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  1. hello ozorians! got this from isra :clapping: line-up!! >>>>> http://lexandera.com/public/ozora-sidebyside.txt <<<<<
  2. he stole fire from Hephaestus and gave it to humans which made Jupiter furious. Jupiter to punished him tied hip up on a mountain and send an eagle every day to eat his liver (<.. had the ability to regenerate) - devilish... isnt it? q: which psy artist has the biggest cd sales?
  3. you should check ozora fest for that kind of line up, good festival with happy people [...or aurora festival ]
  4. thats new old new blue room :aum:

    under construction :P

  5. aww, elena :wub:

    will you hang out with me@newroom?

  6. yassou! dont think there is any direct cheap flight from greece to portugal, you might wanna check http://www.aegeanair.com/aegeanen/home/index.asp another way would be to go to italy by boat and find your way from there....
  7. Hmm.. Seems like he's a bit stuck, let me squeeze again


  8. omg. I see you have a reger problem with your comment box. Let me try to squeeze him out for you.


  9. 70 euros for a 3 day fest with one stage..... the greek way anyway... support your local fest good luck guys
  10. You know who I am, right? :D

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