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V/A - Sundrops: Lights In Motion

Jon Cocco

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Track list

01. Chi-a.d. – Sight of the Sages
02. California Sunshine – Oblivion
03. Virtuart & Chronomyst – Zanchin
04. Aerosis – Lunar Effect
05. Artifact303 – Energy Waves
06. Antares – Aurora
07. Ra – Gateway
08. Filteria – Back To Earth

Sundrops: Lights In Motion is Suncd11, the third major release this year by Suntrip Records after V/A - Opus Iridium and RA - 9th. Both received strong praise and reviews. Unlike previous compilations, Sundrops specializes in Sunrise/Morning Goa tracks by some of the best producing Goa artists of our time who still produce/release Goa. It also showcases harmonious, traveling, and explorative, story telling Goa, for those who've felt that new school Goa/Psytrance over the years has been missing something. This is more for listening and the trance end of Goa as opposed to being a dance driven (Full on) Goa/Psytrance album, which by large, this isn't. Returning to Suntrip is RA, Aerosis, Artifact303, and Filteria, with new and exclusive tracks. As with RA, California Sunshine's Har-el has returned with a new Goa number and it's great to see this artist back. So how is this new compilation by Suntrip Records?

01. Chi-a.d. – Sight of the Sages follows up the artist's beloved Goa style/sound via less climactic work. This is a very traveling and euphoric number. RA - 9th had strong, uptempo/emotive edge with Predator and this penetrates the heart even deeper. The song begins like a chapter to one of the greatest fantasies not yet told. This is the magical sound that I have missed so much in Goa, post 2002. The formulation around 2:22 is deeply emotive and moving, though slowly. The song is floating, dreamy, and filled with positivity, light. The interlude around 4:00 is excellent, euphoric. Some people have used words like "celestial" and "heavenly" to describe Dave's work. I'd like to add warm, loving, quisessential, awakening, and spiritual. The main rhythm throughout this song is wonderful. Supported by a handful of well articulated, engaging sounds; the track gains noticeable strength around 5:50 though it remains calm and anti climactic. I say that with a smile because intensity is not the essence here. Present is one of the best, most heartfelt and positive sounding tracks of 2008 and by Dave Young to date. It's wonderful to see this artist back and with a respectful record label. Hearing this, it's like the passion of the artist spilled into the song, giving it a soul. Beautiful track! Update: I played this for a couple of my girlfriends when we were driving around. Everyone was quiet until the track ended. I pressed the off button and straight up asked, "So what did you guys think of that song, honest." The general consensus was: We like it because it's happy. It feels really good while listening to it. Update 2: One small weakness however, a noticeable observation, is that the song replays part of its first half after the song's middle interlude with few exceptions, a couple details here and there. I think more of a wonderful evolution could have made this song even stronger, thus reducing any sense of repetition. Otherwise I love it. It's spacey, floating, and beautiful. A-

