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Goalien - Psychedelic Dilemma


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Altough I am much more a lover of "normal" goa-trance, this album is something I like alot (for once in a while)! :) Boris always had a good feeling for melodies and atmospheres... and those great melodies make the album highly listenable and very uplifting/positive! :)

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Thanx Emmanuel! Really looking forward to listening to ur new stuff! Good luck :D:)


@Ajanta & Anoebis: Thanx guys :D Really happy to see people enjoy the album, i allways knew Joske would be a tough cookie to crack with this Nitzhogoa stuff, but he liked it aswell! WoooOoo! :D Awesome :)


Tnx again!!!

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Iam not a big fan of Nitzho, but this album is really great, not a masterpiece, but really great! ;)

All Tracks are good, no bad tracks here...

The best Tracks are #3, #6!!!!!!, #7 and #8. Yes, and the title-track "Psychedelic Dilemma" is a real killer. Pure Power! :)


Rate: 9/10



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I must say I'm not that big a fan of nitzho either although I do enjoy some from time to time. This album is great in what it does, and I really like it for that, especially the melodies and the positive energy are the shining stars here. Very nice party music!


Favourite tracks 'till now are Psychedelic Dilemma and Aggressor, though I haven't really listened to the album that much yet, so I'll probably have some more favourites soon.



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Artist: Goalien
Title: Psychedelic Dilemma
Label: Sita Records
Date: January, 2011

1. Asteroidal Dust
2. Do it now
3. Hallucinating (feat. Agneton)
4. Evolution of mutation
5. Inner Mind
6. Psychedelic Dilemma
7. Aggressor
8. Tragic Kingdom
9. Origin of life

Enough time has passed and I have listened to this so much that I am ready to give my opinion on the latest from our friend Boris. Besides, I got laid, so...uh, I'm feeling kinda good.


Goalien is Boris Huskic and this is his debut. He has released several tracks on some new school compilations that were for the most part highly entertaining. This is being released by Sita Records so that should tell you what style he is producing. I suppose you would call this Nitzho-goa that combines the playfulness of nitzhonot with the sunshine melodies of goa trance. The king of that genre right now is Agneton and since he and Boris run the label, this seems like a natural fit.

I love the cover as it reminds me of several things. We all know aliens have been to this planet long before we were able to rub two sticks together and once again a Bruce Willis movie has it right.
"Don't stop, make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up..."

I can't tell whether the alien presence is attacking or not, but this smacks of a no-fly zone over Egypt. Peace out Mubarak. Nice knowin' ya Khad...Qadda..plastic surgery accident. I can't imagine how Muslims could think that the white man is at war with Islam. Not seein' it. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya...at some point you have to pull the goaltender, give him a pat on the back and say, "Just not your night kid."

Asteroidal Dust- One look at the duration and you know you are in for an intro track. A rapid fire nitzho kick thumps as spoken word samples pepper the ears. A goa melody is quickly joined by some atmospheric pads and you get a sense of what you're in for.

Do It Now- The undulating melodies of Arabia tumble out at 2 minutes and are soon joined in battle with more synths. A good litmus test if this works well was the fact that I had to listen to this over and over because each time I was just spirited away. New melodies twirl about each other as octaves are raised like a high stakes poker game. The beat doof doof doofs on while the dance continues. Great stuff!

Hallucinating- The scale, the scale! Tender work being done on the dulcimer but this is way more full power than the previous track. Afternoon winds blowing across the desert as I sit on a cushion of the softest material. As I peer through my tent of silks I see...

"Yes, multi-pass I know, I know. Stay away from the food services table and take of the f*cking crocs!"

The melodies come fast and furious and continue to fly through a break beat type of interlude. Pretty cool and intense without taking itself too seriously. Fun and very danceable.

Evolution of Mutation- With long sweeps and bubbling effects this has a definite alien feel. Futuristic power with the X-men sample about mutation in there as melodies bounce and ricochet off one another. Powerful without being aggressive while still maintaining the melodic air. I liked it as well.

