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  1. Doesn´t care about the system setup.. I just wanna know the name of the track!
  2. *bump* any idea anyone, please
  3. I have tried everything, except asking u guys.. Is there anyone who knows anything about the first track in this vid? It starts in about 1:30 The bassline is awesome.. :D I have looked at all the vids from the opening but i cant find anything more of it.. The main floor opening vids at youtube doesnt match at all with this one? :S
  4. Cant find any new of interest, the favourite in my collection is the official dvd from the Boom Festival 2006.. :S old & crappy, yes i know but its the best i got. :/ . Anyone heard if they released someting from Fullmoon Festival 2008 in germany yet?
  5. Damnit.. I cant find Sirius isness - Dimension anywhere.. :/ Have found the album which contains that song for sale on different shops but theyre payment methods is kinda cheesy. Dont own a VISA card for the moment and i dont really need the complete album.. Just that song.. hehe Plz anyone, a quick and easy solution?
  6. Youre right to.. hehe.. It´s not that important. We love psytrance music, and im only expert in listening to it, and the rest doesnt matter.
  7. My new not only Fullon top 10 psytrance albums of all time There are to many.. 1. The Delta - Scizoeffective 2. X-dream - We interface 3. Analog Pussy - Trance´n roll 3. X-dream - We created our own happiness 4. Hux Flux – Cryptic Crunch 5. 1200 Mics -1200 Micrograms 6. Etnica - Sharp 7. Hydrogen - Crazy Fantasy 8. Planet B.E.N - Test 9. Miraculix - The Arrival 10. S.U.N Project - Wicked hehe
  8. Haha, sorry.. Yeah, youre right.. But what i know, fullon was born from psytrance. Almost same kind of music, different genre..? hehe
  9. Adding some newer material to the list.. I really like how this music has evolved until today so this is my top 10 Psytrance albums of all time. 1 . Vibe Tribe - Melodrama (2006) 2. Sesto Sento - Come together (2006) 3. Digicult - Out of this world (2008) 4. Hydraglaph - Kinetic (2006) 5. Gataka - Bless the mess (2007) 6. Poli - Electric wonders (2007) 7. Planet B.E.N - Full on (2005) 8. Alien vs the Cat - Hear the Noise (2006) 9. Ananda Shake - Emotion in motion (2006) 10. Electro Nation - Virtual Gadgets (2005
  10. Sesto Sento - Disconnecting For the moment..
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