02. California Sunshine – Oblivion is very different from the previous number. Whereas that was peaceful and floating, this is more energetic, dynamic, and arguably intense. If a beautiful spirit was created on the previous light, it now has a body/mind, attitude, adventure, and, wait.. I thought this was a Sunrise compilation? This isn't too fast or intense, but driving and imaginative. Possibly taking place as the sun going down or just before it's ready to rise. The song is comprised of numerous segments I'll refer to as acts. These acts are bridged together by various short paths, sample free interludes. The first four are excellent. The final, at least in my opinion seems to miss an opportunity to lift all other acts towards excellence, though the number's strong throughout, an excellent comeback by Har-el of California Sunshine. Act 1 involves an infectious foundation thanks to an echoing, rattling (like hinges pulling apart a steel door by something very strong in a mysterious castle). It's quite catchy! Soon it fades away for melody development that stands out around 2:42. More sound/melody work is involved here to build this determined and adventurous rider. Act 2 takes the baton from the previous runner at around 3:50. This next part of the song is awesome. The rattling, echoing dark effect/tune returns in support of a strong Goa melody, now transforming the previous select in sound arrangement. The song breaks down to a powerful and driving, midtempo variation of itself. This part is especially fun to listen to at night time, while driving or otherwise, dancing. I highly recommend this. Powerful, driving, and infectious sum up this area of the song and the track by large. A short transition is seamlessly added to the adventure, taking place around 5:45. Essentially this is the removal of various sounds and the readying of something new and potentially evolved in a preferably more infectious way. The tempo soon rises. Speed appears to pick up a bit to compensate for the next development of story telling. Act 3 is an excellent continuation. It removes but only temporally the infectious rattling and develops fresh Goa/Psy melody work to the catchy rattling sound effect continued. A short transition of speed takes place around 6:44. The tempo really shifts. The general sound speeds up faster than ever before and we really move into uptempo territory now. Act 4 builds layers, one after another. Though it's short lived; the track gets ready for an extension. The fresh, psychedelic melody takes place around 7:55. It is here in this final area where I feel that an opportunity has been missed to take this song to an even higher level of excellence. Here's where my attention was least arrested and it is because of the squiggly, PSY melody/sound that appears after a suspenseful buildup from around 7:45 to 7:54. I just think something more aggressive and catchy could have taken place to create a more powerful and unforgettable ending. The song prior to this part sounded more confident and fearless. The general listener may over look this small observation. Whenever I notice potential I just like to point it out sometimes. I would have had a huge, surging sound around 7:35 into a powerful, driving, and climactic/infectious segment. But that's me. Overall this is an ambitious number and one of my favorite tracks by California Sunshine. It's interesting how much it evolves. I'd love to hear more songs like this and a new album eventually in this general, more dynamic style. Excellent work! A-

03. Virtuart & Chronomyst – Zanchin is an epic legend of story-telling through space, time, and light. This is magical and at a whopping 12:02, one of the strongest, epic Goa tracks I've ever heard. I also loved V.T.O.L., but don't compare the two as they're completely different landmarks in Goa. The song is continuously developing and imaginative, moving through various atmospheres and evolved, hypnotic soundscapes and galaxies, solar and star systems. To me this comes close to some of the best Universal (SPACE) Goa story telling tracks out there. It's not climactic. It's not intense or slow enough as downtempo or ambient. It is a gorgeous, fluid and flowing uptempo dream. The melody lead towards the end is great too! Apparently one that has come full circle with its full potential like reflections of God (humans in form) looking back at their own reflection in the mirror, only to see light in the formless realm of themselves, that which is unconditional and infinity. If we could put aside old and new school Goa, titles, descriptions, and just "be" non self absorbed for several seconds in peace and clarity... (okay many of you won't get that and will keep on reading, haha, that's fine moving on). This is one of the best Goa songs I have ever heard. It's outstanding. A

04. Aerosis – Lunar Effect returns the album to a faster, more pick up rhythm that's less epic than the previous number and quite danceable. Last time I heard these guys, they produced a good track on V/A - Twist Dreams. Here the focus is more morning, uplifting. This is another track with layers of beauty and positivity, much like in the general "sense" of euphoria to that of RA's Predator. The opening minute is pretty good as the song builds, collecting numerous, attractive melodies and sounds as it progresses. What really stands out as catchy is a knocking sound that evolves into what appears to be tribal drums by 1:50. It soon takes advantage, seriously enhancing the music. Around 2:18 is the first strong melody lead. It's elegant, beautiful, and emotive. The two melody leads flow together extremely well, passing into the third minute with fluidity. Various layers are dismissed to compensate for a less developed stream of light. The song is carefully articulated to the point it seems that the artists really wanted to keep every aspect of this story great. An interlude, without beat takes place around 5:12. It's good. The beat returns around 5:33 with a refreshing melody and this in combination with continuously evolving melody/sound arrangement showcases greatness. Coupled with a transcended sound, the returning tribal drums compliment the beat. Emphasized is the story's second-half melody around 6:50. Another strong sound appears around 7:07, reminiscent of that eerie, atmospheric tune from Simon Postford's classic L.S.D. track. Overall, Lunar Effect is a strong and emotive Goa number possibly Aerosis' best track to date. B+

