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What is your religion


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i am an atheist. i find believing in the existance of the christian god as absurd as believing is zeus, little red riding hood, godzilla or the flying spaghetti monster.

but i have a small affinity towards buddhism and hinduism. i value buddha as a philosopher, have a figurine of nataraj on the desk where i produce my music and will even light incense for ganesh sometimes, but that doesn't mean that i believe in their divinity respectively existance. :)

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I'm a revolutionary spiritualist, an unorganised movement launched by Kyle Griffith in his 1988 book "War in Heaven".


I'm not religious yet i believe that Demons as well as Gods and Godesses are in fact the sum of the creative or destructive powers of all the souls inhabiting a planet or a space station.

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Religion... is a way of life. My interpretation of the word at least.


Also it goes very much with culture. Religion is a way of life and thusly results in specific cultures.


But do we need religion now? We've got science and facts, usurps religion directly.



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Come from Slavic background, my family is from the USSR. Ya, Christianity and a communist totalitarian government don't mix well. I had a my period of exploration of the world and such and eventually officially calling myself a Christian since last year. No, not one of those republicans who call themselves Christians and the support warring in other countries and etc. Along with that I'm a go along with the idea of voluntarism, so don't expect me to support the government enforcing my ideals on you or others. If I did happen to meet any of you, I think we would be good friends regardless.

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Monotheism, especially Islam since it addresses both mind and heart in a an amazingly complete approach.



Having lived for some time in the Middle East, I can you Islam as a religion is currently the most misunderstood and

media bombarded religion. It has reserved the number 1 place as the enemy to exploiters of our times, mainly since,

had any country the chance to rule under Islamic values, many interests of dictators and materialistic giants

would have fallen apart.


The general consensus is that science and religion do not meet, rather they even negate one another.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with Islam, especially when we realize that the book of Muslims, the Qur’aan (Koran),

contains over 1000 verses (out of 6236 total, I think) that have a “scientific” nature or background.

Many fields are addressed, including:



You will be amazed to find that the 7th century (A.D.) Book talks clearly of:

1. The big bang

2. Expansion of the universe

3. Law of gravity

4. Celestial bodies nature


...and even some hints to relativity and light-speed!


References to some stars and astral events are also present, including:


Black Holes, Pulsars (pulsating stars)and even the star Sirius! (the latter being a Star worshiped by ancient Egyptians/ Arabs)





Though Judaism & Christianity may have similar roots or common beliefs with Islam, the latter combines the mind-quenching logic

of scientific fact-finding (and mind-expanding realizations), with the poetically expressed enigmas of the metaphysical

(Angels, Paradise, Hell, and much more).



Isaac Newton, one of the most complete scientists in known history, was deeply religious.

Albert Einstein, another great scientist behind two of the most important scientific discoveries, is also knows to have said:

Science without religion is lame, Religion without science is blind. (Albert Einstein, 1941)

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Christian Taoist Alchemy Shamanism


Interested in all religions.


Only 1 God, many gods below him.

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