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  1. Oh goodie! This album is amazing!! Earstatic! much love.
  2. An amazing album, one of my favourites!
  3. This album along with From Other Space, are one of the best psychadelic/goa albums i have ever laid my ears upon, All the tracks, every vibe, every bassline, every squer and corner is absoloutly beautyful! 10/10 too Goasia!
  4. I find this really good album, OCT very nice track, and it ends very well, unusual of course, but interesting, album; 8/10
  5. Interesting! I need to find it and listen to it! The thing that grabbed my attention the name of the album and the tracks is Icelandic, and im Icelandic myself =)
  6. A great album ! Dark and mysterious You need special ears to appreciate this album. I give it 8/10
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