05. Artifact303 – Energy Waves artists return after releasing Feelings on V/A - Opus Iridium with another aggressive and climactic uptempo number. Numerous listeners have said that if Astral Projection continued making Goa songs today, they'd sound like this to some degree, and this is no exception. Opening ambient notes last less than 20 seconds before numerous layers accompany its side, producing a sold foundation. Soon after the first minute, an echoing female sample appears similar to the voice on DUNE via AP's Dancing Galaxy album. When the sample ends, the ride takes off. Barreling through a storm of effects, a strong melody lead becomes clearer around 1:32, leading the vehicle though the cosmos, enriching the liquid properties as it races across the galaxy. Around 2:12 is my favorite part of the song. The general arrangement alters to compensate for a wonderful, upbeat, 4-note melody. This part alone is one of the best hooks I've heard all year. Past it, the song races into newly enlightened territory with its main lead changing to evolve the song and reduce repetition. Around 5:25 is a short interlude, voice sample. It only lasts several seconds. This is a energetic Goa dance song and the artists don't want to stray away from that energy. Ambient layers appear around 6:00 to enhance more soundscapes and newly acquired power packs on this fun getaway. The song is energetic and Full On GOA/Psytrance from start to finish. If I were to complain about some things, it would be that the wonderful melody arrangement from 2:12 to around 2:28 never returns fully within the thankful evolution of the song. While the song is great with numerous, arguable "hooks" so to speak, I think it would have been awesome to hear this clear, infectious melody arrangement one last time, integrated into everything else and accentuated with more layers via a stronger rhythm; why not? This could have taken place past the faded "recollecting energy" area around 6:30 and/or after 8:00, though the song does reprise the general sound, the exact melody sentence is left around 2:38 to evolve with the song into other cool variations. A small observation. Furthermore, I want to see Artifact303 take risks and make super songs that are less dependent on the classic (but now old and dated) Astral Projection formula. This is a great track, not spectacular. But I feel like I've heard it before to some degree. Also, the song could have ended a minute to two shorter and it would have been just as if not more tight, as it follows trails of its former self in the last 1:35 roughly. On a positive note, the growing ambient around 5:40 and how it emerges into the main synth work around 5:50 to 6:24 great. Energy Waves is the high octane Goatrance song on the compilation. It's just nothing groundbreaking and is arguably great. B+

06. Antares – Aurora is almost the opposite energy from the previous number in that it's peaceful and calm like the ocean before a storm. The style here returns to the more traveling and less climactic feel from songs prior to Energy Waves. I've never heard of Antares before so I felt a bit unsure when I saw their name on the track list. Rest assured, they pull off a strong and flowing number with zero dips or slow downs. If I were to compare this style and song to one artist it would be Ethereal and Ethereal's Moondawn respectively. In that sense, Moondawn takes the edge due to more infectious melody work, at least in my opinion. Nonetheless, the sounds and melodies quite strong. They flow like waves in an ocean. Such waves never move too far from the thick, elegant current, thus forming this driving, hypnotic, rhythmic trance. This is one of those songs worth putting on the headphones, laying down in a dark room, and shutting the eyes to listen to. It's beautiful. The song is a gradual build up to rhythms within rhythms; the melody work is very layered. Furthermore, atmosphere takes place and what later on appears to be key changes! Various sounds chime around the thick stream of traveling liquid as the story continues. The idea here is for the listener to be absorbed into the sounds, I sense, into a fantasy world of layers and motion. There is some build up around 7:10 into a higher drive within this sound, style. While not the *big bang* style as the previous rocket, this is more subtle and traveling a la Ethereal but in its own style/sound, albeit inspired I imagine. The song is very peaceful like the opening track, though less emotive I feel. It compliments the previous, more fiery rocket. Great track! A-

