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Thergothon from Finland-one of the pioneers of funeral doom. Hasn't been active for about 20 years. One and only album is this, lovers will love and haters will hate.




The fanbase is still wide as shows the compilation album released by Russian Solitude Productions in 2009: Rising of Yog-Sothoth Tribute to Thergothon




Review: http://www.metal-rules.com/review/viewreview.php?band=Various+Artists&album=Rising+Of+Yog-Sothoth%3A+Tribute+to+Thergothon


"A little background is necessary. Thergothon are widely considered the fathers of the sub-genre ‘Funeral Doom’. The Rockdetector book, the A-Z of Doom, Gothic And Stoner Metal says, “Thergothon are renowned for releasing one of the most melancholic and bleak doom albums of all time.” (p. 410) Coupled with the facts that the band only recorded one album and broke up before it was released, and the fact the that their only album, STREAM FROM THE HEAVENS, was the first album on the esteemed Avantgarde Musc label, (AV001), this is one of the true gems of doom metal. This an innovative band that is truly deserving of a tribute CD, moreso than perhaps a 13th or 14th tribute to Ozzy!"

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Rings Of Saturn are dope. Seriously this is future of extreme metal.

Death and trash blended..sure very interesting. Officially deathcore. Dunno about these subgenre definitions, but yeah, even though I am very picky concerning metal especially (read: hard to get even a chance in my listening palette) I found this listenable even though I am fond of pure vocals blended with growls (normally so, i.e. excluding COB and a few others like Lost Society, hah): a thing that's not existing here. But I listened the whole album through and consider it a victory, Richpa, for what you presented :-D

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Generally speaking; since I recently joined psynews, I have been slightly surprised on a positive side how psy/goalisteners have also heart for metal. Often I find it rare to come across with this kind of a match among ppl, so I am pleased to meet some soulmates on this forum, really. The wider perspective one has to music the better, so why to narrow it down? So I am glad this thread is nourished in here. Rock on, ppl!!

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Fallujah's The Flesh Prevails is on repeat for a couple of days. I really like their new approach towards death metal music and how progressive and intelligent it can sound when you know how to manage multiple layers of sound in the same song. Wonderful!

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@ Richpa: AHAB early stuff is king, I found the last one a bit lacking. But this artwork is great... other German band has also simmilar artwork I just forgot which it was. Will post it later :)


Meanwhile some folk - music: :P


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so.. some metal updates in my world

as all you oldies know i still living in the 80's and 90's and may never break free from this era!!!!


after seeing napalm death and carcass together.. that has been confirmed.... both of their new albums are amazing... as for their live show... fuck!!! if you ever get the chance to see them do it!!


heres a snipit from the show ( i am ripping shit up in the pit later on but to fast for you to see!!)


this is some brutal oldschool grindcore people (take note young ones.. this is how it's done!!)






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Really different kind of Metal but still one of the most advanced and complex : the Electronic Rock.
All hail and acclaimations to the greatness of Klayton alias Celldweller, inventor of the Electronic Rock and multi-instrumentalist/genius composer. Although sometimes, lyrics may seem stupid and vocals cheezy/R&B-like, but knowing him, it's ironic and simply in order to contrast with his breathtaking and goldsmith instrumentals.


The Electronic Rock is an Alternative Rock/Alternative Metal based style covered and heavily modified with many genres and styles of Electronic Music. A killer.





And if you are fond of Electronic Rock, here is another group to imperatively know : Blue Stahli





PS: "Switchback", "The Last Firstborn" and "Just Like You" Remixes are absolutely out of this world




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M67ivA9WBo Edited by Lightforce
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