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Goa Trance Trivia


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Test your knowledge! Interesting + On topic.


Whoever answers the question gets to ask a new one. If it's not answered for 24 hours someone (including the person who asked it -- plz include the answer :P) can ask a new one. Try not to make them stupidly difficult or too easy.


I'll start...


Identify the track which has a sample saying "this is like a psychotropic/cytotrophic reaction!"


I don't actually remember the answer or exactly which word is said there which is partially why I ask this one. :)

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Ahh thanks! I kept thinking it was by X-Dream. :unsure:


You should put a new question though.


Name 2 goa trance albums with heavy industrial sounds.

easy... all of har-el's solo albums, also yakov biton's active spiral project album


I'm deaf stoned at the moment :P

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* Tandu - New aura

* Vishnudata - dreamforce

* Loopus in fabula - dreamschwartz (rmx for vishnudata)

* ...can't think of a 4th one right one....crap :angry:

Twisted System - Stark Raver

Not just a sample but the whole imperial march :lol:


easy one


which goa project's ambient album had a 6 second track?

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