07. Ra – Gateway begins peacefully and pleasant like the last. Numerous organic sounding instruments arrive as a strong and euphoric tune appears and is reprised like an eagle soaring in the sky. The kickdrum kicks in around the first minute followed by a mid/up (seems in between, my guess mid) tempo. Underneath this all is a continuous and gripping music current, similar in concept to Octagon from the 9th album, but this aspect is merely the foundation and it's strong, beginning around 1:09. Very cool. More layers enter the mix along with a catchy, blinking melody around 1:37. At this point the song sounds good, with a pretty tune soaring in the sky; the blinking tune evolves in variation. Both the tune and variation are great. These artists are gifted when it comes to selecting certain sounds and how they're programmed, utilized. So far this is the most emotive track since Aerosis - Lunar Effect and Chi-a.d.'s opening. The following melody lead appears around 3:04. It's excellent, coupled with several moving sounds of support. The arc is enhanced and developed around 3:30. Drums changes up. Around 4:11 is where a wonderful skipping, whatever this effect is called -- altered ambient melody arrives, joining a refreshing, blinking oriental influenced melody around 4:37. RA's infectious work is continuously growing. A channel, interlude soon arrives, female voice included, and this is probably the least memorable voice sample on the compilation. I like the sound of a female echoing voice but that in itself is pretty much all this is. I can barely hear what's being said, and maybe that was the point, to not distract the listener with words so much. Overall the ideas in the song and how they're executed, implemented are beautiful. These artists have a passion for growing the direction of music in ways both smart, aware, and engaging, through evolution and not falling off course from the wonderful story, but enriching the chapters as the pages fly by, making every sound count as if speed has slowed down to absorb the information on every note. There's no point describing more as it won't recreate the experience of listening to the song and letting it grow. I think these artists' hiatus have inspired a seemingly endless comeback. But they better be careful. If they keep making songs like this, they'll be expected to release a main album sooner than they think. Strong track. A-

08. Filteria – Back To Earth ends the album with a beautiful, refreshing and euphoric midtempo number in follow up to Jannis of Filteria's more evolved and colorful Goa/Psytrance style given notice on V/A - Opus Iridium. This is more elegant and dreamy. The track takes its time developing a gripping foundation as a Pleadian-esque screamer flies by at medium speed, complimenting the anti-intense nor climactic feel of not too fast nor slow speed. A strength with the track is its gradual improvement after a strong opening. Subtle layers of harmony follow closely and in harmony as a new lead's introduced around 3:40. More are soon added; I'm now starting to see the potential for a wonderful, cutting edge mid/downtempo album. The song appears to gain more of that quintessential sound as it progresses, especially from 4:15 to 5:03 before nearing a space of peace. Quiet. The sounds fade as the music returns around 5:35, bursting with juicy, color and a monopoly of sound fusion fluidity. This part is wonderful. Things crank down with the sound of what a psychedelic radio clock might sound like from around 6:45 to 6:55, without beat. The sound formation soon returns. The song maintains a relatively similar direction throughout. But the several interludes in combination with numerous sound variations and its self-hook within its own melody paragraph are excellent. I think a little more could have been added to make the final stretch after 7:10 stand out even more. But this is a small observation. The overall sound is crisp, clean, and refreshing, like a delicious refreshment. Back To Earth is the artist's most elegant number to date and one of the best Psy/Goa songs of the year. It's excellent. A

