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  1. soundcloud. com/variant_t

  2. Enjoy this mix! Empty (Original Mix) By Mikael stavöstrand feat. big bully All I want (Cicada inst.) By Younger Brother The Sleeper (Man With No Name Remix) By Quietman Green Island By Oszilla Chime Era By Deviant Species Vs Scorb Roadtrip To Wonderland By Rumble Pack Tribal Quest By Polaris Shining Star By Reefer Decree Primitive Earthlings By Eat Static Shining Star By Reefer Decree http://www.mixcloud.com/Sigma_T/parallax-parachutopia-mix/
  3. Kombo*

    MFG - Project Genesis

    With much pleasure to write for Project Genesis. After reading the reviews I am disappointed from a few posts. This album is genuine. MFG such a heavyweight in Goa scene, their music is superbly intelligent I would say. Specific tracks had tremendous psychedelic-effect on me with a techno-spacesounds modulation you will not find elsewhere. Intro-Inteligent machine-Project Genesis is a triptych so powerful you will find yourself wondering -were this music made by humans?!! I am very proud having bought this album back then, guess I got all four of them. I must have listened to this album hundred times and each one was a please/ delight. I will not mention other tracks, nor I give special recommendations as each track has unique impact. Thank you MFG.
  4. Here is a mix I uploaded on soundcloud (please read mix page description) : It has a long intro built by samples / tracks from various soundtracks which I think enriched the mix. THANK YOU
  5. I had a very bad feeling when I first listened to the samples at twistedmusic.com, I was very disappointed. But it happens rarely, I don't know why it happens only in a few releases (for me), when you first listen to it you wanna vomit then the second listen is a totally new 'approach'. I'm so glad they keep it that way, the way we all love.
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