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What books are you reading now?


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On 8/3/2021 at 7:57 AM, Trolsk said:

Just finished reading The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku. If you've heard about or read the book The Road To Elysius by Gordon Wasson, Albert Hoffman and Carl Ruck, you'll be interested in this book. The book is a bit too long, so if you're not deeply interested in the subject you can do with Joe Rogan interviewing Brian or Jordan B Peterson interviewing him.



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This book is so beautiful, I don’t care if it’s Scifi, real or she had a really good acid trip or meditation session. :D The message provided is just so inspired and visually compelling. An excerpt from the book:

”You have come to Earth at a place and time when evolution is at hand. A major leap is about to take place that you came to participate in, and you are not alone, for many energies are coming to Earth now to participate in this great project. There are mother ships surrounding this planet that are acting as literal transducers of energy. There are beams of light coming to Earth from old and ancient star systems that have been working with you for eons. These beams of information are being blasted onto the planet.
As this information is being beamed to you, your body must be able to receive it, transduce it, boost it, and beam it back out to others. Many of you will build telepathic links with these mother ships that will be like having your radio stations through which you will be able to tune into a wealth of information at will.
This is the evolution of super-consciousness, the evolution into the highest aspect of your being. 

You do not need to worry about becoming this being, for you already are this being, and you just need to remember it. Since the veils around Earth were lifted at the time of Harmonic Convergence, you have been steadily beamed with this energy from the outer cosmos, and it is constantly being stepped up and increased as you are able to handle it. You are evolving now at such an extremely accelerated rate that each year of this decade will be like ten years or more from the previous century.”

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Reading this book and stumbled upon this Psytrance related segment:

”Vying for attention, forming visible languages, and in command of incomprehensible instrumentation, “machine elves” multiplied like white rabbits during the 1990s, becoming virtual mascots within psychedelic trance and ambient genres. In 1994, Space Tribe’s Olli Wisdom celebrated the advent of the Hyper Space Age with the driving “Machine Elf”—released on TIP Records’ debut LP The Yellow Compilation—featuring Mr. Spock remarking “visual contact firmly established, request permission to land.” In 1995, Belgians Mark Poysden and Stefan Osadzinski released their abstract breakbeat album Bitone under the name Self Transforming Machine Elves, a name also adopted as the moniker of a techno-chillout duo from Amsterdam. Having made his own ventures into DMT space, Simon Posford (as Hallucinogen) emerged in 1996 with “Gamma Goblins” on debut Twisted Records album Deranger. Featuring the twisted laughter of techno-sprites peeking through a spanking rhythm, the legendary track might have been the soundtrack for the hybrid habitués of hyperspace.”

This other book works well in tandem, for those who wish to delve further into the subject:


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I've just started reading Big Sur, Kerouac. Been on an American trip lately.  Burroughs, Bukowski and Thompson.

Maybe I go on with Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72 or something else. The Leopard and Total Chaos is tempting. Some Italian or French literature.  

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