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Gooood Psy DVDs ? =)


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I've got these that I'd recommend:


Super Vision and Super Vision II (TIP.World)


Spun in Motion (Spun Records)


New Maps of Hyperspace (Solstice Music) has got an excellent version of Shpongle's Around the World in a Tea Daze but the rest is a bit short and not that great.


And as already mentioned the Twisted DVD is superb and comes with a CD as well.

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Omananda also contributed to another one. Templayed Vol 1 - Healing Through Temple Visuals

http://www.psyshop.com/shop/DVDs/lcv/lcv1dv007.html ;)


I would recomend this to all the chillers : Ceiba Records - Visitation

Sold out on psyshop


^^Beautiful music, interesting and crystalizing vizuals



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Samotharki-hands down is a good one for capturing that vibe of psytance when it was at its peak (2000-2002). Wicked dvd-saiko may still have it on special-check


liquid crystal vision was pretty naff-psuedo hippy bolloks really


Karahana is good for capturing the vibe howevere only on video I think.


Boom fest dvds ok


Vision quest dvds ok-marginal and can be found on youtube


solstice dvd-I liked it only because i was in Japan for quite a lot of it.


I like Sharakus youtube clips (search psytrance japan-6d sounds party) thats captures the essence of psytrance for me.


Syncrosect-nah boring really

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