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Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa


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Artifact 303 - Feelings is an awesome track...i had a mix from an unknown Fullon psy DJ and "Feelings" was in the tracklist. Between U-Recken, Tropical Bleyage, Ovnimoon and Digicult. 

I searched this track for years and on some day suddenly i found it... 

My question is...What is Newschool/Neo Goa? Has suntrip started Neo Goa or is it the Goa made after 2000...or has it to do with production of music?

For me Chi Ad is Neo Goa too...even if it is from the 90s and has nothing to do with suntrip. Even  Some 90s tracks of Astral Projection sounds quite Newschool . I sometimes think about the definition and honestly i think only a few Newschool tracks can be called GOA...the rest is indeed Fullon Psytrance. 


Goa is more than just static psytrance ...it has groove, complex basslines , atmosphere, A Story, melodical coherence and quality...

I think that the guys from Celestial Intelligence are nowadays the best producer of  Goa with musical Quality. Thats maybe my favorite track: 



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