Inner Mind- Radio signals from space?

Dude, your planet is on the phone...I dunno something about picking up your sister after soccer practice. I don't f*cking know, load up the vampire wagon (minivan) and go get her nightmare creature!

These melodies are cat and mouse quick and the sounds switch repeatedly keeping it fresh. Like all the tracks so far, it has that tell tale kick and octave switching melody work. This appeals to me and it makes me want to dance, but I can see how some might find it overwhelming and a little too samey for 4 tracks.

Psychedelic Dilemma- Oohh, a nice long track length! This has a thicker feel with more layers right from jump. It is also fast and melody crazy with I believe a harder edge. Easily one of my favorites.

Aggressor- This track was on the Sahasrara compilation back in 2008. It is what is says it is, aggressive and high octane. The bass line and melodies scramble like a Sega Tecmo Bowl QB with no offensive line twisting and turning. He does his breakbeat thing again with great results as the sounds just churn up dust. Another great track.

Tragic Kingdom- Not to be confused with the No Doubt album of the same name. She was kinda earthy, I think she would dig this music. Well, before she went all Hollywood and crap. The bpm's might read the same but this one definitely feels slower. He does another great job with layering and keeping the feeling of euphoria going. As a matter of fact this leans more towards dream trance than goa until nearly the 5 minute point. Then the ol taste buds get slapped with a generous helping of goa flavor. Which brings me to one of my favorite things to say to your girlfriend (if she has a sense of humor)


The pace quickens and we're back into familiar territory. Not bad at all.

Origin of Life- I was hoping for a downtempo track to give me a break, but no he has more power to unload. It's mysterious in tone as leads twinkle from a hidden position. Here come the layers and I see he wants to end this journey on an upbeat note. Laden with nitzho style arcing melodies the track unfurls like a flag in a strong breeze but instead of being overwhelming the synth work is more of the delicate variety. So in a sense, I suppose it is similar to a downtempo track in feel if not pace.

Well what to think? If you like nitzho or its influences then you will like this. It is very melodic and of quick tempo. The problem lay in the fact that it can be too much of the same style for the whole album. Some might be overcome and fatigued is the word I am looking for. It's hard work to track all those intense and super-fast melodic lines. I love this stuff so it's not a big deal for me. He has a talent for melody and I will say it is a good album. I enjoyed it and think that he will only get better as an artist. Congratulations Boris.





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Ever since I heard Aggressor, I followed very closely the due release of Goaliens album. Like Anoebis, I'm also more into 'normal' (hehe, what is normal?) Goa Trance. But Aggressor did something special to me. It is fast, aggressive and it never lets you breathe. Blown away, that's what I was.

Now that I get to listen to Goaliens album, it's pretty overwhelming. Personally, I can't handle a full disc of Nitzhogoa. I know, I'm probably a pussy. :lol: But it gets a bit repetitive after a while.


Now with that said, there were more than a few surprises. Some tracks just grab you and don't let you go.

Psychedelic Dilemma, Aggressor and my oh my Tragic Kingdom are some of the best tracks I ever heard! I can't stop listening to them. Perhaps it's because they sound more psychedelic to me than the others. However, Tragic Kingdom is less psy to me, but what a journey this track is. In this track I could finally breathe. Wonderful stuff right here.


You have my full attention, Goalien. B)


PS: Trance2MoveU, you're the king. B)

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good music

lately i was inspired by some artists that make this kind of goa

my next album will have a Nitzhogoa track



What is this Nitzhogoa track ? Released ?


By the way, I really like Psychedelic dilemma, the album, and especially the track with the same name.

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What is this Nitzhogoa track ? Released ?


By the way, I really like Psychedelic dilemma, the album, and especially the track with the same name.


Valley Of The Kings :) and another one is following on Sita Rec in a not so distant future ...more info soon :)

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