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  1. I think this is not a serious problem and can easily repaired by a service man. Probably due to a faulty capacitor in amplifier.
  2. Time Travel in Vedanta Tripura Rahasya CHAPTER XII THE APPEARANCE OF THE REALITY OF THE UNIVERSE DEPENDS ON THE STRENGTH OF WILL OF CREATION 1. Even after listening to Dattatreya patiently, Parasurama was still perplexed and asked: 2. "O Lord, what you have said so far about the Universe is the truth. 3. "Even so, how is it that it appears to be real to me and to others who are both intelligent and shrewd? 4. "Why does it continue to seem to be real to me even though I have heard you say otherwise? Please prove t
  3. The best Goa album after Dimantion5 IMO There are white noise on some tracks. I wonder why noise cut is not done which is so easy to do with most audio editing softwares!
  4. Thank you for the detailed review man The Ambient sound is suppose to be 'wind' lol The track is meant to be more spiritual.So I have consciously avoided too much of energy(only 130bpm). This track is on Indian scale and based on an Advaita text called 'Avadhuta Gita' so Arabic vibes wont fit. You are perfect!!!! Bhoom
  5. Final, Ambient sound added http://snd.sc/smlAkq
  6. Awesome comment man You really said what is lacking. I am actually kind of aware of them. This time I was concentrating more on the meaning and melody, something I wanted to make since a long time. For the next track I will try not to miss any element. Thank you very much for taking your time. And also good luck with your Goa journey
  7. Done http://soundcloud.com/shivoham-nitin/shivoham-you-are-perfect-1
  8. What you think about the mastering? is it ok? anybody?
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