX against the spikes - and THEN as an "afterstrike", weeks later, inject ordinary deactivated Covid-19 viruses, repeatedly at best (every few weeks or months) and also with mutations (why not) ... the spikes will attract immune cells because these cells have been pre-trained by the initial NOVAVAX immunization and the "aftershots" of plain inactivated Coronaviruses will keep the immune cells occupied so that immunity stays up and they also can be used as an "update to the latest mutated version" = like with the flu vac every year...

... wouldn't that be it?

Fuck me. We have a hard enough time trying to convince people to eat salad.

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