In conclusion, people generally say I'm critical when it comes to analyzing in general and writing reviews. The only other new school Goa more-or-less compilation I've given this many A's to was Opus Iridium, and that was a double album! Sundrops is just that strong. At least in my opinion. Is it better than V/A - Apsara? I don't know. Does it take one ring to rule them all? No I'm just kidding! tongue.gifSundrops and Apsara are generally in completely different styles of Goa, more or less. The answer of which is better is: That's entirely up to you. Give this time. Let it swirl around inside your head to clarify thoughts before decision making, then write a review. For a sunrise compilation, this thing is gorgeous. At one point I was listening to lengthier samples thinking, okay it's pretty good but, yeah, I'm not so sure here.. These songs deserve to be heard in their entirety. Sure they take time to grow, like anything. Naturally you don't pour water next to the plant so it spills all over the floor. You water it. You invest time and energy into that which you care about and grow with it. Suntrip Record's has not previously to my knowledge focused so heavily on a certain type of Goa this present throughout a compilation before. While some work, such as California Sunshine's darkly lit and mysterious, driving Oblivion is arguably sunrise in my opinion, it adds a wonderful aspect of power and quality to a sun driven album, one filled with euphoric waves, magical and traveling melodies, and positivity. Suntrip Record's have captured the magic of Goa that we seem to speak of at times as if it was in a far away land. This special sound is preserved in a clearer sense than any compilation I have heard in years to put it nicely. If I had to pick a track I find most beautiful, it would be the Chi-a.d. track followed by either Aerosis, Virtuart & Chronomys, Ra, or Filteria. It's hard to tell because all tracks possess beauty, and it's a matter of how one defines beauty anyway. To be fair, those expecting or looking for a Full On Goa/Psytrance album will be disappointed. Sundrops is not a high octane compilation. It's for those who love the "listening" aspect of Goa, morning Goa, and its aspects right down to the tasty band in the transformational waves of colorful bliss and fantasy/travel story telling. This isn't about the climaxes per say, at least that's not the main focus. Though high octane energy is an aspect of Goa in music/form and in that sense, I think many listeners will be pleased with Artifact303 - Energy Waves. It's fast and exciting, danceable. Nonetheless, some tracks are quite danceable. But listening pleasure appears first and foremost, getting picked up in those transformational soundscapes. So many new school tracks on uptempo Goa (dance driven) albums now days seem light on the exploration element in Goa I've noticed. So much in electronic music seems sensational, with style well over substance and beauty, passion and heart. Sundrops: Lights In Motion acknowledges the wonderful, deeper aspects. The album is candidate for: best Goa compilation of the year, best Goa/Psy album of the year. This is one of the top best Goa compilations of the 21st century and one of the most beautiful Goa compilations ever released.

Favorite tracks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8.


Samples / Order






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Great review Mr. Coco! This album well deserves it.


I've listened to it about 4 times so far, and for me the highlights are the tracks made by Chi-AD and Filteria.

The former has a sad and very emotional feeling to it, i love the melody and the floaty sounds used to make it. One of my favourite track of the year.

The latter sounds much more "psy" to me than any other tracks on this compil', it's quite slow but in a way also very catchy and trippy. The part from 4:16 to 5:04 gives me chills everytime.


I also liked the tracks made by California Sunshine, Virtuart & Chronomyst, and Aerosis, though they didn't particularly touch me either.

Other tracks are also very well made, but they're not too much in my style (i don't tend to like "happy melodies" most of the time).


If i had to give it a note that would probably be a 7/10 (good note), putting this album right behind Jikkenteki - "Flights of Infinity" and Ra - "9th" as release of the year for me.

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[updated full review]


Chi-a.d. – Sight of the Sages: Sorry but for me, Chi-AD has definatley lost it. I don't know if it's me having too high expectations of him (he was one of my favorite artists ever), but something just doesn't sound right with his new stuff. This track has a C12 Ohm feeling to it, and I liked C12 Ohm, but I don't like this one. But who knows, maybe it will grow on me...


California Sunshine – Oblivion funny the first time I listened to this track it instantly reminded me their album Nasha and I was saying that it feels like I'm back in 1998. Well it turns out this was for a reason: this track WAS made in 1998! So this isn't new CS material, just an old unreleased track. Well, I'm part of the ones who believe that good music doesn't come with an expiration date so I welcome the decision of putting an old unreleased track in here, especially since it is one of the best tracks here IMO. Although I must admit that I'm slightly dissapointed that this is no new material, I would've liked to listen to what CS had to offer today.


Virtuart & Chronomyst – Zanchin also one of the best tracks here and also for a reason: this is an unreleased track from 1996. There is no doubt here: making oldschool is definatley a lost art *sigh*.


Aerosis – Lunar Effect some dreamy trance but made today and it shows... I like it a bit less but still an enjoyable track IMO


Artifact303 – Energy Waves tempo picking up here, and as the artist name suggests, there is massive use of 303s. But overall I find this one of the weaker tracks on the albums. I find the overall melody a bit too commercial to my ears. Also when one mentions 303s and names the track "Energy Waves" I'd expect more... energy to come out of there ;)


Antares – Aurora Kindof reminds me of Khetzal (in a good way ;) ). Very nice track but I was expecting a break followed by a melody change, or at least a key change near the end, which never came... Very good track but it could've been better IMO


Ra – Gateway pretty much the same style as his new album. Nice, but nothing particularly memorable.


