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  1. Artist Name: BrainH34dZ Album Name: ‘Tale of the Brain’ Year: 2012 Style/Genre: Psychedelic/ Dark Progressive Psytrance Label: Radio Schizoid Website: www.soundcloud.com/brainheadz 3 track EP. Runtime: 22 Minutes. All tracks written and produced by BrainH34dZ Mixed and Mastered at Wavefunktion Studio, New Delhi, India Listen here http://schizoid.in/records/ Download ========= 320 kbps mp3 : http://archive.org/download/RadioSchizoid/Br4inh34dz-TaleOfTheBrainEp2012.zip Wav download : http://archive.org/download/RadioSchizoid/Br4inh34dz-taleOfThe
  2. Dear friends, Trinodia ( Daniel Eldström / Ovnimoon Records / Sweden ) has just released his new album “Stargazing” which features amazing old school goa trance tracks. Daniel will present a show featuring his best tracks followed by an interview with Radio Schizoid at the following timings : Mumbai (India ) Thursday, 1 March 2012, 21:00:00 Stockholm (Sweden) Thursday, 1 March 2012, 16:30:00 UTC (GMT) Thursday, 1 March 2012, 15:30:00 Don’t forget to tune in Psytrance : http://schizoid.in/schizoid-psy.pls Chillout / Ambient : http://schizoid.in/schizoid-ch
  3. Dear friends Ovnimoon ( Hector Stuardo Marileo , Chile ) is known for his progressive psychedelic music and high energy djsets across the world. “The Young Man on Acid” is an unique compilation from “Ovnimoon Records“. The Young Man On Acid brings a special new style to the record label. If you take psytrance, progressive, minimal techno, techtrance, Jazz, darkpsy, Dub, funk and lot of acid you will get music describable as the sound of this cd. “Ovnimoon” will present a djset featuring the tracks from “The Young Man on Acid” cd at the following timings on Radio Schizoid. Mumbai (In
  4. Dear friends Asura ( Charles ) was kind enough to give an interview to Radio Schizoid which you can read it here http://schizoid.in/blog/?p=144 Hope you like it. Cheers
  5. Para Halu ( Adam Hoffmann from Hungary ) show on radio schizoid now..tune in http://schizoid.in/schizoid-psy.pls
  6. Dear listeners Para Halu ( Adam Hohmann from Hungary ) needs no introduction in psytrance scene.He has been producing cutting edge psychedelic music for a long time and recenlty agreed to do a show and interview with Radio Schizoid.Get ready for a mind boggling psychedelic trance show on Radio Schizoid by Para Halu at the following timings: Mumbai (India - Maharashtra) Thursday, 6 January 2011, 21:00:00 UTC+5:30 hours IST Budapest (Hungary) Thursday, 6 January 2011, 16:30:00 UTC+1 hour CET Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 6 January 2011, 15:30:00 Para Halu is Adam Hohmann from H
  7. Dear friends Minimal Criminal ( DJ Zhyin ) is one of the biggest known names in modern dark progressive and minimal psytrance. DJ Zhyin will spin a splendid set of dark progressive psytrance at the following timings : Mumbai (India - Maharashtra) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 21:00:00 UTC+5:30 hours IST Tel Aviv (Israel) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 17:30:00 UTC+2 hours IST Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 16 December 2010, 15:30:00 Minimal Criminal is primarily influenced by the minimal psytrance/progressive psy sound from the late 90s/early 00s. However, they
  8. Dear friends Tsabeat ( Elad Weinberg ) will present you with one stomper of a set on Radio Schizoid (http://schizoid.in ) at the following timings : Mumbai (India - Maharashtra) Thursday, 8 April 2010, 21:00:00 UTC+5:30 hours Tel Aviv (Israel) Thursday, 8 April 2010, 18:30:00 UTC+3 hours Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 8 April 2010, 15:30:00 Elad Weinberg aka Tsabeat / Sattel Battle psytrance producer from Rishon Lezion - Israel. Elad has worked with professional respected Record labels such as: Doof , Zaikadelic , Parvati , Gi’iwa , Adapted , Adama , Vertig
  9. Dear friends February 11 seems to be a special day ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maha_Shivaratri ) and we at Radio Schizoid ( http://schizoid.in ) have decided to celebrate this event with a back 2 back show . So, get prepared for a great night which will feature some awesome djsets from California Sunshine ( DJ Miko ) and DJ Ishikawa at the following timings : Mumbai (India - Maharashtra) Thursday, 11 February 2010, 21:00:00 UTC+5:30 hours Tel Aviv (Israel) Thursday, 11 February 2010, 17:30:00 UTC+2 hours Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 11 February 2010, 15:30:00 The legendar
  10. one of the best albums of the year 2009..great dance floor music..totally loved their set at aurora 2009.. conscious conductors, acid head , drugganaut are my fav tracks..the whole album is a bundle of raw energy. :posford:
  11. http://www.zaikadelic.com/releases.html#dreamsurfer also try para halu's new album..not a VA..but excellent stuff..
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