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Goa Trance Trivia


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Sorry Goa-Head, I\m not sure, but what about Oliver Lieb?


As an alternative evolution some artists have attempted to fuse trance with other genres such as drum'n'bass. Others have experimented with more minimalist sounds. Frustrated, extreme versions of trance have mutated through gabba into fringe genres of "hard trance" or "hardstyle" overlapping with hardcore and terrorcore.


what is the sound, the intro of Artifakt's album Artifakts II(Time Code)?

2001: A Space Odyssey


Sample from 2001: A Space Odyssey


Q: Who released the ,,official" first Goa/psychedelic-trance CD (CompactDisc) and in which year?

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Sorry Goa-Head, I\m not sure, but what about Oliver Lieb?

Absolutely not. It was a group of 3 or 4 people; 4 actually, 1 member is still fairly active in the psy-scene, 1 member still fairly active in the Gabber scene too.


They produced REAL gabber and REAL goa trance, NOT Happy Hardcore/Hard Trance.

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Jonathan Ott's Pharmacotheon is an amazing book! And Blumenkraft is a stunning CD too :rolleyes:

Nice, I think my bud has that.. Blumenkraft is rad.


This is a trivia thread, right? Check this out, Jim DeKorne on page 110 of his Psychedelic Shamanism:


In 1976, a small book, Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide, was published under the unlikely pseudonyms of O.T. Oss and O.N. Oeric, names allegedly chosen so that their publication would appear in bibliographies immediately ahead of the works of psychedelics researcher, Jonathan Ott. It is now public knowledge these authors were Terence and Dennis McKenna. This was apparently regarder by the authors as a moral act, a way to liberate people from the sleazy capitalism of street dealers and empower them to form a shamanic alliance with the mushroom itself.

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here is a hint: its a 6 letter word. First letter 'Q' and the last word 'R' and the middle words are 'UASA'

I know! It's Quasar, right? Never did listen to his music, people say it's goodie sounds-.


Q: They are a couple making music together as a analog genital. Who are they? -Shouldn't be so hard'

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Cyborganik, Eco or maybe Hikikomori?


if ja: Q: Prometheus, in short words, what ,,sin" did he do to upset the Gods, what was his punishment and which organ part is unique to it's ability to regenerate?

Many questions in one, still pie-Trivia



Edit question: Eco - Trigger Hippie, it wouldn't by any chance be a mix of Morcheeba's beautiful track, 'Trigger Hippie' ?

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he stole fire from Hephaestus and gave it to humans which made Jupiter furious. :P

Jupiter to punished him tied hip up on a mountain and send an eagle every day to eat his liver (<.. had the ability to regenerate) - devilish... isnt it? :P


q: which psy artist has the biggest cd sales?

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