Filteria – Back To Earth Filteria making downtempo, I wasn't expecting that lol Although in practice it sounds like a normal Filteria track with the pitch turned to -8, which kindof reminds me the lost art of playing 45 RPM records on 33 RPMs. Yes, the words "New Beat" come to my mind when listening to this one... I like the way Filteria manages to stay agressive while playing rather slowly. If there was a new generation of new beat (new new beat?), then I bet this is how it would sound ;)



The Good: putting unreleased tracks that are 10 years-old or even more on a 2008 comp is a bold move... but I like it ;) Also the Filteria track is a real stand-out, I'd definatley like to hear more stuff like this :)


The Bad: like with most Suntrip material (but not all, notable exceptions being Ka-Sol and Khetzal) there is an absence of memorable melody hooks. Remember the time when you'd go to a party and hear a great melody which would stay in your mind for weeks/ months/ YEARS until you'd randomly stumble on the track again and think "ah THAT'S the track I heard at that party"... well this just doesn't happen with newschool :(


Conclusion Another excellent effort from Suntrip, I can only applaud their efforts to revive the oldschool spirit and not give into the mainstream sound. Although the fact that the 2 best tracks on this comp are old unreleased tracks makes me realize that in spite everyone's best efforts, something is still missing in the newschool sound compared to what used to be made a decade ago and this makes me kindof sad... 8,5/10

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My highlights are the dreamy floaters from Virtuart & Chronomyst and Antares, and Filteria. I didn't expect so much from Filteria, whose albums feel a bit overloaded with sounds but this more controlled, focused style works much better for me.


I was looking forward to the artifact303 track, as his track on Opus Iridium was the one I liked the most on the dance CD, but I'm a bit underwhelmed this time.


Very nice compilation overall.

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I just bought it and I'm in track 3 so far.

Musical-wise I will comment later, but am I the only one who find the overall volume of the release waaayyyy too loud? :unsure:

It's so loud that it's kind of annoying. I'm listening to it with half the volume I'm usually listening to cds and it still botheres me.

It wasn't so bad with the previous Suntrip releases.

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antares is only one person (me ;))

Hi, I'm Antares , i'm 16 years old now and i hope you enjoy my tunes of spiritual goa and ambient!

Wat? o_O


Received the CD yesterday but I felt bad and sleepy so started listening today, Aerosis #4 just started, will post more comments later :)

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It is.

Actually it is not too loud, it is rather very much (and I guess for some too much) compressed, reason is the same like the Khetzal album, some of the tracks were very different from soundquality and age (the C.S. was written when Antares was 4 years old...) and to make them more like a whole some things may sound a little extreme indeed :P

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Thats not such an unusual trend with a lot of new goa artists today. More than you think are marvelously young, and the rest of us involved making this music and otherwise are definite 2nd generation connoisseurs :)


But yes, that makes Antares the youngest suntripper, surpassing me ;), hehehe.

He must have a cool story to tell as to how he discovered this music and why he's making it. Unusual things are beautiful things.

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My opinion is that "V/A Sundrops: Lights in motion" is a good move for Suntrip Records in the means of broadening the territory of goa trance they've covered, and forecasts what is still to come. Nevertheless, it doesn't really strike the right chord as far as I'm concerned. I'll pass the whole volume/loudness discussion, but it is the music that leaves quite a lot to desire for.

For what it may matter to the casual reader, there are no bad tracks per se to be found here, this whole release is taster's choice, I suppose. It's light, positive, blissfull and emotional morning orientated goa trance, and my guess is that if you chreised stuff like this in the past, and thought you'd never get more of it again, here you go! Well, I wasn't fond of it then, and not much has changed up to now. "Sundrops" is to my ears Suntrip's weakest V/A thus far, which while staying 100% in touch with the whole goa trance resurrection processs, lacks substance and/or challenge. I always like my goa trance to have more edge, sound more berserk, erratic if I may say so. Note that "Sundrops" was intentionally forged to pursue a certain path and maintain focus on a specific aspect of goa trance, which you may or may not have a soft spot for. Well, I don't, and while "V/A Sundrops: Lights in motion" is a very well produced and refined piece of work, I find it formulaic. Keep in mind that formulaic is not a synonim of bad, but just implies the release's attitude, reluctant to do anything more but present pretty much standard music wrapped in an eye teasing cover. Naturally, standard will depend on your preference, as there will always be listeners who prefer this type of stuff more than, for example, the old Pigs In Space or Tandu.

