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E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului (Suntrip Records)

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  • 2 weeks later...

E-Mantra, the Romanian star of darkish acidic goa, is back with a 4th full album on Suntrip Records! :) After a summer break (with our Apsara Festival) we are proud to present this masterpiece on our shop & bandcamp! And that's not all, we also offer you new Suntrip T shirts and cds from other labels in our shop! :) We are sure your trance needs will be fulfilled soon! :)



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Oh wow.

It's everything I hoped for:

  •  Progression from Nemesis. Slightly sharper production
  • The "Nemesis meets Arcana" description is very spot on. If Nemesis is a 3-4am album this is for 5-6am. 
  • Nice mix of vibes in the tracks.

Full report to come... But he's absolutely nailed this one.

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those full samples are really nice. i was originally thinking of skipping this one (e-mantra's output is great but starts to sound samey after a while. i could hardly tell if i'm dealing with a track from pathfinder, nemesis or some compilation), but i have changed my mind.

even if he starts exactly where he left off (and some of the melodies of foothills and typhon's wrath sound familiar) with these samples, i think we'll see more energetic music, better production with fatter, deeper basslines plus the familiar sounds and melodies we know and love on the new album (i also see the similarity with arcana here, which is my favourite e-mantra album). so while not breaking new ground, we are moving forward and this might even turn out to be his best album to date.

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14 minutes ago, Padmapani said:

so while not breaking new ground, we are moving forward 

Having listened to it twice in full this afternoon... This is a good summation.

It's not perfect, but it's well and truly worth the money (!)


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