That said, trackheads ought to love this. 3 tracks courtesy of old school heroes will sure urge older followers of the genre to give this one a try, same goes for completists who will need that new Chi A.D. tune, while diligent Suntrip followers will get their share as well, through new contributions from Filteria, who absolutely kills it with an infectious mid tempo goa trance stormer revolving around a single super catchy and large melody, Aerosis and Artifact303, who unfortunately does a pretty routine job with yet another track that sounds identical to the previous one. Antares, who has caused quite a lot of talk on the internet lately delivers an adequate tune, no doubt, especially when taking his age into consideration, but I have to say that if these are his first steps, I don't even want to imagine what could come next!

Overall, worth checking, but not an essential listen. Individual tracks may come at you better and bigger if and when heard at a party. Nostalgic trancers might drop a tear or two when playing the C.S. track while staring at their collection of flyiers from party season '96/'97.

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Actually it is not too loud, it is rather very much (and I guess for some too much) compressed, reason is the same like the Khetzal album, some of the tracks were very different from soundquality and age (the C.S. was written when Antares was 4 years old...) and to make them more like a whole some things may sound a little extreme indeed :P

Hmmmm you can master old and new or different sounding stuff together without overcompressing.. a very good example of this is the Goa Times compilation which contained some old and some new tracks and sound was still very balanced and nice for all tracks.

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Eleventh release from Suntrip Records called Sundrops - Light in Motion. As always awesome cover! Warm colors and title also refer to the music, this is exactly my feeling to goa trance at open-airs. As an organizer, we're having "Celebration of the Sun" party every summer in July (an old Slavic holiday) for a few years now and every time it's little rain in the beginning and sunshine flooding the forest in the morning with goa floating from the speakers, people going crazy and smiling with closed eyes. Everything is so orange and warm!


This compilation also marks a special period in my life. I've always loved goa but it was Suntrip and Filteria that turned my attention back to the roots in the end of 2004, since then mostly energetic, fast and climatic tracks were played in my dj sets with inclusion of more floaty sound depending on time and atmosphere, time passed and now I prefer sets around 140bpm at the time when the Sun is already shining :) So I was anxious about this compilation, firstly because of overall feeling it has and the speed of the tracks which would fit my sets very well... and it arrived on Tuesday.


Haven't tested those on the dancefloor, but here are my thoughts about how would some tracks fit there:


First is Chi-A.D. with a track that makes you look back, played in a morning set it summarizes everything you've experienced at that night, consolidates your thoughts and feelings, I like this kind of nostalgic and confident tracks, they work very good and their ability to touch people is phenomenal! Also, big up for the sound quality, his tracks at Pure Planet 2 and his latest album were pathetic compared to this. I don't know if it's Tim Schuldt we have to thank, but this definitely is the best sq-wise track by Chi-A.D. ever released.


Next two tracks are by the old masters California Sunshine and Virtuart & Chronomyst, they date back to 97-98 and 96 respectively, as Anoebis mentioned, the youngest artist on this compilation was 4 years old when one of those was written. New mastering refreshed them, of course, I even thought Virtuart & Chronomyst is a new track, but CS sounds just like 90s. They both are less climatic and more about traveling and diving into yourself. California Sunshine sounds exactly how raw goa-trance sounded ten years ago, fractal images pop-up and this mysterious feeling! This is reward for goa-heads. Virtuart & Chronomyst bring us looong 12 minute track, it never gets boring and monotonous, every second is used effectively. The track begins with a voice saying "Shoulders are relaxed...", you relax and you're instantly taken for a journey through the universe at the speed of light. This indeed is, as some have pointed out, an outstanding epic tune. I can't think of anything better for teleporting people right into deep space and taking them for an excursion :)


The fourth track is produced by Aerosis, our well-known suntrippers. It's focused on exploring the achieved rather than taking you places far away, and fits well after previous "traveling" tracks. No strong climaxes here as you would expect from this kind of tracks, pleasant calm melodies and key changes! Frankly, I'd start changing keys somewhere in the second part, I think that would work better. Aerosis delivers and this is only their second released track.


Next up is Artifact303 who totally blew me away with his track released on Suntrip's previous compilation Opus Iridium. His first release was "Trip to the Sun" at VA - Human Hyperactivation in 07, it's was also a very good track, pity it's destroyed by the terrible mastering. So I had high hopes for this one. The track is called "Energy Waves (Positive Mix)" and it's the fastest on the compilation - that basically sums it up :) Layers of sounds, tons of melodies, wave after wave, you can actually touch the rainbow at some point if you close you eyes. On the other hand it's focused only on feelings and colors, so too much of this wouldn't work in a set. It's also a bit too simple in my opinion, but again, it will make hundreds of people burst with happiness if placed properly in a set.


Sixth track by Antares. It turns out he's only 16 years old and seems like he grew on Suntrip's releases, I get the feeling I've heard some sounds before and they remind me Khetzal and Goasia, that doesn't mean it sounds totally like anyone, only few sounds here and there :) It's a nice addition to the previous number, melodic and energetic, developes pretty well and yet another morning bliss on the compilation! Antares is on my watchlist from now on, this artist looks very promising.


Ra is next with calmer track; you can tell it's Ra with closed eyes because of the unique sound they've got. "Gateway Eight" is so peaceful, emotive and deep, it's the sundtrack to those moments when you look into the horizon, forget about your everyday issues and enjoy life. Funny, I gave this compilation about 5 listens and only now fully appreciated this track, it's probably overshadowed by more energetic numbers. I find this sundrop simply beautiful!


We finish off with Filteria, "Back to Earth" was available as a sample for some time at his web-site (but was re-recorded prior the release), it's also the slowest track (120bpm). As you would expect, strong synth lines, though not so in-your-face as we've heard on his albums. The track builds up to a nice break in the second part followed with Navigate-like "backwards" effect. Not too sure about it's place in a set (because of bpms) but a very good track and it actually takes you back to earth from the places we've visited :)


I'm fully satisfied with the material, new names were discovered, veterans took us for a ride and, well, we'll have to wait another few months for another installation by Suntrip. Thanks to everyone involved!

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Just heard this the first time and i must say,RA's track remindes me of EPIC TIMES...it's a great track

one of best new school goa trance track's for me,so positive,dreamy,sunny!! makes you want to stop your car

and simply do the ritual right on the road!


thank you suntrip and thank you RA !

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Much as I like to support Suntrip, after this album, I'm wondering if I'll bother any more. Goa-heads will probably love this CD, but I find most of the tracks "generic". Still far preferable to the usual full-on stuff, don't get me wrong, but I'm getting tired of the usual "goa arpeggio" style melodies, especially when there are no key changes. Even Agneton doesn't go far enough... There are some nice melodies, for sure, Aerosis and Artifact303... but I've heard so much of this style of music where composers don't bother to change the root of the bassline. It gets boring...

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Key changes are all but forgotten in progressive or psytrance, Chis, who are you comparing against? :)


P.S. Find and listen to some suomi! hard to find the good stuff but that should satisfy you if you are feeling that the music is too rigid and follows too many rules.

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Key changes are all but forgotten in progressive or psytrance, Chis, who are you comparing against? :)


P.S. Find and listen to some suomi! hard to find the good stuff but that should satisfy you if you are feeling that the music is too rigid and follows too many rules.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I could compare it to your own work. I recall hearing a sample of a song on your myspace from a while back that DID have key changes. Elaborate interlocking goa melodies that weren't just the usual arpeggios. A shame you guys took it down...


Edit: Spacious Endeavors specifically.


Anyway, IMHO 99% of commercially released psy/goa is inferior to most of what Ultrabeat released back at the start of the decade. Shame they disappeared. Symbiote, Loose Id, Mantis... great times, great music. And free. And lost to the depths of the internet.

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